The Ice Wielder (Iruka x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
The Ice Wielder (Iruka x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a very famous ninja known as the ice wielder. She was born in the hidden frost village, a neighboring village of the hidden mist. After her parents try to force...
  • konahagakure
  • sasuke
  • zabuza
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A Naruko and Sasuke love story by jewell109
A Naruko and Sasuke love storyby jewell109
Naruko Uzumaki is the girl that everyone avoids. Nobody likes her or even treats her like a human being. They call her names, throw things at her, insult her, and just p...
  • narukouzumaki
  • konaha
  • sasukeuchiha
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~COMPLETE~ Naruko Uzumaki  (Sasuke Love Story) //BOOK 1\\ by NarukoUzumaki_
~COMPLETE~ Naruko Uzumaki (Sasuke...by NarukoUzumaki_
Just read the story☺️
  • adventure
  • konohagakure
  • action
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Broken And Abused Whats Behind The Mask by FandomJunkeys
Broken And Abused Whats Behind The...by Menma Uzumaki
Naruto fanfic naruto hides behind a mask and when it breaks no one expected what would happened I do not own Naruto or any of the characters I wish I did but I don't oh...
  • naruto
  • sad
  • depression
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Uchiha Siblings by mzkutiee
Uchiha Siblingsby MelRetard
(The cover does not belong to me but to whoever the owner of the pic is) Kira Uchiha is the younger sister of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. She was a kind person who never...
  • emotionless
  • sister
  • siblings
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Have we met? (Kisame x reader: Modern) by Awesomelemonaids
Have we met? (Kisame x reader: Mod...by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a doctor working in Konaha hospital with a massive crush on a famous footballer, Kisame Hoshigaki. One day (Y/n)'s best friend, Konan, invites her to costume ne...
  • akatsuki
  • pein
  • sakura
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Kakashi's Adopted Daughter by lizzyuchiha
Kakashi's Adopted Daughterby Elizabeth
Anyone want to know what the life of Kakashi adopted daughter would be like? Well her name is Rika and she got kicked out of her village when she was only 6 and she ende...
  • konaha
  • kakashi
  • naruto
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Look Underneath The Underneath  by Sassier_Than_You
Look Underneath The Underneath by Illuminacho
Discontinued -Currently up for adoption- Naruto is just the annoying knucklehead ninja, right? Slowly, Naruto's mask begins to fade piece by piece. Soon everyone finds...
  • mask
  • slightsakurabashing
  • uzumaki
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Aquila || Uchiha Madara love story by Zoey-san
Aquila || Uchiha Madara love storyby Zoey [Hiatus]
Aquila is a carefree and an obnoxious girl. Growing up with the Uchiha's has been something she wished fate didn't put her through. It was him. The one mistake that got...
  • mito
  • madaraxoc
  • warringstate
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That Summer •NaruHina•  by potatoejung_
That Summer •NaruHina• by mari
[A/N]I hate this book, it's terrible. If you can handle a whole bunch of errors fine. I'm just too lazy to fix them, i'm sorry. --- The usual Konaha gang had just gradu...
  • hinata
  • nejiten
  • naruto
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Tales Of Naruto Uzumaki by Kidster77
Tales Of Naruto Uzumakiby AK
Basically in this story Naruto is gonna be smart and he already figured out that he is the jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox and he also found out his heritage. Also in...
  • konaha
  • smartnaruto
  • femsasuke
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Half Demon meets Nine Tailed Fox(Inuyasha/Naruto fanfic) by Gwaedhil
Half Demon meets Nine Tailed Fox(I...by Gwaedhil
Arise Uzumaki was walking to Konoha with Gaara, his siblings, and.....Kurama's daughter Haru no Kitsune. Suddenly the find Inuyasha on the way badly wounded. They nurse...
  • kagome
  • gaara
  • adventure
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Paint your pain (Deidara x Reader: Modern) by Awesomelemonaids
Paint your pain (Deidara x Reader:...by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) moves to Konaha after her father dies and hopes that this fresh start will give her an opportunity to make friends. Unfortunately there is a group of bullies calle...
  • modern
  • art
  • konaha
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Titanium Soul (Sasuke's Little Sister) by saukraxoxo
Titanium Soul (Sasuke's Little Sis...by Music_Addicted
"I'm not Sakura... I'm not vulnerable like her." "Are you Sure?" "Positive." "If you leave," "I won't hesita...
  • action
  • fanficton
  • naruto
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Konaha's Little Orphan by Demon_D_Raika
Konaha's Little Orphanby Demon_D_Raika
Little Aiko has been an orphan for seven years, when suddenly she's taken (not so willingly) into Konaha? Can the broken be fixed? Read to see
  • naruto
  • story
  • orphan
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The Fox Queen by Kenzrocks47
The Fox Queenby ThatObsessedFanGirl
Naruko Uzumaki was abused and hurt in her village, by her parents, her siblings, and the villagers. For one reason; she holds the demon fox Kyuubi. When she and her two...
  • neglectednaruko
  • iwa
  • menma
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The High School Lovers  by PikaNelly
The High School Lovers by nellythebaddie
This is a KibaNaru fanfic that'll be wayyyy better then the last one. Anyways, this fan-fic will take place in high school where Naruto is the new sophomore while our de...
  • ships
  • kibanaru
  • konaha
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The Mute Shinobi by Demon_D_Raika
The Mute Shinobiby Demon_D_Raika
Naruto Fanfic
  • squad7
  • shinobi
  • konaha
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torcher and intagation department ( female naruto) by cadencepup-17
torcher and intagation department...by whitney
naruto was born a girl with light pink hair and has her mom eyes. she had the kyuubi deals in her and she keeps a mask over her face and bangs over one of her eyes becau...
  • sasunaru
  • konaha
  • sakura
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The Guardian Of The Forest  by Kunze67
The Guardian Of The Forest by DarkFoxKit67
Naruto is the new Kyuubi no Kitsune and he has been protecting the forest near Konaha since his father Kurama died. He is believed to be a myth but one day that will cha...
  • konaha
  • kyuubi
  • naruto