Our Home  (*Jikook*) ♯ Book 2 ♯ by Thaiszando
Our Home (*Jikook*) ♯ Book 2 ♯ by Thais Passos Fanfiction
Jimin e Jungkook se conheceram de uma forma um tanto quanto inusitada, e acabaram por se apaixonarem. Agora, um ano depois, eles estão morando juntos novamente, - dessa...
ghostly ➳ kim taehyung by kkaebsongkaisoo
ghostly ➳ kim taehyung by ☾anna☽ Fanfiction
After moving into a new home in an unfamiliar city, Chaewon finds herself intrigued by the homeschooled neighbour who has a tendency of wearing hideous sweaters and show...
Bunny's Prince |taekook| by n_atsu
Bunny's Prince |taekook| by Natsu Fanfiction
Gdzie Jeon zamiast do swojego przyjaciela - Kim Seokjina pisze do Kim Taehyunga, w którym jest zakochany po uszy. •pobocznie namjin •fluff •być może pojawią się sceny...
Mr. Pervert by Ms_Peachiest
Mr. Pervert by Ms. Peachy Fanfiction
Jungkook is known as the pervert in school. He flirts with you out of thousands of other girls. Let's see how this ends up when you wake up in a bed next to him without...
At Starlight!: A Garroth×Kim Fan Fiction  by KAPhoenix
At Starlight!: A Garroth×Kim Fan F... by K.A Phoenix Fanfiction
Kim is finally able to control ghost Now she's able to live, and love, normally There really isn't enough fan fiction about this ship! Hope you enjoy!
note by jenlisaeipathy
note by Miguccii Fanfiction
note noun a brief record of facts, topics, or thoughts, written down as an aid to memory. a short informal letter or written message.
dong[gyu] by raccoonboi
dong[gyu] by ;; Action
i'm just chilling and she was like a freaking aunt and aa she so cute but i still remember that sheshe is so savage READ: idk what to put in my description so i just us...
Leo! Wait Appa?! by noonabiba
Leo! Wait Appa?! by noonabiba Fanfiction
Jung Taekwoon, better known as Leo, finds you (Kim Kyu Hee) sitting on a swing as a child. He recognizes you right away even though you are a 20 year old trapped in a 4...
I Loved You First (GOT7 Yugyeom Fanfic. Ver.) by tearscanbeblue
I Loved You First (GOT7 Yugyeom Fa... by Shanaia Peñada Fanfiction
"First love is the sweetest but it's the first cut that's the deepest." Yugyeom and Y/N learns this in a hard way.
sanE - taehyung angst smut fanfiction by nyotaaki
sanE - taehyung angst smut fanfict... by ❝cry❞ Fanfiction
sekarang, semuanya terungkap ... sequel from mad
teach me - kim taehyung by nailawrites
teach me - kim taehyung by — Fanfiction
you've always had a crush on taehyung but something that stopped you was that he was a player; a hot, sexy, manipulating player. taehyung needed a hand in english from y...
Painting [Vkook]  by JuWho2
Painting [Vkook] by mellon Fanfiction
Jungkook is a very shy new student at the popular university of art in Seoul. He is fascinated by the mysterious and avoided genius Kim Taehyung and despite the rumours...
Fansign [k.t.h x reader] by btsisnotonfire
Fansign [k.t.h x reader] by 💕Jamie 💕 Fanfiction
Y/N decided to go to Korea for a holiday with her friend, F/N. Who knew F/N actually bought tickets to a BTS fansign and Y/N would be attending the fansign during Y/N's...
Unforgettable  by -issaqueen
Unforgettable by :) Fanfiction
You are unforgettable💛
Macchiato (Guanlin-Yeri) #4 by Arqha_
Macchiato (Guanlin-Yeri) #4 by Arqha Fanfiction
Ketika si Junior pengganggu ingin mendapatkan ciuman dari si senior yang tak menyukai cowok lebih muda.
Jo twins~ by baby_boy-11
Jo twins~ by babyboy Random
*waves shyly*-both
MEME LORD. - T.KOOK by jeonsusa
MEME LORD. - T.KOOK by yoon sanha ! Fanfiction
in which taehyung sends memes to the wrong person.
Trops💕 by Dianne_Manansala
Trops💕 by Dianne Krizha Manansala Teen Fiction
Tristan Deleon- Badboy na masungit. Jench Costales-Badboy na playboy Stanley Dela paz-Badboy na Ideal Guy. Joshua Garcia- Badboy na flirt. Yrrol Raymundo- Badboy na may...
Klutz || Jaepil by -Karmaa
Klutz || Jaepil by ✨ Fanfiction
"How the fuck did we get this scar again?" • • • • • • A Soulmate AU @-Karmaa
EMO style - miraculous ladybug by Rosellie333
EMO style - miraculous ladybug by Rosellie333 Fanfiction
(no miraculous rings or earrings.......sorry) (marinettes POV) IVE HAD ENOUGH NOW! NO MORE! I'm sick and tired of going to school only to be met with my 'so called ' fri...