promised - kim namjoon by kingtbh
promised - kim namjoon by 克里斯
"sit closer to me, that guy is undressing you with his eyes." "aren't you doing the same?"
  • seokjin
  • soulmate
  • monster
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❝ i'm tired being your secret, jungkook. ❞ Where Jungkook tries to hide his relationship with Taehyung from the public. What if he's ready to let everyone k...
  • kooktae
  • taehyung
  • gay
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Our Future by Alecia_Xo
Our Future by OVOXO_Lover
"When Two Souls Fall In Love, There Is Nothing Else But The Yearning To Be Close To The Other. The Presence That Is Felt T...
  • gigihadid
  • jenner
  • gxg
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Reckless Love *Bella Hadid And Y/n* by Alecia_Xo
Reckless Love *Bella Hadid And Y/n* by OVOXO_Lover
"She Was Sure To Lose Herself. But Like An Addict On Crack. She Kept Coming Back For More. And Just Like All The Others, She Took What She Wanted And Left. With H...
  • romace
  • gigihadid
  • travisscott
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Wrong Number |vmin| by -yoomina
Wrong Number |vmin| by -yoomina
"Hey baby do u like ramen noodles? bcoz i will be ramen my noodle in ya ;)" "Dude wtf" A boy with the sweetest smile, meets a boy with a bitter secre...
  • fluff
  • parkjimin
  • kpop
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Requests closed
  • lee
  • han
  • jeongin
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P.JM| Please Smile ✓ by -sunseokie
P.JM| Please Smile ✓ by ── ✿
{✓} La Douleur Exquise: (n.)the exquisite pain of wanting the affection of someone you know you can never have. (Origin: French) I loved you when you...
  • kpop
  • yoongi
  • jimin
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write by jenlisaesthetic
write by 🍇
write verb ° compose, write, and send (a letter) to someone. ° H.R: #35 IN FANFICTION #43 IN FANFICTION
  • chaelisa
  • blackpink
  • lisa
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Passion by astedich
Passion by C I A
adult content 18+ Bagaimana rasanya jika "menjajakan" kawanitaanmu untuk lelaki yang kalian cintai tetapi dia mencintai orang lain. Apa yang akan kalian laku...
  • soo
  • jong
  • krystal
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Mummy || vkook || by vkook-trash
Mummy || vkook || by 🌙
In which little Jungkook wants Taehyung to be his new mummy. LITERALLY !!!! taehyung being a loving caregiver towards jungkook. soft vkook.
  • jeon
  • jeonjungkook
  • bts
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chubby → taehyung → #wattys2016 by -kaizar
chubby → taehyung → #wattys2016 by *∘✧ erigom zar ✧∘*
how does it feel to weigh more than your boyfriend? © ZAREEN H. KIM TAEHYUNG 「#STOPBODYSHAMING」 「STARTED: 17th December...
  • jin
  • stopbodyshaming
  • herawards2018
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Royals || Kim Taehyung X Reader X Jeon Jungkook || by -blankfaceu
Royals || Kim Taehyung X Reader X... by • 》☆《 •
They're rich. I'm not. They're charming. I'm not. They're loved by many. Sort of. (Insert fake laugh) Just kidding. No. They may be rich, but their attitudes are shi- I...
  • kim
  • bangtan
  • taehyung
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bully : myg by yoongmights
bully : myg by jeojaang
"i care for you so stop it."
  • sonyeondan
  • romance
  • rapmonster
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custody | kth (wattys2017) by shooknae
custody | kth (wattys2017) by 〰️mochi〰️
"You don't strike me as a professional criminal" "That's what makes me so good at it" -- Kim Ji Yeon; a newly appointed police inspector at Daegu, m...
  • suga
  • rapmonster
  • kim
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Stuck With You [VKOOK] [E D I T I N G] by illegalhobie
Stuck With You [VKOOK] [E D I T I... by к ι н α 🐥
"What? With who?" said Jungkook with a sad and dissapointed face. First of all, i wanna say thank you to those who visit, read, and vomment on my story. Second...
  • kim
  • jeon
  • jungkook
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In A Relationship With Suho of Exo by thanks4dbrokenheart
In A Relationship With Suho of Exo by V.
You called me a slut. Now why are you taking me back? © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart
  • kpop
  • baekhyun
  • junmyeon
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Good Girl• Vkook by ErinJungkookie
Good Girl• Vkook by BabyKook
•Taehyung hates childrens especially the annoying one but what if the child is a 20 year old girl, his childhood friend•
  • jeon
  • taekook
  • vkook
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And We Meet Again by RidingLife
And We Meet Again by Richa
"I... I'm scared of falling..." she whispered, looking into my eyes. It was like she wanted to say something more but stopped herself. "I won't let you fa...
  • kim
  • jones
  • warren
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Save Me ( x j.jk) by SakuraFlowah
Save Me ( x j.jk) by 킴 지 수
Jeon Jungkook goes to a school called Bangtan High, he's bullied by his seniors and his father is abusive. Kim Taehyung is an arrogant rich kid who also goes to his scho...
  • bts
  • kim
  • rich
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BOY WITH HORMONES (Book 1) // K.T.H x Reader by run-bts-ineedu
BOY WITH HORMONES (Book 1) // K.T... by Daisy
Book ONE: Participating in the #baepsaeawards Taehyung and you were childhood friends/neighbors, but things happened to Taehyung that changed his attitude towards li...
  • comedy
  • fanfic
  • bangtan
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