Kuroko Turns into a Girl?! (KNB Fanfic) by Sofeastyles60
Kuroko Turns into a Girl?! (KNB Fa... by Sofea-chan♡ Random
One day Kuroko wakes up to find himself as a girl! How will the GoM who has had a crush on Kuroko react? Will Kuroko ever turn back to normal?
The game S.T.A.R.T.I.N.G (BoyxBoy) by FeliciaGunawan8
The game S.T.A.R.T.I.N.G (BoyxBoy) by Florisia Fanfiction
All the GoM members include Kuroko play a games! As they live in Akashi second mansion and nobody gonna serve them so they live there all alone. How to win? They need to...
No Longer Boy (KnB fanfic :fem!Kise) by milky_mikey
No Longer Boy (KnB fanfic :fem!Kis... by mikey Fanfiction
KnB in 'Kanojo ni naru ni' when there are few women,, some men change into women,, Its a phenomenon much like what happens to clownfish,, and is commonly called 'emergen...
The Boy by MaiDemonLord
The Boy by Alice Demon Fanfiction
Kise is part of the Generation of Miracles from Teiko Middle School. He was force to go to Rakuzan with the other by their Caption. He has a lover that no one knew about...
Kuroko No Basuke Oneshots by RainbowFlyingDolphin
Kuroko No Basuke Oneshots by Weirdangel Fanfiction
A One-Shot book for Knb~ Mostly Various X Kuroko unless requested to write other ships. :)) Disclaimer : I do not own the Knb characters and pictures used. They all belo...
Training Camp - Kuroko No Basket by MiraLOVESJun
Training Camp - Kuroko No Basket by Juira4ever Fanfiction
The Gom and their respective teams are going on a training camp with the coaches and momoi. This includes brotherly love, family love and some romance. Jealous and over...
My Curse, Your Nightmare (Kuroko no Basket Fan fiction) by StarryNightGazer
My Curse, Your Nightmare (Kuroko n... by StarryNightGazer Fanfiction
For Aomine Daiki, Happiness is nothing but a mere fantasy, a dellusion, a dream. For he to loss his parents at a young age made him say that, He had lost his humanity as...
Kuroko no Basket: Oneshot Stories by StarryNightGazer
Kuroko no Basket: Oneshot Stories by StarryNightGazer Fanfiction
Hi there! There were a lot of one shot stories in my mind, so i decided to write them! The pairing isn't exact, but expect a lot of AkaKuro since that's my favorite one...
The Bleu Cafe by rinrinlen12
The Bleu Cafe by Rinny Fanfiction
There are different types of coffee. And each personality has a specific taste for a specific kind of coffee, depending on their emotions, situation, and circumstances...
[KnB] [KiKuro] Người Tôi Thích Cuồng Sữa Lắc Vani ( Long Story ) by NinaRyota
[KnB] [KiKuro] Người Tôi Thích Cuồ... by Nina Ryota Fanfiction
~ Mọi người hãy đọc trước khi bước vào truyện ~ Author : Nina Ryota ~ Summary : " Kurokocchi ! Liệu cậu có muốn... " Tôi gãi đầu. " Yes ? " "...
[AkaKise] Devil Eye by Sai006
[AkaKise] Devil Eye by Sai Fanfiction
Author: Đạm Ảnh Morn Raw: Uchiha Ookami Editor: Sai Lảm nhảm: Mị đã quay trở lại và ăn hại hơn xưa :">, Fic này là fic bù cho CTHH nha bà con và nó đã chính thức...
[KiKuro] Xin lỗi và tạm biệt by alyssamelanie
[KiKuro] Xin lỗi và tạm biệt by Alyssa Seiya Teen Fiction
Một doujinshi của Kuroko No Basuke kể về mối tình của Kise đối với Kuroko. Vì là one shot nên giới thiệu cũng không gì nhiều. Nhưng mong các cậu hãy đọc qua. Thấy hay th...
[KnB] [Akakuro] Return of the King [Fanfic] by Mochi_kochi
[KnB] [Akakuro] Return of the King... by Mochi Fanfiction
Truyền thuyết về 1 thiên hoàng tàn khốc và các hộ vệ của người cùng với những bí ẩn lịch sử của 3000 năm trước
The Shadow by Nilla1125
The Shadow by Nilla1125 Fanfiction
Kuroko Tetsuya 16 years old also known as the 6th phantom player of GoM. But before Seirin he played with GoM. Though as time pass by, GoM slowly forgets Kuroko, unknowi...
vanilla kisses by myallamericanromance
vanilla kisses by myallamericanromance Fanfiction
This is a collection of short stories revolving around Kuroko. Story ideas will either be inspired by my random thoughts (I have alot) or you, the readers! These stories...
La malteada del delito by CyanidePill
La malteada del delito by Doggo Friend Fanfiction
"Kuroko Tetsuya yacía en la sala de interrogatorios con su típico semblante apático. Kise sonreía amistosamente, al fin tenía tiempo a solas con aquel oficial que...
[Knb] [Kikuro] ngày Vạt Nắng còn Xanh by MiyajiYukki
[Knb] [Kikuro] ngày Vạt Nắng còn X... by Miyaji Yukki Random
*Tên Fic: Ngày Vạt Nắng còn Xanh *Tác giả: Miyaji Yukki *Nhân vật: Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryouta và các nhân vật khác. *Pairing: Kise/Kuroko *Category: Slice of Li...
Lost and Found by ArminArlert095
Lost and Found by Nishinoya_Yuu Fanfiction
This is a short fanfic of how Kuroko was a orphan and grew up, but thrown out of the orphanage, to suffer and nearly die on the streets, till one day..
KnB ramdom with GOM by bonnielove1234
KnB ramdom with GOM by Victoria Louise Carino Short Story
um this story have some romance but don't be angry when it's not good
The Female Generation of Madness (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfiction) by DatOneWeebWriter
The Female Generation of Madness (... by Aly Smith Fanfiction
The Generation of Miracles finally eats Momoi's cooking, and it ends up as a complete disaster. But as always, the Shadow was ignored. Not for long, though. The picture...