Satan's Assassin by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Assassinby A.L Rogue
9 years ago Isabella lost her entire family to rogue werewolves. That day she also became the vessel for Satan. Now to the present day Isabella is a hunter, to be exact...
  • hunter
  • satan
  • hybrid
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Daddy by bbygirlglam
Daddyby bella
One word, that's all it took. One simple word that would change the life of many. "Daddy?!"
  • bieberfanfic
  • baby
  • daddy
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Love in the Shade of Mafia. by Anna_Enchant
Love in the Shade of Anna
~Fallen for my enemy.~ Two young people. Two sworn enemies, Two opposites, Two haters.... But with a single heart. He was suppose to end her, to kill her, to finish her...
  • hot
  • humor
  • teenfiction
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My Loving Stalker by sunshine_darling_
My Loving Stalkerby Allison
Bella Ross is a normal girl. She is popular, beautiful, and has the most gorgeous voice men will ever know. But she has a secret. For five whole years she has felt some...
  • love
  • creepy
  • stalker
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High School Death: Who Are You? by TheBlack_Killer
High School Death: Who Are You?by Alistair Shimotsuki
HIGH SCHOOL DEATH(HSD): Who are you? Isang kwento na ang skwelahan ay madaming kababalaghang nagaganap in SECRETLY. Isang eskwelahan na may mga killers na nagpapangap l...
  • murderers
  • blood
  • highschool
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Temptation by novelsbyjai
Temptationby J
Urban Fiction Jeremiah "MyMy" Taylor has dreamt of being a detective since he was a freshman at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Now, at the age of 23, Je...
  • thriller
  • lawyer
  • streetlit
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Right My Wrongs  by laila_duhh
Right My Wrongs by Laila❤️
Read book 1 "Thug Next Door" Read book 2 "Time is Ticking" Read book 3"Family Matters" Then you can read this book.
  • gun
  • stripper
  • weed
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The Minetti Horror Twins [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
The Minetti Horror Twins [ WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] Given up for adoption the day they were born, Tito and Vito Minetti spend the next six years in the foster care system, bouncing in and out of houses of fami...
  • killer
  • lucchese
  • minetti
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For One's Honour  by SweetDoodles
For One's Honour by Sweet Doodles
'His heart was as delicate as tissue paper and that's why she managed to tear it within seconds.' "Don't you dare!" She snapped as she slowly took a step back...
  • pakistan
  • lovestory
  • abuse
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Loving The Mafia by Prince_of_hate
Loving The Mafiaby Spartan Prince
Lucas finds himself being dragged away by two men while out for a walk after finding out that his father was in a lot of trouble and he was the only "thing" t...
  • kill
  • manxboy
  • adopt
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Hers (Camren) by highregui727
Hers (Camren)by Dee ✌
I never meant to be here: tied up in bed next to a serial killer. When I followed her home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out her secret. Her kiss was in...
  • fifthharmony
  • daddycamila
  • normanikordei
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Shattered Innocence (BWWM) by candide_maria
Shattered Innocence (BWWM)by Candide
Loving her was like loving an angle, she was too pure for him. Loving him was like loving the Devil, it was wrong. But that didn't stop them from falling for each othe...
  • mafia
  • love
  • innocent
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Shy- (Harry Potter Love story) by random_nerd34
Shy- (Harry Potter Love story)by Jada
{COMPLETE} Leah Green is the shyest witch of her age. That is until she meets an infamous boy with a famous lightning bolt scar. As the two friends grow up will they gro...
  • burrow
  • roomofrequirement
  • mission
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To Ashes (D.D) {SPN/ TWD} [Completed]  by _MoodyBooty_
To Ashes (D.D) {SPN/ TWD} [ Carefree.Club
"Caring about someone isn't complicated. It isn't easy. But it isn't complicated, either. Kinda like lifting the engine block out of a car." ...
  • thewalkingdead
  • teenwolf
  • supernatural
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Killing stalking on CRACK  by Disney_24
Killing stalking on CRACK by let it be beautiful
I haven't seen this any where either that or I'm not checking hard enough but I made a killing stalking crack book... I love crack videos and crack books they're always...
  • killingstalking
  • random
  • crack
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Brother Love  by LoveMyThugStories
Brother Love by LoveMyThugStories
Brianna Mmm August ! ",I squirmed cumming all in his mouth . Be quiet "he whispered putting his finger by my mouth. He pulled his boxers off and waisted no tim...
  • theranger
  • augustalsina
  • cocaine
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Super Bad (Completed 2013) by 3pointt14
Super Bad (Completed 2013)by 3.141592653589
Ranked #1 in Action, #1 Adventure, #2 in Sci Fi "Whatever you do, don't let your blood run cold." "And if it does?" "Run. Run like hell. Run...
  • guns
  • killing
  • scifi
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Rogue Luna by IsAFluffyFox
Rogue Lunaby McFluffers
(Under Editing) Airybel faces many mishappening, beggining at the age of fourteen. Her life takes a twist as she is accused of murder, but three years later luck gets he...
  • alpha
  • love
  • hate
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Eternal Torture by popsicle_author
Eternal Tortureby popsicle_author
Him. The knife to her flesh, or the medicine to the wound. Her. The storm raging within him, or the rain that calms the sky and creates a rainbow. Alyona + Boss = Firewo...
  • master
  • torture
  • killing
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langst one-shots by coranthegorgeousman_
langst one-shotsby (゚∀゚)
⚠️might trigger things so watch out⚠️ lazily written one-shots that I might continue please comment if you have any ideas or demand me to continue something I have writt...
  • suicideattempt
  • suicidalthoughts
  • killing
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