soul : keo by vixxtimized
soul : keoby あまい
"You're my soul, didn't you know?" © vixxtimized 2017
  • boyxboy
  • leejaehwan
  • jaehwan
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No Puedo Volver Amarte by HanFua
No Puedo Volver Amarteby Jung~
Tan solo se fue, dejando un simple mensaje que de seguro fue fácil de escribir, se fue dejando todo, se fue de su vida. ¿Que pasará si se vuelven a ver tiempo después? ¿...
  • taekwoon
  • yaoi
  • jaewhan
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VIXX One Shots (boyxboy / Yaoi)) by Story_Of_A_Writer
VIXX One Shots (boyxboy / Yaoi))by Not your average Fangirl
This is a series of VIXX One shots so feel free to request a pairing at any time. This story does contain -Smut -Boyxboy -gay sex -language -and more smut So please if...
  • rabean
  • kenxhyuk
  • chabean
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K-POP BoyxBoy One-Shots by K-POPlover4LIFE
K-POP BoyxBoy One-Shotsby K-POPlover4LIFE
BoyXBoy K-Pop One-Shots Request Are Open!!! I will also accept other BTS ships NO SAD ANGST Smut & Fluff
  • fluff
  • shot
  • btob
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Dare to do it with me by kidisn
Dare to do it with meby kidisn
The group VIXX consists of six men idols. Six people who like to work hard but also have fun together. What they like most is to play tricks when they were not working...
  • hyukbin
  • rabin
  • raken
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VIXX One Shots by achahakyawn
VIXX One Shotsby achahakyawn
A bunch of long draggy one shots that I write in my own free time for my own entertainment. •°•°• Request for anything if you like but I do mostly Neo, Raken, HyukBin. I...
  • rabin
  • hyukbin
  • navi
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Inopinatum [Keo] by FabySaelvan
Inopinatum [Keo]by Faby Saelvan
En un mundo en donde solo el más fuerte puede salir victorioso... Las traiciones están a la orden del dia... Y el amor puede surgir incluso si se trata de un momento...
  • jungtaekwoon
  • leejaehwan
  • omega
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Keo&Noaki #6.5: Bunga Berbunga Rasa (Complete) by AryNilandari
Keo&Noaki #6.5: Bunga Berbunga Ary Nilandari
Dipersembahkan untuk diehard fans Keo & Noaki Series. Fans service sambil menunggu seri 7 terbit. Lagi-lagi Keo diganggu si Misterius. Kali ini seseorang yang suka m...
  • noaki
  • puberty
  • childrenliterature
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[VIXX][AllxLeo] Chết by Sam_Washington
[VIXX][AllxLeo] Chếtby Sam Washington
Warning: Truyện cực ngắn.
  • chahakyeon
  • hansanghyuk
  • vixx
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I Can't Take It Anymore! by koneko365
I Can't Take It Anymore!by koneko365
Vixx keo story :) (Leo<3Ken) Leo finds N and Ken together without shirts and kissing! How will Leo react to them?
  • hyukbin
  • leo
  • yaoi
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because by crimmyqt
becauseby slytherjin
ken x leo.
  • kpop
  • oneshot
  • kèo
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We Found Each other mateo&kaheo by shefye
We Found Each other mateo&kaheoby shefye
One of them is was born a transgender
  • teo
  • kèo
  • trans
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VIXX ONE SHOTS by JustineBouillot
VIXX ONE SHOTSby JuTaekwoonie
VIXX One Shots J'espère que ces textes vous feront sourire :) ~ Textes de @starlightAddict
  • vixxoneshots
  • hakyeon
  • hongbin
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Je te le ferais répéter jusqu'à la fin de ma vie by LexieCardigan
Je te le ferais répéter jusqu'à Lexie Cardigan
Alors que les VIXX ont obtenus un Week end de repos, N et Ravi s'en vont d'un côté alors que les maknaes partent du leur. Léo est un peu paniqué à l'idée de rester deux...
  • yaoi
  • vixx
  • lemon
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