Saved by a Woman (GirlxGirl) {Complete} by Albaluz
Saved by a Woman (GirlxGirl) {Comp... by Albaluz Romance
Alex is no princess. Her life is no fairy tale. She has gone from home to home ever since her parents were killed. Her life changes when she is brought with a rich and p...
Daddy malik Z.M by reuf_655
Daddy malik Z.M by Chihp957 Mystery / Thriller
( كايلي ) . حكمت عليها الظروف بأن تكون ضحية لأفعال اخيها لتصبح ملك ل زين مالك . تحتوي القصه على مشاهد لا تليق للبعض 18+
Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED) by raindrops_
Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED) by kei 🍂 Teen Fiction
[Published under Summit Pop Fiction | Part 2 starts at the interlude] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent. There's noth...
Instagram // Kylie & Justin by daddyyyzayn
Instagram // Kylie & Justin by M Fanfiction
An aspiring model & a famous singer become acquainted.
instagram/hendall/ by haileygedwards
instagram/hendall/ by Hailey Edwards Fanfiction
In the story Kendall and Kylie are not part of the Kardashian family, so they are not reality stars. They are just two girls with special modeling skills. They are not k...
His Girl by JackDaniles155
His Girl by JackDaniles155 Romance
He is Lucas Parker, she is Kylie Galen. They meant when they where younger but now they meant each other again. +++++++++++++++++++ "Kylie what the fuck are you d...
Maghihintay 😊 by KyRuNicoZiel
Maghihintay 😊 by KyRu NicoZiel Madilla Fanfiction
Si John Patrick Madrid ay isang kilalang Business Man sa buong Bansa. . . . . Sa kabila ng kanyang tagumpay ay may mga paghihirap din pala syang nalagpasan. Hindi Lang...
The 3rd Jenner sister by miahfrancis
The 3rd Jenner sister by Miah xo Fanfiction
When 16 year old Kelly finds out she's part of one of the most famous families in the world she couldn't be happier, but then she realises she will have to leave her for...
Poppin • jb by MsBiebz
Poppin • jb by Princess Emmy ✨ Fanfiction
Boy her dm's poppin. - Book One of the POPPIN series. All Rights Reserved // © MsBiebz . - To read some of my chapters you must be following me. WARNING: Story contains...
His Mate  by unknowlittleme
His Mate by King Kylie Werewolf
He growls. "You're mine Kylie. No one will ever take you away from me. You get that?" I feel butterflies erupt in my stomach at his possessiveness. I put my ha...
lost phone - jonah marais  by maraisjonah
lost phone - jonah marais by maraisjonah Fanfiction
kylie is a girl who used to live a normal life with her family , suddenly a man slide in her life with no warnin saying that he's her dad , whould she go with him ?how h...
breakup ♕ j.g by lostdolans
breakup ♕ j.g by sam Fanfiction
Since no one mattered to me anymore, here comes a guy who broke all of my plans. {COMPLETED}
Why Me???(A kid lucus love story.) by keekroyal
Why Me???(A kid lucus love story.) by keara walker Fanfiction
Kylie is a 15 year girl that gets bullied almost everyday by her brothers friend Lucas Coly. What she doesn't know is that Lucas has a huge crush on her ever since the...
Healing... (Kendall/You) by KingTiffs
Healing... (Kendall/You) by KingTiffs Fanfiction
Kendall just got cheated and dumped by her ex-boyfriend, the one and only, Harry Styles. She was so devastated. She party every night since then. She texted who she thou...
Star Stuck (#Wattys2015) by bookstar99
Star Stuck (#Wattys2015) by Elaia Teen Fiction
Kylie Jenson is not popular nor is she girly. In fact, she's the opposite. She doesn't wear makeup or designer clothes (gasp), she hates shopping (double gasp), and she...
In My Deceiving Heels [2] by Kutlie
In My Deceiving Heels [2] by K.R.W Malete ChickLit
Kylie Pearson has always been under the watchful eye of her overprotective older sibling. When he's not complaining about her saucy photoshoots, he's moaning at her for...
Them eyes♡ by bieberabg
Them eyes♡ by Bizxlebo 🌙 Fanfiction
It all started with a DM...
Typical Dumb Fan Fic Moments | ✓ by ginawriter
Anonymous by bieberabg
Anonymous by Bizxlebo 🌙 Fanfiction
Texting the wrong person...
Dear daddy... by bieberabg
Dear daddy... by Bizxlebo 🌙 Fanfiction
"Dear daddy, I've finally learnt how to ride my bike"... "Dear daddy, I had my 12th birthday today but you aren't here"... "Dear daddy, mum worr...