The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic) by Anonymous_belle
The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic)by Anonymous_belle
A girl better than all of the generation of miracles combined. How will she cope with the G.O.M. and what will she find friendship,love,happiness,trust? Disclaimer: I d...
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Random Shit (Mostly Tags) <3 by Keiko_x3
Random Shit (Mostly Tags) <3by Society's Puppet
♧♣♧♣♧♣♧♣♧♣♧ I just needed a book to be able to rant about stuff and annoy the people who read this with my boring struggles. XD ♧♣♧♣♧♣♧♣♧♣♧
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Hush, Doll ━ Book 1  ━  A Naruto Fanfic by blazinraisins
Hush, Doll ━ Book 1 ━ A Naruto rain
There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home.
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Alive (Sword Art Online / Yui Fan Fic) by InanimateTears
Alive (Sword Art Online / Yui Jocelyn
Asuna is 28 and Kazuto is 27. They are finally married and figured out how to have Yui as a human.
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ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია) by KatoShubitidze
ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია)by Alien ^_^
Chanyeol fanfiction &quot;არ მჭირდება ეს ტახტი. არ მჭირდება ეგ გვირგვინი. არ მჭირდება ეს დაწყევლილი დიდება და ძალაუფლება. მე მხოლოდ ის მჭირდება ბედნიერებისთვის!&quot; Hi...
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Yu Yu Hakusho ships  by LivCipher2
Yu Yu Hakusho ships by LivBlue
Read if you want :) Dunno if anybody ever did it, and I just felt like I had to talk about them (and I will keep writing about it even if it get no views)
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Tied Together (Lesbian Story) by DesyreMe
Tied Together (Lesbian Story)by Desyre
I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it but there is a popular myth in East Asia that says people who are meant to be with each other are tied with a red thread. The pla...
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Shatter Me (A Romance) by Troubledcosplayer
Shatter Me (A Romance)by Crystal
This story takes place in the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club universe. And I'm sorry if the cannon characters don't make a entrance that often. This is mainly centered on my...
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Reto: 15 días de Fanfiction. by WeaponsLover
Reto: 15 días de ChioHD
Son quince retos que se deben cumplir: Día 1: Drabble de tu personaje favorito. Día 2: One Shot de tu pareja favorita. Día 3: Viñeta de romance. Día 4: One Shot basado e...
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Serendipity; Nakajima Atsushi by AnimeLover0706
Serendipity; Nakajima Atsushiby ?Sasaki Gou?
❥&quot;I came here looking for a reason to live. But I've ended up finding something greater. And that great thing, is love.&quot; ❥Keiko Hayashi, taking part in the Arm...
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Deadly Demon (Fairy Tail Fanfic~NaLu) by KawaiiHinataUzumaki
Deadly Demon (Fairy Tail 𝔑𝔞𝔏𝔲 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫𝔰 ❤
THIS STORY IS BY MARYAM This is a story about a girl named Nashi. The things she loves most are anime cosplay and Fairy tail. She's always dreamed about living in the Fa...
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