Alone (A Backstage Fanfiction) by iheartbackstage
Alone (A Backstage Fanfiction)by Another Fangirl
This is the story of Dani, a music student at Keaton School of Arts. Feeling alone, she starts a new, hopeful chapter of her life. She came from a past not to be discuss...
  • dance
  • art
  • teenagers
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The Amber Wolf by Misuey
The Amber Wolfby Misuey
With no more than five hundred werewolves left in the known world, they are going extinct and only Keaton Origana has any chance of saving them. Twelve years ago, Ke...
  • rogue
  • boyxboy
  • werewolf
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Backstage Season 3 by DaGreatLife
Backstage Season 3by DaGreatLife
This is my version of a backstage season 3. There will be drama, heartbreaks, and secrets. Follow on the adventure of these young and talented students. This story is ju...
  • backstage
  • drama
  • keaton
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Player on Player (Wesley Stromberg) by Embl3r
Player on Player (Wesley Stromberg)by 🌻🐝
Megan and Wes are players and Megan's best friend, Jaycee, has the biggest crush on him. But once Megan and Wesley hook up at a party, bad things begin happening more fr...
  • fanfic
  • wesley
  • stromberg
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Backstage: Season 3  by -UnparallelsBackup
Backstage: Season 3 by All Hail Horse Meat.
After the whole entire mess that was the second year, the dancers, singers, and students at Keaton are back and better then ever and now, Keaton is not going anywhere. T...
  • keaton
  • singing
  • dj
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Preferences/imagines/BSM by CookieBoo13
Preferences/imagines/BSMby Monica
I saw a lot of people doing these and thought I could try one. BTR,ATL,THE ORIGINALS, 5SOS, THE WANTED,THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (TVD),TEEN WOLF,THE VAMPS, THE AVENGERS.
  • max
  • michael
  • creepypasta
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|Discontinued| Fire Emblem: Book of Oneshots by welcome_darkness
|Discontinued| Fire Emblem: Book reverse_light
Hello my fellow Wattpaders. If that was even a word. Anyway, this is my first book. I love the game Fire Emblem Fates. I have all the paths. This book is about your...
  • hotguys
  • morefireemblemguys
  • fanfiction
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Over and Over again (Wesley Stromberg Fanfic) by audgee23
Over and Over again (Wesley Audrey Pratt
Sammy and Welsey go to school together. He has a reputation of being a player and Sammy wants nothing to do with him. She doesn't have time for him or his little games...
  • emblem3
  • emblemthree
  • stromberg
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To The Moon and Back // Keaton Stromberg by itcantrainforever
To The Moon and Back // Keaton Natalie
Sequel to One Mistake Can Change Everything (Emma). One summer was all it took but eventually the seasons change along with life.
  • emblem3
  • wesleystromberg
  • keatonstomberg
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They don't know about us (A Drew Chadwick love story) by Jainoskipans
They don't know about us (A Drew Jainoskipans
When Grace went to Huntington Beach to surprise her boyfriend she never expected that he was cheating on her. But now Grace wants a new life. So she decided to stay ther...
  • friendship
  • fun
  • wesly
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Healing (jax & bianca; backstage) by jaxongardner
Healing (jax & bianca; backstage)by jaxongardner
[story on hiatus] Jax and Bianca both suffer over the loss of someone dear to each of them. They both don't know how to cope, so they turn to each other. A long the way...
  • bstv
  • jaxgardner
  • healing
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Overturn ● Emblem3 by mfrMiranda
Overturn ● Emblem3by franco
After going to one of their concerts, Madison, a regular 17 year-old girl, meets Emblem3 in person. She has the opportunity to spend time with them and she starts to get...
  • wesley
  • emblem3fanfiction
  • drew
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Girl Next Door (Emblem3 fan fiction) by Mahomieforlife77
Girl Next Door (Emblem3 fan MahoneStyPayHorIkSon
Kat is just a normal 15 year old girl with a 'normal' life. Her best friends are Keaton Stromberg, Lexie, Jacob, Nick, and Jason. She has an older brother named, Greg, a...
  • keaton
  • chadwick
  • three
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Backstage Fanfic by JahmyaMoody
Backstage Fanficby Jahmya Moody
This is a Fanfic about the Disney Channel show Backstage. Enjoy!
  • arts
  • keaton
  • backstage
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Emblem3 Preferences & Imagines by GeorgeanaLove
Emblem3 Preferences & Imaginesby Georgeana
  • wesley
  • emblem3
  • drew
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Imagines! {REQUESTS OPEN} by Averagecrazychic
Imagines! {REQUESTS OPEN}by 🍯 Pooh Bear ʕ •́؈•̀)
★ Just some imagines★ I will probably do smut but only if requested... Do NOT PM me your request. It will be ignored. Read first chapter for instructions. Love ya
  • heartattack
  • ithinkidied
  • tom
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3000 Miles (A Wesley Stromberg/Emblem3 Fanfiction) by PrincessBugger
3000 Miles (A Wesley Stromberg/ Erin S
She took her eyes off the road for one second and paid for it dearly. Now, Malena is stuck with Wesley Stromberg as they head back to California together. What started...
  • wesley
  • 3000
  • miles
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A Dream Come True | k.s. ||COMPLETED|| by -bleak
A Dream Come True | k.s. || Slow Burn
Book one in the Keaton Stromberg series {1/3} When Morgan moves to Cali her life feels perfect! But when she runs into her favorite singer her life comes takes a turn f...
  • drew
  • stromberg
  • chadwick
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My boy, Sasha Roy by kitkatDunn
My boy, Sasha Royby katie
The fingers are colder than the rest of the body because they are so far away from the heart, but when my fingers are interwoven into his hands, they could be the closes...
  • keaton
  • sasharoy
  • backstage
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Emblem 3 Preferences by Skip723
Emblem 3 Preferencesby Skip723
Open for requests, just leave them in the comments. (:
  • chadwick
  • keaton
  • drew
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