"My Broken Dancer Writer Photographer Bestfriend,""My Weird Damaged Jughead," by theoreticaltheif
"My Broken Dancer Writer Photograp... by Jessica Harrell
Rebel moved to Riverdale in Freshmen year. Only a few months before the tragedy of Jason Blossom. Everyone in town liked her, except the adults. Even Cheryl liked her...
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  • riverdale
  • jughead
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We Won't Give Up//J.J.||Riverdale[sequel to The Diner] by Equetta
We Won't Give Up//J.J.||Riverdale[... by ⚫️💙⚫️
Such a bad title I know. This is the sequel to 'The Diner.' I could've continued on that book, but honestly, I felt like I had too many chapters. Updates will either be...
  • cherylblossom
  • kevinkeller
  • riverdale
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The Town With Pep | Jughead x OC by TheCyris
The Town With Pep | Jughead x OC by Kitten
{Forsythe Pendleton Jones III x Katerina Elena Gilian}
  • riverdale
  • archie
  • valerie
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Flower Snack (The Boyz X Reader) by YehetForSehun
Flower Snack (The Boyz X Reader) by YehetForSehun
"Welcome to the Flower Snack!" A bubbly young man with cotton candy hair approached me pleasantly. "Are you alone?" A tall slim boy with black hair...
  • juyeon
  • changmin
  • younghoon
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Fanboy?? Fangirl?? || Newkyu  by jujuyeob
Fanboy?? Fangirl?? || Newkyu by jujuyeob
Chanhee is the owner of The boyz Q instagram account. He created just for fun until everyone kept pressuring him to reveal his face. The picture doesn't belong to me 🤐 ...
  • hwall
  • jacob
  • eric
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Mi pequeño GRAN amor de verano. | Kevsho by laotramanera
Mi pequeño GRAN amor de verano. |... by Agustina
¿Cuántas veces soñamos con tener nuestro amor de verano? ¿Cuántas veces leímos sobre uno en los libros? ¿Realmente para nosotros es uno posible? La vida de Julieta gira...
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Imposibil dar Adevarat by Amyamalia21
Imposibil dar Adevarat by Amalia Stanescu
Este vorba despre o fata de 17 ani crasfatata,si alintata de parinti dar si de fratele ei,ce nu stie ea este ca fratele ei este un mafiot,este cel mai mare infractor din...
  • kevin
  • rebeka
  • sandra
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Erin and Kevin #2 by Flickagir
Erin and Kevin #2 by BellwardEverlark13
What if..... I really love werewolves.
  • tierney
  • mrs
  • safehaven
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the boyz convos by saintsomi
the boyz convos by zeth perez
here we have the boyz members talking to each other. 100% legit!!! (lol jk not really)
  • wow
  • sunwoo
  • younghoon
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Part of Your World (Mcpriceley) by Elder_IWannaDie
Part of Your World (Mcpriceley) by PrOtECt AnDReW
When Hanahaki Disease takes over Connor's body, will Connor make Kevin fall in love with him fast enough? *Death implied *Blood/Gore *Cover by @Elderrice
  • hanahaki
  • bom
  • kevin
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Need a friend? Someone to eat with? Someone to binge watch your favorite shows and laugh at your jokes? WELCOME TO SOS LOVERS ; A company that produces advanced robots...
  • eric
  • hwall
  • theboyzfanfic
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90 day's Left by MIGAWA
90 day's Left by Kanoko Migawa
Sebuah cerita cinta sederhana yang diceritakan melalui catatan harian tokoh utama (Natania). cerita cinta klasik yang bisa saja terjadi pada setiap insan. ...
  • takdir
  • romance
  • kevin
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Insomnia (Kevin X Shope) by AntiSocialPsycho
Insomnia (Kevin X Shope) by AntiSocialPsycho
One-Shot I made for Shovin since I really like the ship.
  • fanfiction
  • kevinxshope
  • kevin
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The Youngest Blossom <<Jughead Jones>> by theoreticaltheif
The Youngest Blossom <<Jughe... by Jessica Harrell
Barcelona Bridgette Blossom was the invisible Blossom. Clifford and Penelope didn't care much about what she did. They gave her just enough money to stay out of their wa...
  • betty
  • veronica
  • jughead
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♛Written Love Story||Jughead Jones by montgomeryatkins
♛Written Love Story||Jughead Jones by Welcome Home...
❝There was once a boy who loved to write❞ ❝He wrote stories about fictional/non-fictional things that happened in Riverdale❞ ❝But one story stood out from the rest❞ ❝It...
  • veronica
  • cooper
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Beanies and Stardust by angtrixie
Beanies and Stardust by ♥︎ justanotherfanaccount ♥︎
Betty always thought she knew what she wanted - a white picket fence life with a certain red-haired best friend. However, when Jughead Jones, Archie's mysterious writer...
  • blossomtwins
  • halcooper
  • archieandrews
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South Park: The World in the Eyes Of Kenny by EmilyHowen
South Park: The World in the Eyes... by Jacksepticeye is #1
Kenny's point of view of life
  • carol
  • stuart
  • karen
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WI$HING UPØN ∆ $HØØTING $T∆R | TH€ BØ¥Z by parksubak12
❝When we grow older... Let's find the culprit.❞ ・・・・☆・・・・☆ ・・・・ CREDIT; RYUSEI NO KIZUNA ★彡 ★ Three children opens up a case again from 10...
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Love StoryㅣTHE BOYZ by shinemyluv
Love StoryㅣTHE BOYZ by syein I
When a famous korean boygroup named,The Boyz, living as their own self and meet their own love story ◇◇◇ ❝ Everyone deserve to have their own love life ❞ ♤ Hello my read...
  • sangyeon
  • eric
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Just another fan by Michaela3107
Just another fan by Michaela3107
So this book is going to be more specifically on Riverdale, all cast members included. I'm just a loving fan that loves to write and I hope you enjoy x
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  • lili
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