The Ultimate Hunter // Danganronpa X Male Reader by PitaNemuritoare
The Ultimate Hunter // The Loner
You are the MC (obviously), a guy who is very quiet all the time. But make no mistake. You are not shy, just too lazy to bother showing emotions, also you are a loner...
  • badass
  • peko
  • xreader
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Survivor (Sasuke x reader) by Vee_34
Survivor (Sasuke x reader)by Sadie~(^з^)-♡
Kyoko Hamasaki is the last known survivor of the Hamasaki clan. It was an isolated island clan. What will happen when she comes across the great team 7? What will happen...
  • ốc
  • action
  • akatsuki
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Hibari's little sister by mashimaronutjelly
Hibari's little sisterby JELLYBEAN
When the younger sister of Hibari Kyoya suddenly shows up one day, she is nothing like what Tsuna and the rest would've expected- bubbly, cheerful and sociable, Hibari H...
  • sasagawa
  • spying
  • dino
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Forsaken Skies: Knights of the Round Table  (Danganronpa kyokoxmalereader) by Reaper6883
Forsaken Skies: Knights of the [Data Expunged]
Danganronpa Kyoko x Male reader Most of the artwork presented will probably be made by me. That includes the cover art. ___________________________________ "How hig...
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  • kirigiri
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That Mysterious Lavender Moon || Kyoko Kirigiri x Reader by TrueNexus
That Mysterious Lavender Moon || Chisa-Obsessed
"Well, she's silent as the moon, beautiful, smart. It's why I love her I guess..." This is a Kyoko x Reader insert. Primarily male with a bit of lemon themes...
  • almostlemon
  • asahina
  • kirigiri
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The Detective Chick and The Athletic Dude \\ Kyoko Kirigiri x Reader by JJJJ1011
The Detective Chick and The Hajime Hinata
You're a new student of Hope's Peak High School and your also in the 78th class. You're a type of guy who is quiet(but not shy), straight up, athletic, heartless and em...
  • anime
  • kyoko
  • asahina
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Fem!DanganRonpa X Fem!Reader by HiddenMari
Fem!DanganRonpa X Fem!Readerby HiddenMari🐶
Dangaronpa females x female reader. These are all one-shots. You can also request:) Also Lemons will have bold warnings. Here's a list of everything here so far: Fem!Mon...
  • story
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always here // kyoko kirigiri by OtakuLoner
always here // kyoko kirigiriby KERMIT SWAG
"One could mistake the girl for a deity. Need I say more?" Welcome to a slow updating book! It's slow updating because I'm either writing it or thinking about...
  • upupu
  • kirigirixreader
  • kirigiri
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Life After Hope's Peak  by Nikki_the_black_wolf
Life After Hope's Peak by Nikki_the_black_wolf
Did you ever want to know what happened to the survivors after Danganronpa Tigger Happy Havoc ended? Well this story is told by Makoto Naegi and Kyoko Kirigiri as they g...
  • makoto
  • aoiasahina
  • fukawaxtogami
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One Take Only (A Skip Beat! Fanfic) by NewHamsterdam
One Take Only (A Skip Beat! Fanfic)by NewHamsterdam
Kyoko finds herself in a challenging situation when a certain someone makes a guest appearance on Box "R" and forces her to deal with unwelcome and overwhelmin...
  • kiss
  • anime
  • manga
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Wrinkled Heart by careless_in_love
Wrinkled Heartby Marjni
What if you meet the right person, but it never seems to be the right time? Can you still find love? Kyoko and Ren have been together since the beginning of time, but Ky...
  • kyoko
  • skipbeat
  • reincarnation
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fem danganronpa x fem reader by weird_music_fox
fem danganronpa x fem readerby weird_music_fox
I love the dr girls!!! i thought about making some x readers about dr girls x fem reader!!!! Sorry I'll be only doing fem as girl readers!!! Disclaimer: i don't own Dang...
  • junko
  • lesbian
  • lesbianfiction
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Puella Madoka Magica: Chapter of the Sweets Girl by yces12
Puella Madoka Magica: Chapter of yces12
We all know the lovable Nagisa Momoe a.k.a Bebe who also was known as the magical girl to turn into the witch Charlotte but what's her story? Here is the story of Nagisa...
  • magicalgirl
  • madoka
  • puellamadokamagica
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Rebirth by SaitheVivana
Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Rebirthby Cynthia
After dethroning Madoka Kaname, the Goddess of Hope and bringer of the Law of Cycles, Homura Akemi becomes the Demon, an embodiment of Love and Despair. However, in the...
  • puella
  • kyubey
  • magi
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Yuru Yuri: The Struggle Of Ayano Sugiura by Fan_Fiction_Stories
Yuru Yuri: The Struggle Of Ayano Fan_Fiction_Stories
Ayano's beginning to have weird thoughts about a certain blonde... and when that certain blonde happens to be having unusual thoughts about her things get heavy!
  • toshino
  • yuruyuri
  • yuri
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Danganronpa Oneshots! by xx-kookies
Danganronpa Oneshots!by sUShI saHArA
This is a Danganronpa oneshots book. I do Fluff,angst, limes and lemons! Most likely no Togami x readers though because he's my senpai. ~Nicole~
  • danganronpa
  • kyoko
  • togami
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Achilles Heel (A skip beat fanfic, Setsu x Cain) by Gravity_Piglet
Achilles Heel (A skip beat Gravity Piglet
I wasn't ever supposed to love anyone after what he did to me. I wasn't supposed to unlock those parts of me that every other human has. But after living with you that f...
  • setsu
  • heel
  • cain
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A Wish by tyazx89
A Wishby tyazx89
Kyoko wished to meet Ren after her meeting with her mother, Seana. Fate being kind, her wish is granted. Now, she has Ren and what would happen? #it's kind of what I wis...
  • skipbeat
  • cartoon
  • heelsibling
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Juego De Engaños by GabrielVeliz7
Juego De Engañosby Gabriel
Con un empleo mediocre, problemas en su matrimonio y malos consejos de Chitose. Kyoko se meterá en un problema mayor casi rompiendo la promesa que una vez le prometió a...
  • ayano
  • yuruyuri
  • yui
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