Romeo and Juliet // Bughead Fanfiction // by minute_moon
Romeo and Juliet // Bughead Fanfic... by minute_moon Fanfiction
Betty Cooper had been a Southside Serpent before she was the good girl next door. However, after her mother married someone from the right side of the tracks all mem...
One Direction Memories  by Jaffacake30
One Direction Memories by Jaffacake30 Random
Keeping our One Direction memories alive.
Riverdale Imagines// WATTYS 2017 by itsRiverdale
Riverdale Imagines// WATTYS 2017 by Follow! Fanfiction
No smut! (Requests are open!)
Unforseen Love.♡ (A Kevin Alston Love Story.) by thug_goddess_alston
Unforseen Love.♡ (A Kevin Alston L... by Just.Precious♡ Fanfiction
(Abigail Perez & Kevin Alston.) "You promised me you'd never leave.." I say with teary eyes. "People break promises." Kevin said.
Cigarette Daydreams // Riverdale by QueenieLale
Cigarette Daydreams // Riverdale by QUEENIE Fanfiction
"Cigarette daydream You were only seventeen So sweet with a mean streak Nearly brought me to my knees" The Blossom Triplets were a strange trio indeed. Athena...
Riverdale Imagines by milkbitch
Riverdale Imagines by Peachy Hoe Fanfiction
Requests are open! I write smutty, fluffy and angsty imagines about our favourite Riverdale characters! I also do gif imagines and birth month matchups!
Saved By A Thug's Love by lovememorecute4
Saved By A Thug's Love by lovememorecute4 Action
London (aka Dreeka)Gets Abused By Her Mothers Brother Who Is Her Uncle. Her Mother Roshell Doesn't Wanna Interfere Because Her Brother Issac Pays All The Bills. One Day...
Supernatural Imagines by thebeestrees
Supernatural Imagines by noelle Fanfiction
just some random supernatural imagines and preferences that I decided to write. (requests closed) if you have a request you can message me or comment on the request fo...
Berandalan by syaraisyaaa
Berandalan by Raisya Rizky Aviani Fanfiction
Pengorbanan seorang remaja untuk menjaga keluarganya.
{McPriceley} by -milkywaylane-
{McPriceley} by -milkywaylane- Fanfiction
I feel like I should give this an actual title but idk what I would call it. Comments are much appreciated. (Cover art isn't mine, I don't know who the artist is.) ♥ 🌈
You're... Different. || Split #THESHINEAWARDSFANFICTION by DBlackKat123
You're... Different. || Split #THE... by ♪Kitty Kaitlyn♪ Fanfiction
Serra Valentine is the name of a 19 years old college girl.She's a cold and emotionless girl to a lot of people.No one know about her past because she's not that much of...
Chilton Academy (Spanking Fanfiction) by AddictingFanFiction
Chilton Academy (Spanking Fanficti... by AddictingFanFiction Fanfiction
My name is CeCelia Jonas, I am a student at the very prestigious Chilton Academy. Chilton is ranked the number one private school in the country and is known for its str...
Falling - A Pentatonix Story by 7SkyFullOfStars
Falling - A Pentatonix Story by 💕Sami💕 Fanfiction
Kirstie and Jeremy break up. Avi starts falling for Kirstie. Kirstie starts falling for Avi. Will they fall in love, or fall out?
Kevin x Jamie (Kevamie) ~Si no te hubiera conocido~ by SayuriMiyasawa
Kevin x Jamie (Kevamie) ~Si no te... by Sayuri-senpai Fanfiction
Es un fanfic inspirado en Kevin y Jamie de la serie Steven universe, obviamente hay yaoi así que si eres fujoshi espero te gusta esta historia que escribo para ustedes...
Jughead x reader || Imagines by Trash_of_everything
Jughead x reader || Imagines by Miss Cringe Fanfiction
-requests are always open!- Here you can read all kinds of stories of our ~secret~ crush 😉👑
Neko Edd ? kevedd by puppy7804
Neko Edd ? kevedd by 5sos love Fanfiction
Kevin and Double D (edd) have been dating for a month. Kevin can tell Edd is hiding something but he dose not know and Double D will not tell he is scared of how Kevin...
¡Esto Es Vida! by lovelifeamazing
¡Esto Es Vida! by Chochii Romance
Todos tenemos secretos, no importa de que clase, todos los tenemos. Angelina tiene su propio secreto, uno muy oscuro, pero jamás lo comentó con nadie ya que si lo rev...
Hurricane // Bughead FanFic by popsiclepower
Hurricane // Bughead FanFic by skee skee bish Fanfiction
In which a girl is struggling to get through her storms and there is only one way to help her. Him Started: 6/24/17 Ended: -- I do not own any of the characters. But, th...
Scott Hoying x Reader (Imagines)  by charlotteknights
Scott Hoying x Reader (Imagines) by charlotte knights Fanfiction
just some lil imagines about scott hoying :) (female [she/her] pronouns used)
Supernatural Preferences by Foreversfangirl