The Runaway Fangirl by wheniyenwrites
The Runaway Fangirl by Jenine Valerio Fanfiction
Fictional masyado. Hindi kapanipaniwala. Imposible. Hindi maari. Ilan lang yan sa mga salitang pumasok sa isip ni Taliah Eunice De Guzman (Kathryn Bernardo) nang malaman...
Marcus Harrison's Paradise. by YumnaMahmood
Marcus Harrison's Paradise. by S.Yumna Mahmood Romance
Charlotte McGill is incredibly good with children but unfortunately she loses her job. She totally adores Kathryn/Susan, Marcus Harrison's year old daughter. She wants t...
Mille Memorias by thewanderwoman_
Mille Memorias by Ellenore ✨ Fanfiction
Two people, million memories. This is a collection of imagined Kathryn and Daniel stories behind the camera. xoxo
The One That Got Away by TheOneThatGotAwayyy
The One That Got Away by CarlaJean Fanfiction
"I met her when our hearts were unsure and lost her after I decided to make her stay." - Daniel John Ford
The Playboy's Girlfriend by abcdeywin
The Playboy's Girlfriend by ItsEywin Fanfiction
Daniel John Padilla? the playboy of our school. every second,minuite,hour,day,week, and months there's a flavor of the month. and I carry those pain, everyday when see...
Her Diary by That1Amateur
Her Diary by AC Fanfiction
Dear diary, I don't know why, but one day I woke up in love with my bestfriend. - Kathryn
Wrong Message by nxyxexb
Wrong Message by nyeb ✨ Fanfiction
Your typical love story shits.
To the Moon and Back [♥#KathNielReads♥] COMPLETE by empresshater15
To the Moon and Back [♥#KathNielRe... by ZyraClaire Fanfiction
In a world where only ordinary princesses are in, there wanders the divergent one whom everybody refers to as tomboy. However, unlike the other tomboys as they call her...
Living With My Future-Ex [On-Going] by empresshater15
Living With My Future-Ex [On-Going] by ZyraClaire Fanfiction
Dear future-ex, Please let me stay longer. I promise, I will leave, just not today.
Unstoppable Sensation by kxthxliebrnrdx
Unstoppable Sensation by Kathalie🌻 Random
Random spg one-shots√
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl) by CSwartz
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl) by CSwartz Romance
Kathryn and Natalie have been friends for at least five years. They work together where Kathryn is an accountant and Natalie is her secretary, although Natalie acts like...
Byaheng Forever by HeartlessQueen_
Byaheng Forever by M Fanfiction
This is a KathNiel Fanfiction about two people who crossed into each other's paths and unknowingly, fate has plans for them and they can't run away from it. Will they ab...
Love Contract by frustratedwriter92
Love Contract by Kate 🌸 Teen Fiction
A story of two young people who got tied in a contract that leads them to fall for each other in reality. Feel Free to Read. ^___^
I think he has a crush TYTHAN by shoenunisrunedom
I think he has a crush TYTHAN by Shannen Fanfiction
Tyler likes Ethan. His problem? He thinks no one else knows. Disclaimer: NO FORCING SHIPS TO HAPPEN WHETHER THEIR TOGETHER OR NOT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.
Got to Believe {Kathniel} by HaveYouReadItAndWeep
Got to Believe {Kathniel} by HaveYouReadItAndWeep Fanfiction
Kathryn is just your normal girl. She does her best to make a living and support her family. Her whole world turns around when she meets him, a celebrity she did not exp...
Adopted By Pentatonix by Kathryn_Ruth
Adopted By Pentatonix by Kathryn Fanfiction
IN MAJOR EDITING!!!!!!! April is an orphaned girl, after she was taken away from her abusive father. She's taken to an orphanage where it's just like her old home. The s...
My Cranky » CrankGameplays X Reader by BMSharp2003
My Cranky » CrankGameplays X Reader by Total Fangirl Fanfiction
In all respect of Ethan this will NOT have marriage or smut (sexual writing) if you don't like that rule then please go read something else. Thank you. :) ______________...
PROTECTOR (kathniel) by AndresszV
PROTECTOR (kathniel) by AndresV. Fanfiction
"Ako lang.....ako lang ang pwedeng humawak sayo!"
Behind The Photographs by neverthewriterxx
Behind The Photographs by heaven Fanfiction
Collection of KathNiel One Shot Stories
KATHNIEL Best wattpad stories by Hidden_Password
KATHNIEL Best wattpad stories by MissHP_Secrets Random
Hi guys! I just want to inform you na malapit ko na pong idelete ang story na ito. Kaya ilagay nyo na po ito sa mga library nyo Kase po ip'publish ko na po yung story ko...