memes kpop by woohyung311
memes kpop by 💚 E X O D U S_L☝ Humor
memes en español de kpop
Amor bajo el mismo techo by LourdesLeyton
Amor bajo el mismo techo by Lourdes Leyton Fanfiction
Sun Hi decide emanciparse el día que ella se marcha de la casa de su madre se va a su apartamento mientras se encuentra ahí emocionada porque finalmente vivirá sola se p...
Bullies meet the Gangster girls (Original) by Kim_Hyuna04
Bullies meet the Gangster girls (O... by Aelex Chrysly L. Derecho Teen Fiction
This Story is about a Rank 1 Gangster Girls in Asia that always been expelled on their school what if they enrolled again and They will meet the Bullies Gangster Boys wi...
Gardenia by lauriebean
Gardenia by lauriebean Romance
Woobin/OC/Jihoo: Based off of the Kdrama Boys Over Flowers "She is like a Gardenia flower. She grows only in the richest of soils. She is the purest. Treat her...
Please (kim hyun joong) by Jess_Thomson
Please (kim hyun joong) by Jess_Thomson️ Romance
historia relacionada con una canción (Please) de Kim Hyun Joong en forma de cartas escritas por una chica aunque la canción original es de hombre, espero que les guste
Boys Over Flowers II Life After The Story Fan Fiction  by airenj25
Boys Over Flowers II Life After Th... by AirenJ25 Fanfiction
The countination of the story of a simple girl's life that meets four guys, Guys that changed her life for good As she found friendship with in them and the people ar...
One shot yaoi ss501  by selene501
Fan Letter by knena_7464
Fan Letter by Maria H. Fanfiction
Audrey Ward is struck by the beauty of Kim Hyun Joong while binge watching Korean dramas. She is so captivated by his beauty that she writes him a fan letter. Soon she...
The One And Only You (Yoon Jihoo fanfiction) by Kpopsuperstah
The One And Only You (Yoon Jihoo f... by Minji/이민지 Romance
Lee Minlo was the new girl at Shinhwa High School. Her family was the head of a famous water company, or So they thought! Minlo is actually the secret twin sister of Yij...
The Fake Relationship by cupidgirl21
The Fake Relationship by Cupid Girl Teen Fiction
Isang babaeng masiyahin at simple na ma-eengaged sa isang Campus Genius at magkakaroon cla ng FAKE RELATIONSHIP dahil sa hindi naman nila guto ang isa't isa... Sa tingin...
The nerd's transformation (ORIGINAL) by Kim_Hyuna04
The nerd's transformation (ORIGINA... by Aelex Chrysly L. Derecho Teen Fiction
A story of a nerd who transformed her self because of a heartbreak and she decide she's going to Korea to change
Bullying For Love by Sakurita91
Bullying For Love by Saku_K3H1P1 Fanfiction
~Sinopsis~ Un grupo de amigos se creen los jefes de la escuela, comandados por su jefe Mister X, escogen como objetivo a una chica extranjera para ser su blanco, y asi...
Playful Kiss by Rhea__Matt
Playful Kiss by Bøők Monstà Random
Oh Hani is a clumsy and naive girl who falls for the genius, Baek Seung Jo. One unfateful day, an earthquake destroyed her house causing them to stay at her father's lo...
After 12 Am ..  by lucci55
After 12 Am .. by lucci Random
ما بعد الثانية عشر ، حيثُ تستيقظ أكثر الكائنات خوفا و تخرج من مخبأها التي تبقي نهاراً في الخفاء ، ما بعد الثانية عشر هو الوقت الأكثر رعباً الوقت الأكثر خوفاً الوقت الأكث...
Her With The Snowflake Necklace (A Kim Hyun Joong FanFic) by TheGhost001
Her With The Snowflake Necklace (A... by TheGhost001 Fanfiction
When Kim Hyun Joong is threatened and shot in one of his concerts, he is forced to move out of Seoul, Korea into New York City for his own safety. There he meets Camille...
SS501 and the ghost girl by -Imweird
SS501 and the ghost girl by 🌸Shin Hwa Sang♕ Random
"Yo había muerto pero hay algo que no me deja ver la luz del cielo y esa razón son ellos mismos." Todos los derechos reservados @-Imweird.
Divided in Self by melclovesscarlet
Divided in Self by Janie Mucciolo Fanfiction
The say that stress will kill you - either physically, or mentally. And one of the members of SS501 will quickly learn that stress will destroy your life. As a member of...
Best Korean Dramas Of All Time by eshashresthastar
Best Korean Dramas Of All Time by Esha Shrestha Random
FOR ALL KDRAMA LOVERS Here are some of the korean dramas I have enjoyed a lot watching. So if you are new to this drama world and are confused about which drama to watc...
My heart can't rest even for a moment (Boys Over Flowers 02) by SadeeshaFernando
My heart can't rest even for a mom... by Sadeesha Fernando Fanfiction
Can we ever guarantee that a person's heart will never change.... A person's heart will never melt again in front of another pure eyes.... Change is the only thing in th...
True Confessions of a Troubled Heart"A boys before flowers sequel" by Humble-Goody2shoes
True Confessions of a Troubled Hea... by Humble-Goody2shoes Romance
After 4 years the gang has got to get back together for the wedding of one of the F4 members namely Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di, how will the wedding push through if ther...