The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfiction by Jarodisamazing
The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfic... by Son of Satan Fanfiction
Minato survived the sealing of the Kyuubi as did Kushina. But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, aw...
(Naruto fanfiction) Abandoned and Betrayed by Animelover112523
(Naruto fanfiction) Abandoned and... by Khr,knb, shiki lover Fanfiction
The cliche naruto is an anbu, neglected by his parents, is super powerful, betrayed by village, masks everywhere sort of Thing but hey if your into That sort of thing th...
The Jinchuuriki Alliance by SarcasticKitsune
The Jinchuuriki Alliance by Hayoen Fanfiction
Minato and Kushina are alive, but they have forgotten their oldest, Naruto, in favor of Natsumi. Naruto decides to help those who are suffering the same fate as he, an...
Naruto,neglect,and the prophecy by kaka-kun
Naruto,neglect,and the prophecy by Kaka-kun Fanfiction
After Minato,and kushina have 2 children,one of them is foretold to have a prophecy to save the village,and have The power of a god.For some reason Naruto's younger sist...
The Forgotten And Neglected (Naruto Neglected Story) by Xoxnaruhina
The Forgotten And Neglected (Narut... by Xoxnaruhina Fanfiction
Naruto has been Neglected his parents Minato and Kushina for his younger sister and lives with the Uchihas What happens when they want him back
You Make My Pain Fade (A KakaNaru Fanfiction) by Chara6527
You Make My Pain Fade (A KakaNaru... by Naruto boi Fanfiction
When Minato defended the Leaf against the Nine tails he was able to spare Kushina and seal the entire Nine tails inside of Naruto. He grew Fox ears and a Fox tail, a rem...
Secretly Different (A Naruto Fanfiction) by fanfichear
Secretly Different (A Naruto Fanfi... by fanfichear Fanfiction
To protect his hometown the young boy trained to be what people call a 'ninja'. The boy grew powerful , reaching higher ranks. He became the commander of the ANBU under...
Lotus by potatoes_gona_potate
Lotus by Ican'tthinkofaname Fanfiction
-REWRITE- Naruto is transported back in time to Kakashi's genin days.
Stuck in Naruto!: Team Minato by PoisonSunset
Stuck in Naruto!: Team Minato by PoisonSunset Fanfiction
Hazel Wattson was a normal girl who really lead a plain and normal life. Well, that is until she suddenly got sucked into the Naruto world. But she then realized that sh...
Once In a Lifetime -Draft- (Naruto Fanfiction) by The_Pink_Disaster
Once In a Lifetime -Draft- (Naruto... by Cristiana P. Fanfiction
The rewrite is out! You can find it on my profile. ⚠ This version contains bad grammar! I advice you read the rewrite since it's a much better version compared to this...
I am NOT a monster! by Wolfphantom8
I am NOT a monster! by Wolfphantom8 Fanfiction
Minato and Kushina are alive with 3 children; Menma, Mito and Naruto. The 3rd Hokage sealed the Nine Tail Fox in Naruto, and Kami sealed the 3rd Hokage in Naruto too. 4...
The Red-Hot Flash [Naruto Fanfic] by AkariNamikaze
The Red-Hot Flash [Naruto Fanfic] by Muse☆・:。・:*:\(>ω<\) Fanfiction
Mito Uzumaki/Namikaze is a very hyperactive girl. She knew she had a twin, but was never able to meet him. When she was 2 years old Mito was Kidnapped by Orochimaru, bu...
I Had Enough (a neglected Naruto fanfic) by DarkYashuro
I Had Enough (a neglected Naruto f... by Author Fanfiction
Hahaha, why did it lead to this? Why did it hurt so much? A world filled with emotion, joy and mystery held another mystery. A tale of a boy whose life is a living night...
El Shinobi De La Tormenta by cb17thekiller
El Shinobi De La Tormenta by Dark Fanfiction
Qué sucedería si todo fuera distinto, si Naruto nunca fuera olvidado por sus padres que prefiriendo seguir su camino que la de una profecía estupida, querido por su fami...
Neglected  (Naruto fanfic) by Ayako_Hayashi
Neglected (Naruto fanfic) by Fear the Fangirl... Fanfiction
What if Minato and Kushina survived? What if Naruto has a twin sister? What if Naruto is neglected by his family? What if Naruto was a child prodigy? What if Naruto is a...
Naruto of the Sand by naruto_fan23
Naruto of the Sand by naruto_fan23 Fanfiction
What if Naruto parents never die but instead the lord third die in they're place?? What if they Naruto neglect for his two younger siblings that had the Nine tail charka...
Abducted - Naruto Fanfic by kairen_
Abducted - Naruto Fanfic by • Kairen • Fanfiction
-Revised Description- • Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina never died in the Kyubi Attack. He never preformed the Shinigami's technique. And he has th...
Namikaze Naoki || Uchiha Itachi by wet_ice
Namikaze Naoki || Uchiha Itachi by Penguin & Panda Fanfiction
Konoha, a wonderful village where a pair of twins live. the twins naruto and naoki are trying to fulfill their dreams, but there's nothing without hardships.. follow the...
The neglected Uzumaki- the Red daemon of Iwagagure by Gracyfangirl2020
The neglected Uzumaki- the Red dae... by Gracyfangirl2020 Fanfiction
Naruto get's forgotten and neglected for his twin sister Naruko.Since he is the holder of the Kyuubi, the villagers constantly beating makes him leave Konoha one day. Yo...
I Don't Fall In Love (Hatake Kakashi Love Story) by FujiwaraYuko
I Don't Fall In Love (Hatake Kakas... by FujiwaraYuko Fanfiction
Sato Sayaka, age thirteen, is assigned to learn the Rasengan from Namikaze Minato, the sensei of Nohara Rin, Uchiha Obito, and Hatake Kakashi. Obito is thrilled to have...