Candy Candy Final Story (English) by Mizukifans
Candy Candy Final Story (English) by Mizukifans
Here we will periodically post excerpts of the Candy Candy Final Story in English, translated from the Italian published version. Please do not distribute any part of th...
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Deathly Demon (Fairy Tail Fanfic~NaLu) by KawaiiHinataUzumaki
Deathly Demon (Fairy Tail Fanfic~N... by 𝔑𝔞𝔏𝔲 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫𝔰 ❤
THIS STORY IS BY MARYAM This is a story about a girl named Nashi. The things she loves most are anime cosplay and Fairy tail. She's always dreamed about living in the Fa...
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Frozen Rose (Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic) *Under Editing And Revision* by EternityFox
Frozen Rose (Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic)... by 火皇后
Megumi Tanaka is Shuichi Minamino/Kurama's all-class classmate. She is oftenly describe as rude. She was known by the whole Meiou as the Ice Queen because of her ice col...
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Crimson 《Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Vampire Knight》 by TimsSideburns
Crimson 《Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Vam... by That Bored Kid
Keiko Kaori, a famous singer starts to attend Cross Academy. She has a lovable, happy nature and is generally energetic. Past her lovable nature, she bares teeth.
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Keiko's Random Shit :v by Keiko_x3
Keiko's Random Shit :v by PrettyLittlePuppet
◆ R ◆ A ◆ N ◆ D ◆ O ◆ M ◆ ☆{ U N I M P O R T A N T S H I T }☆ ☆ { R A N T S } ☆ ☆ { T A G S } ☆ ☆ { BY KEIKO } ☆ ♣♧♣♧♣♧♣♧...
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Defenders by Lobtail
Defenders by Shadrach
Keiko begins to attend an academy on the planet Bliss. It's an academy dedicated to training students, training them to destroy the Xang, the Xang are ruthless heartless...
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Alive (Sword Art Online / Yui Fan Fic) by InanimateTears
Alive (Sword Art Online / Yui Fan... by Jocelyn
Asuna is 28 and Kazuto is 27. They are finally married and figured out how to have Yui as a human.
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Keiko Saviors: To Thwart The Diabolical Cult of Keiko by KeikoSaviors
Why Not Me? by Kirinaii-Leona
Why Not Me? by Aarmau
Lisbeth, Silica, Leafa, and Sinon all want Kirito, but Kirito loves Asuna. They all wonder, "Why not me?" Ooh, sounds like someone's jealous... Lisbeth, Silica...
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Hush, Doll ━ Book 1  ━  A Naruto Fanfic by blazinraisins
Hush, Doll ━ Book 1 ━ A Naruto F... by rain
There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home.
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Tough Love by ChimeraPhantom
Tough Love by Alois Kimblee
Things get a little weird when you land in your dream-world. Will you survive the pressure?
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Yu Yu Hakusho ships  by LivCipher2
Yu Yu Hakusho ships by LivBlue
Read if you want :) Dunno if anybody ever did it, and I just felt like I had to talk about them (and I will keep writing about it even if it get no views)
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Serendipity; Nakajima Atsushi by AnimeLover0706
Serendipity; Nakajima Atsushi by 🌸Sasaki Gou🌸
❥"I came here looking for a reason to live. But I've ended up finding something greater. And that great thing, is love." ❥Keiko Hayashi, taking part in the Arm...
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One Month Love <3 by krayzie27
One Month Love <3 by hazel nutty nut
First boyfriend ko sya. At Mahal ko sya. Mahal na mahal ko sya. Pero hindi ko alam kung hanggang kelan kami magtatagal. Kasi parang... Parang ako lang yung nagmamahal....
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One Piece - Kaizoku no bouken by Lolaya-chan
One Piece - Kaizoku no bouken by Lolaya's writing
Naviguant sur les vastes mers de Grand Line, Luffy et son équipage firent la connaissance d'une jeune fille étrange répondant au nom de Keiko. Cette dernière prit part à...
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Never lose hope (OHSHC short story) by jinyx12
Never lose hope (OHSHC short story) by jinyx12
"Rivera," the clerk said my name like it was poison. I sigh and walk up to her and receive my high school application. My name is Rivera, I don't have a last n...
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All I Need by Fandom_Girl-66
All I Need by Yurio-the-cheerio
One morning, Yuri wakes up early to practice. While he's gone, Viktor decides to soak in the hot spring. But when he returns to the room, he discovers that Yuri came bac...
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Tied Together (Lesbian Story) by DesyreMe
Tied Together (Lesbian Story) by Desyre
I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it but there is a popular myth in East Asia that says people who are meant to be with each other are tied with a red thread. The pla...
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