Satan's Assassin by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Assassin by A.L Rogue
9 years ago Isabella lost her entire family to rogue werewolves. That day she also became the vessel for Satan. Now to the present day Isabella is a hunter, to be exact...
  • vampire
  • horror
  • justwriteit
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hybrid · [vkook] by blacktoganist
hybrid · [vkook] by spurious
Puppies were irresistible specially when it is Kim Taehyung.
  • death
  • taekook
  • hybridfic
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Shattered Innocence (BWWM) by candide_maria
Shattered Innocence (BWWM) by Candide
Loving her was like loving an angle, she was too pure for him. Loving him was like loving the Devil, it was wrong. But that didn't stop them from falling for each othe...
  • killing
  • shattered
  • guns
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To Ashes (D.D) [Completed]  by StilinskiGirl17
To Ashes (D.D) [Completed] by Stilinski's Queen
Octavia Blake Winchester was just like her brothers. They are fighters, and will always be. She had the track record as any other hunter. Octavia is dangerous but overal...
  • thewalkingdead
  • octavia
  • surviving
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The Vampire Next Door by rachel2k22
The Vampire Next Door by Rachel
He had spent centuries with only himself for company, he fed, tortured and killed that was his life and he liked it that way, until she came along and stirred something...
  • bond
  • demon
  • mate
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Killing /teen wolf |running #5| by puppy-mccall
Killing /teen wolf |running #5| by ❤ana❤
Todo mundo tiene un punto de quiebre, un punto donde ya no se puede aguantar más no importa lo mucho que lo intente. Hannah Hale ha llegado a ese punto. Su manada está...
  • teen
  • mancini
  • stiles
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For One's Honour  by SweetDoodles
For One's Honour by Sweet Doodles
Contains abuse, rape etc. "A heart is made out of paper, delicate and easy to tear." ~????~ "Don't you dare!" She snapped as she slowly took a step b...
  • abuse
  • cultural
  • death
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To Be A Scrapper (Suzuya Juuzou) by WouldYouLarryMe
To Be A Scrapper (Suzuya Juuzou) by Livin' like Larry ;)
After being victim of a brutal ghoul attack by none other than Big Madam herself, Emi's life changes completely. She goes from playing with dolls to playing with knives...
  • captured
  • mama
  • emi
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Dangerous Women (Ppgz x Rrbz AU) by MaryJoeycoco
Dangerous Women (Ppgz x Rrbz AU) by × Mary Jo ×
"Don't let them trick you, they use the blonde for looks, then the black head will knock you out, with the red head planning out your whole death. Don't let them ma...
  • bubbles
  • butch
  • romance
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Daddy by bbygirlglam
Daddy by bella
One word, that's all it took. One simple word that would change the life of many. "Daddy?!"
  • bieber
  • baby
  • romance
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Adopted by CatSmilesForBandits_
Adopted by Caitlin Radke
Being adopted is hard, being adopted by a serial killer is even harder. Cover by: Verde56
  • adopted
  • horror
  • killing
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My Dad Sold Me to a Gang Leader. ( Editing )  by Kit_Kat_Cat23
My Dad Sold Me to a Gang Leader. (... by Your Girl Sissy
17 year old Jess has had a crappy life ever since her mom left her with her dad. Hes always drunk and beats her. She had to drop outta school to hold two jobs to feed th...
  • killing
  • bad
  • teen
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Alpha Blake by CourageousReader
Alpha Blake by E
Alpha Blake has came to the age of twenty and is still in search of his mate. Only when his seventeen year old mate is accused of being a rogue, they finally meet. With...
  • kidnap
  • mate
  • alpha
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Right My Wrongs  by laila_duhh
Right My Wrongs by Laila💕
Read book 1 "Thug Next Door" Read book 2 "Time is Ticking" Read book 3"Family Matters" Then you can read this book.
  • death
  • thug
  • baby
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Love in the Shade of Mafia. by Anna_Enchant
Love in the Shade of Mafia. by Anna Delle
His eyes roamed in the class and for a moment it settle on mine. Or was I hallucinating? "So Mr. Emiliano! What instrument you play?" The teacher asked. "...
  • hot
  • killing
  • enemy
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langst one-shots by coranthegorgeousman_
langst one-shots by (゚∀゚)
⚠️might trigger things so watch out⚠️ lazily written one-shots that I might continue please comment if you have any ideas or demand me to continue something I have writt...
  • voltron
  • characterdeath
  • fluff
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My Loving Stalker by blue_irony_
My Loving Stalker by Allison
Bella Ross is a normal girl. She is popular, beautiful, and has the most gorgeous voice men will ever know. But she has a secret. For five whole years she has felt some...
  • creepy
  • stalker
  • love
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Anime Oneshots by hoi_im_tem
Anime Oneshots by Quirkless Bastard
Requests are open!!! You can give me request to different animes now. But here's the only animes that I can do. Black butler Tokyo ghoul Blue exorcist Soul eater Limited...
  • free
  • xreader
  • stalking
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Hers (Camren) by highregui727
Hers (Camren) by Dee ✌
I never meant to be here: tied up in bed next to a serial killer. When I followed her home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out her secret. Her kiss was in...
  • darkromance
  • daddycamila
  • killing
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Shy- (Harry Potter Love story) by random_nerd34
Shy- (Harry Potter Love story) by Jada
{COMPLETE} Leah Green is the shyest witch of her age. That is until she meets an infamous boy with a famous lightning bolt scar. As the two friends grow up will they gro...
  • luna
  • cheating
  • mom
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