The Darkness Unleashed (Fictional crossover) by emij114
The Darkness Unleashed (Fictional... by Han’s girl 😁💕
There's a darkness for decades this darkness has caused chaos throughout all the land every world every universe and every reality there was no escaping it until one d...
  • keepers
  • reylo
  • fandoms
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A Crown of Lies by Cameron-R-Lewis
A Crown of Lies by Cameron R. Lewis
♕ WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 12/4/17 ♕ 🌟 Highest Rank #308 in the Fantasy category 1/2/18 🌟 To avoid war from spreading and the world from breaking, a young woman has to r...
  • rebellion
  • truth
  • action
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Wings of Fire: The Keepers by Dragonlover0234
Wings of Fire: The Keepers by Mystery Dragon
Mystery is a nightwing an icewing hybrid who's lived in a forest in the skywing kingdom most of her life. Having had abusive caretakers, she has been hiding. After findi...
  • love
  • mystery
  • dragons
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Millions of In-Worlds by BillRuesch
Millions of In-Worlds by William Crawford
Disturbances, earthquakes, accompanied by odd colored streaks in the sky are plaguing the Earth, the Kingdom of the Keepers, and many in-worlds. Scientists are baffled...
  • action
  • keepers
  • scifi
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Anita by NightWolf121
Anita by Kan'u
For years Guardians have suffered the abuse of their Keepers, for the protection of everyone. Sick of being confined to their compounds Anita plans an escape, and, after...
  • zombie
  • betrayal
  • magic
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Keepers and Reapers by Eckzahn
Keepers and Reapers by Eckzahn
Kathryn was a normal girl with a normal life until she died, then she met Grim and life? was changed forever.
  • guts
  • afterdeath
  • reapers
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Forgotten World : Dusts of Pasts by FantasianAlm
Forgotten World : Dusts of Pasts by Fantasia Fjelghias
The first book of Forgotten World In a world called Fenris, humans and animals went on through their somewhat 'ordinary' lives, but the ones that can see or feel the spi...
  • forgottenworld
  • ocs
  • undoers
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The Dimension Keepers (A Sonic Boom Fanfic) by ShadowsGirl101
The Dimension Keepers (A Sonic Boo... by ShadowsGirl101
*SEQUEL* War rages on Chun-Nan, and Kay must choose a side. Narrowly escaping the Yagyu Clan's attack, Kay is reunited with Espio the Chameleon - though he, too, has cha...
  • keepers
  • sonicthehedgehog
  • espio
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The First Girl (TMR) by N_Diggory
The First Girl (TMR) by N_Diggory
What if there was a girl before Thomas came? What if she's nothing special? What if she doesn't want to be a runner? What if this story was about her life in the Glade b...
  • romance
  • newt
  • adventure
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The new girl (Maze runner fanfic) by TheGreatCatSy
The new girl (Maze runner fanfic) by TheGreatCatSy
Peggy is the first girl that was ever been sent to the glade. Could this mean that Wicked as something planned for her and the gladers? Is she a threat? Could they trust...
  • girl
  • keepers
  • jamesdashner
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Keepers by Chance_M
Keepers by Chance M
Living inside of you lies a piece of a legendary power that has survived for centuries through reincarnation. For those born with the powers, they are called keepers. T...
  • gods
  • mythology
  • elemetal
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Across the Wildlands by pictureXthisX
Across the Wildlands by pictureXthisX
\\\\Previously titled The Code//// Book One: Across the Wildlands The world could not support so many people any longer, and mankind descended into chaos. After the ash...
  • futuristic
  • future
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All Hail The Mist (Prv. Avengers-- Mist) Book I by WhiteFlame9
All Hail The Mist (Prv. Avengers... by Queen of the Shadow Throne
I know what I am. I know what I have to do. I remember the pain. I remember their faces, some blank, some twisted in fear and anguish. I remember the stench, the taste...
  • revenge
  • queen
  • tyrants
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Gender Switch (Keeper of the lost cities) by Skydancer8
Gender Switch (Keeper of the lost... by Skydancer8
The Keeper's world turns upside down when their genders are switched. Not only do they have to accept the reality of physical change, their mentalities are also graduall...
  • funny
  • dex
  • genderswitch
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Spirit Animals - The Ten Keepers: Book of Extras by Griff-FanFic1933
Spirit Animals - The Ten Keepers:... by Griffin Le Redcloak
Have you read my Ten Keepers series? Q and As, extra short stories, and explanations, it's all here in this book of extras. Oh, and did I mention polls? Have questions f...
  • greencloaks
  • keepers
  • tenkeepers
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Spirit Animals: The Guardians of the Keepers by Warriors0313
Spirit Animals: The Guardians of t... by Warriors0313
In the world of Erdas, two children are about to discover if they have a spirit animal bond, a link between human and beast that gives great powers to both. They are gua...
  • erdas
  • spiritanimals
  • redcloaks
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