A Crown of Lies by Cameron-R-Lewis
A Crown of Liesby Cameron R. Lewis
♕ WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 12/4/17 ♕ 🌟 Highest Rank #308 in the Fantasy category 1/2/18 🌟 🏆 #1 fantasy in the Chaos Awards 2018 🏆 To avoid war from spreading and the w...
  • action
  • lies
  • dark
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Across the Wildlands by pictureXthisX
Across the Wildlandsby pictureXthisX
\\\\Previously titled The Code//// Book One: Across the Wildlands The world could not support so many people any longer, and mankind descended into chaos. After the ash...
  • gemscontest
  • yourstrulyawards
  • future
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Lost People, Hidden Places by BillRuesch
Lost People, Hidden Placesby William Crawford
The keepers promised Freck and Wishes to teach them many wonderful things and help them develop their unknown abilities. In the short while since becoming acquainted wit...
  • syfy
  • hollow-earth
  • salamander
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Keepers of Ice by ElementalAndroid
Keepers of Iceby Ðαηηƴ
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller. Orphaned from a young age, David and his sister are living with their uncle and aunt. Liv...
  • ice
  • romance
  • highschool
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Millions of In-Worlds by BillRuesch
Millions of In-Worldsby William Crawford
Disturbances, earthquakes, accompanied by odd colored streaks in the sky are plaguing the Earth, the Kingdom of the Keepers, and many in-worlds. Scientists are baffled...
  • whistlinsalamander
  • wattys2016
  • scifi
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A Different Kind of Friendship-Sophitz by Snowman359
A Different Kind of Caligirlsandpals
Fitz was the first elf that Sophie knew. She has always had a secret crush on him. But it wasn't so secret now. A few years after they filled out their match packets, th...
  • sophitz
  • fanfiction
  • keepers
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Gamersby S
Are you really his friend? Or are you a puppet on his strings? "So dearest Mia, will you play my game?" ⚠ CONTAINS VIOLENCE & MURDER ⚠
  • werewolves
  • keepers
  • mystery
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~Finding Myself~A KOTLC Fan fiction+ RolePlay Club by Keefehugs
~Finding Myself~A KOTLC Fan Mrs. Sencen
Ever read a book where you are a character in it? Join me in this story where Sophie has to find out her secrets before it's too late. With everyone around her betraying...
  • tam
  • sophiefoster
  • rp
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When the moon calls (sequel to Hunted) by Nicegirl334455
When the moon calls (sequel to Nicegirl334455
(sequel to Hunted) After Elsa's death, Jack has to prevent a war between the vampires and hunters also, he has to try not to lose control over Fenna. Elsa floating as a...
  • vampires
  • love
  • rotfg
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Christ's Chosens by EmmaFollows
Christ's Chosensby EmmaFollows
Many people have theories about God. He comes in many forms, and sizes. Some may believe that one day we will all meet him. Some say that he makes signs for all to see...
  • good
  • evil
  • heros
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The Dimension Keepers (A Sonic Boom Fanfic) by ShadowsGirl101
The Dimension Keepers (A Sonic ShadowsGirl101
*SEQUEL* War rages on Chun-Nan, and Kay must choose a side. Narrowly escaping the Yagyu Clan's attack, Kay is reunited with Espio the Chameleon - though he, too, has cha...
  • mobius
  • liyuen
  • sonicboom
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Wings of Fire: The Keepers (Volume 2) by Dragonlover0234
Wings of Fire: The Keepers ( Mystery Dragon
Find the eight... before it's too late. Torn into two, the keepers' destiny is getting harder to overcome. They've figured out the danger, but not how to stop it. On on...
  • sequel
  • fanfiction
  • volume2
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Bestiary by TrademarkLies
Bestiaryby ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀɴ
Highlights from my roommate's Bestiary. The original book features over 1,000 creatures and will be published eventually.
  • bestiary
  • alicorn
  • shapeshifter
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Freck & Wishes in Death of Gee by BillRuesch
Freck & Wishes in Death of Geeby William Crawford
Gee is dying. It is up Freck and Wishes to use their abilities in a way no one has ever done before. If they succeed there is a slim chance they could save him. The odd...
  • keepers
  • cigam
  • wishes
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Dragon's Heart by mousymice
Dragon's Heartby Mice
Thalia's heart is weak and dying. Sumama siya sa mga kaibigan niya na pumunta sa Mt. Pinatubo but instead na doon siya papunta, napunta siya bigla sa Dracnesse, ang luga...
  • keepers
  • fantasy
  • dragon
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Gender Switch (Keeper of the lost cities) by Skydancer8
Gender Switch (Keeper of the Skydancer8
The Keeper's world turns upside down when their genders are switched. Not only do they have to accept the reality of physical change, their mentalities are also graduall...
  • keefe
  • sophie
  • genderswitch
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Dragonheart by Belinda-Venter117
Dragonheartby Belinda Francisca Venter
A Young Girl with a destiny no one knows about, a Boy who dreams of her. what could they have in common? and what could that mean for the Dragonkeepers?
  • dragons
  • powers
  • destiny
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