Marcus Harrison's Paradise. by YumnaMahmood
Marcus Harrison's Paradise. by S.Yumna Mahmood Romance
Charlotte McGill is incredibly good with children but unfortunately she loses her job. She totally adores Kathryn/Susan, Marcus Harrison's year old daughter. She wants t...
Dream Academy  by PurpleCutieee
Dream Academy by Jecelyn Ofqueria Fanfiction
8 kabataan mag kakaiba ang Ugali,Personalidad,kwento, paniniwala at pangarap. paano kung Pi nag tagpo cla mag kakasundo kaya cla? Paano kung pinag sama cla sa iisang...
Why Can't It Be? by TheOneThatGotAwayyy
Their Secret Life by queenrencia
Their Secret Life by cheskie ❤ Fantasy
I, Ezekhier Santillian was born to do this mission. To look for the long time missing Princess. Will I succeed? // Started: November 27, 2016 Ended: September 13, 2017 ...
The One That Got Away by TheOneThatGotAwayyy
The One That Got Away by CarlaJean Fanfiction
"I met her when our hearts were unsure and lost her after I decided to make her stay." - Daniel John Ford
MY HEART SAYS "IT'S YOU" BOOK 1 (Kathniel FF) by akosilenpot
MY HEART SAYS "IT'S YOU" BOOK 1 (K... by lenpot Fanfiction
Define LOVE? It is a 4 letter word na sobrang hirap i-define. Nakakaexcite, nakakakaba, nakakatawa..etc. The moment you fall into it, your mind paralyzes and your heart...
Adore [t.h.] || 2  by cxffeeleven
Adore [t.h.] || 2 by han(solo) Fanfiction
"I fucking adore you, Nike Archard." "Clearly, since there's a ring box in your hand!" OR Long time girlfriend and boyfriend go through the ups and d...
Love Contract by frustratedwriter92
Love Contract by Kate 🌸 Teen Fiction
A story of two young people who got tied in a contract that leads them to fall for each other in reality. Feel Free to Read. ^___^
Cross my Heart,Hope to Die by staergazing
Cross my Heart,Hope to Die by v ain Fanfiction
Cross My Heart,Hope to Die(Kathniel)|Taglish| "Cross my Heart,Hope to Die Mamahalin kita Habang Buhay"dj Her Feelings She hides.Her Dreams She cant Find.Shes l...
Love War (JaDine Fanfic) by ImJhamxz
Love War (JaDine Fanfic) by Jameena R. Teen Fiction
nag umpisa ang lahat sa simpleng asaran. pero mauuwi kaya sa pagmamahalan? Nadine Lustre almost perfect life but hindi kumpleto because of the LOVE WAR between the two...
They Meet Again (COMPLETED) by nrizyap
They Meet Again (COMPLETED) by Nori Romance
"I badly need to find him. I really want to see him again" - Kate Blanco. "I freakin' despise her. I never want to see her again" - Dylan Patriarca...
The Playboy's Bad Girl by crljmrxsbnzl
The Playboy's Bad Girl by j Teen Fiction
Kahit ano pang landi mo sakin, hindi kita type! Hindi ako isa sa mga fangirls mo!
When Life Gives You Cupcakes || Tyler Scheid by ownedbymark
When Life Gives You Cupcakes || Ty... by Markimoo Fanfiction
Charlotte Blake is a simple, humble girl next door from the Big Apple. Her life in New York was becoming too overwhelming, so she decided to move to a new city to calm h...
My Arranged Husband (KathNiel) by Sooyoung102605
My Arranged Husband (KathNiel) by 소영 Fanfiction
TURNING PAGES by freespiritdamsel
TURNING PAGES by Á Fanfiction
In the middle of destiny, chances and secrecy, Kathryn Bernardo was given a cardboard box and inside it is cancer.... and a post note of heartbreak.
Married UNHAPPILY Ever After [♥#KathNielReads♥]COMPLETE by empresshater15
Married UNHAPPILY Ever After [♥#Ka... by ZyraClaire Fanfiction
I slept. I woke up. I'm married. I'm not happy.
Buhay Fangirl by pagbitiw
Buhay Fangirl by minty Fanfiction
"susuportahan kita hanggang sa huli, kahit na ilang araw na lang ako sa mundong ito. dahil ako ay fangirl mo mo." 91514
Married? Break up? Divorced? Happy ever after? Us? by Kathniel_Jadine2002
Married? Break up? Divorced? Happy... by Kathniel_Jadine2002 Fanfiction
A story of Kathryn Bernado and Daniel Padilla, they have been dating for 4 years, will Daniel ask her to marry him...... What will happen..... Did they marry of break up...
Love From A Gangster by francinnegarcia22
Love From A Gangster by KathNiel ❤❤❤ Fanfiction
Two characters, opposite personalities. It's Alexander (Xander) and Alexandra (Alex) Kung anong pag tugma ng pangalan nila, sya namang ayaw sa isa't-isa. Ang di alam n...
KATHNIEL Best wattpad stories by Hidden_Password
KATHNIEL Best wattpad stories by MissHP_Secrets Random
Hi guys! I just want to inform you na malapit ko na pong idelete ang story na ito. Kaya ilagay nyo na po ito sa mga library nyo Kase po ip'publish ko na po yung story ko...