BTS DATING DOORS by horizonsummer
BTS DATING DOORS by Midnight Lover Random
Easy You choose which one you like on Monday Find out your answer Friday Okay:)
One Sister, Seven Brothers, and a Whole Bunch of Memories {BTS} by AlexMcSkittles
One Sister, Seven Brothers, and a... by Alex Fanfiction
In a world where Kim (Y/N) is Bangtan's little sister~ ***Highest Ranking: #957 In Fanfiction***
Possessive Type ||Jeon Jungkook|| by YoonElena
Possessive Type ||Jeon Jungkook|| by Seven Fanfiction
He is known as many things. The bad boy, the hunk, the terror machine, and oddly, as the most possessive human alive. She is known for few things. The loner, the sassy...
handsome. myg+jhs by -93MYG
handsome. myg+jhs by ❝e❞ Random
in which yoonseok flirt with each other in the comments of each others' photos on instagram +ongoing ©-93MYG ||use scrolling not paging rankings ; #840 in ra...
BTS TEXTS by _Erii_Kim_
BTS TEXTS by °••Erizlle••° Fanfiction
|RANDOM UPDATE| You will now enter a weird world of Bangtan replying to your texts. It has jams i promise ("^_^) 06/23/17: #18 in Fanfiction
BTS ZODIACS  by baengbaengtaen
BTS ZODIACS by baengbaengtaen Fanfiction
This book is about BTS, but "Zodiac Edition"!!! Hope you have fun! - credits to the owners of the pictures i will be posting -
Forbidden by Aesthetic_BTS_Trash
Forbidden by You're excused Fanfiction
In school, I am his student and he is my teacher. Outside of school, I am his lover and he is mine. Yoonmin Teacher X Student I WILL ALWAYS UPDATE ON TUESDAY
The smile that was ignored (KIMTAEHYUNGXBTS) by BTSislejindary
The smile that was ignored (KIMTAE... by 🌸Her🌸 Fanfiction
'and He will continue to smile no matter how hurt He is' XKim taehyung centric fanficx This is not a boyxboy fanfiction.Its about their friendship..Please try to re...
The nerd Idol's secret  by StephanieSteph2
The nerd Idol's secret by BTS4LIFE Random
Kim Hye Rin was a famous K-pop Idol she is still studying she was in disguise there was a guy who keeps on bullying her will her classmates find out that she is a idol...
Unexpectedly || J.J.K by classic627
Unexpectedly || J.J.K by Classic Fanfiction
I never thought this could be possible. Not even in my most wildest of dreams. Special thanks to @tassnimkookie for the cover! Currently reediting existing chapters Star...
Bangtan ➳ Scenarios + Texts II by -sugakookiejams-
Bangtan ➳ Scenarios + Texts II by 『 semi-hiatus 』 Fanfiction
《COMPLETED》 ➳ here's some more ( • ∀ • ) • • • ❣WARNING❣ ⇝ for delulu and byuntae ARMYs only ~ (Every damn part probably has pictures/gif deal with it 😂) started: Feb 2...
BTS LYRICS by zekegourmet
Lyrics to all BTS songs and covers with the name of the person singing each verse with romanization and english translations with MV's and FMV's and Soundt...
Lollipop Boy || j.jk x || by OddOne01
Lollipop Boy || j.jk x || by Kiddo ♡ Fanfiction
"You're cute Lollipop hyung." "W-Whatever!" "You dress cutely too." "S-stop!" "Yup. Very cute." ----------- Bottom!T...
My Playboy [COMPLETED] by Suga_Kim
My Playboy [COMPLETED] by Kim 🐢 Fanfiction
"Jimin I swear I will kill you if you come any closer." I slowly back away. "Alright, if you says so." He grin, sitting on the edge of the bed. "...
Friction [VKOOK] by Dark_Addict
Friction [VKOOK] by DarkAddict Fanfiction
What happens when a bright boy falls for a gang heir.... Will he pull through or will he break. ------- Kim Taehyung is a normal high school student, sometimes a bit dep... (Vkook) by PotatoesAndJams (Vkook) by kookiesandcream Fanfiction
Having a hot new jerk of a boss didn't really help jungkook in fixing his already messed up life.
Good Heart //kth// by GummyMintYoongi
Good Heart //kth// by ~구미령 종기~ Fanfiction
San Ju-Eun is a college students at Seoul University. She has many friends and is really hyper. On couple matching week, she is forced to meet guys. A traditional week...
Met In Detention || KIM TAEHYUNG  by BaeTaeLay
Met In Detention || KIM TAEHYUNG by ~Grace~ Fanfiction
"I'm here, Rose. I'm not going to bed knowing you're scared right now." Taehyung says in a soft voice. "Taehyung, I'm fine. It was just a nightmare. Get s...
Basic {BTS Instagram AU} by softyoongs
Basic {BTS Instagram AU} by ♡ 〜Signal〜♡  Fanfiction
Another one of those internet friend/instagram stories. - In which Jungkook is that new boi on IG that's an aesthetic emo child and he eventually becomes friends with th...
BTS LYRICS by Persephone 🌸 Random
A book that is full of BTS LYRICS. You can request a song if you want. It's a slow update, so please wait for it. Hope you support this Lyric book! All credits to BIGHIT...