Tame Me , Master [ JunHwan ] by HanNihilist
Tame Me , Master [ JunHwan ] by Natasha Fanfiction
Koo Junhoe ㅡ lelaki bertubuh lampai yang amat dikenali dengan sikap panas barannya tidak kiralah terhadap setiap jenis objek mahupun hidupan bernyawa di sekelilingnya. N...
The Kims by sohyunieLover
The Kims by sohyunieLover Fanfiction
The story is about the seven orphans who were forced to grow up apart from each other after their grandfather's funeral, the only living relative they had who actually c...
imagines + ikon 🦄 by asyaheerah
imagines + ikon 🦄 by 🔥 Fanfiction
Get Ready? Showtime! feat ; k.hanbin » b.i k.jiwon » bobby k.jinhwan k.donghyuk k.junhoe s.yunhyeong j.chanwoo author ; i'm not taking any request for this book. some o...
NEIGHBORS || Junhwan by trashh_cans
NEIGHBORS || Junhwan by trashh_cans Fanfiction
jinhwan decides to spice up his college life by becoming friends with his neighbor, koo junhoe. started: sept 7, 2017
Stuck With You (iKON) by dayknee__
Stuck With You (iKON) by Danielle Fanfiction
Two different people, two different worlds. One's up, one's down. She's the island princess who's looking for happiness. He's the cold city boy who's looking for love. S...
SEX ED || Junhwan by trashh_cans
SEX ED || Junhwan by trashh_cans Fanfiction
innocent jinhwan wants to gain the attention from his a crush. the student council member, kim hanbin. the problem with that is that he doesn't know how he's going to do...
enigma ◇ ikon | jinhwan by nerdyhemmo
enigma ◇ ikon | jinhwan by ... tricia ... Fanfiction
// in which he meets a girl he can't figure out //
ikon imagines | ikon by kwonhyuq
ikon imagines | ikon by ☽ Fanfiction
warning this boy group is extremely hot
Going Crazy (iKON Jinhwan) by CuteChimChim
Going Crazy (iKON Jinhwan) by CuteChimChim Fanfiction
Kim Jinhwan is her stalker for a long time until one day he stops.He gives up on her, because he thinks she can't love him back.When he leaves her, she'll be the one mis...
Oneonly by ikons_gf
Oneonly by Hana 🐰🐰 Fanfiction
"Antara gue suka sama lo dan...."- Hana
Going Crazy (Jinhwan) Book 2 by CuteChimChim
Going Crazy (Jinhwan) Book 2 by CuteChimChim Fanfiction
After Jinhwan and Hye Na get married,lots of things will change.But,will they love each other until the end?
The Sound Of Your Love( A Jinhwan iKon Fanfiction) by krystal_redlight
The Sound Of Your Love( A Jinhwan... by Katarina Nadya Fanfiction
"Who are you? The janitor's daughter? Eww!" Everybody says that to me. And yes I am the janitor's daughter of this school. Everybody hates me because of that...
iKON by sngeunkm
iKON by Joan Fanfiction
Hanya segelintir cerita tentang member-member iKON. Di setiap chapter memiliki cerita yang berbeda. Bahasa Non Baku 18+
IKON IMAGINES by euiwocng
IKON IMAGINES by ➴ 伊恩 Random
● with readers ● Request closed ● ✘ Smut ● ✘ boy x boy
IKON BobWoo (Boyxboy) by JackieTheBunny
IKON BobWoo (Boyxboy) by JackieTheBunny Fanfiction
This boyxboy story is about Bobby and Chanwoo and their relationship and how their relationship started. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chanwoo goes to Gangnam highschool. Cha...
Learning How To Smile by parkriku
Learning How To Smile by Park Riku Fanfiction
Blocking people away from you is not the only solution.
2AM // ikon by 87winner
[FANFIC IKON][CHANHWAN] Thanh Xuân Có Nhau Mà Rực Rỡ by minhhyy137
[FANFIC IKON][CHANHWAN] Thanh Xuân... by Minh Hy Fanfiction
Author: Minh Hy Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Jung Chan Woo- Kim Jin Hwan Category: Hiện đại, HE. Status: On-going.
The Last Spark | iKON Jinhwan by hwannieyo
The Last Spark | iKON Jinhwan by Hwannie Fanfiction
After experiencing the most heartbreaking break up yet, Y/N is left with nothing but sorrow and memories. Engulfed in her own grief, she becomes closed off and reserved...
My Essential Rain(binhwan) Ikon ff by cyjmkislifenow
My Essential Rain(binhwan) Ikon ff by markjaee Random
i am a binhwan trash so i make this trash binhwan ff. Binhwan is so cute!!!!!!!!! (B.I ×jinhwan)