Our Story As Bestfriends by Raizia
Our Story As Bestfriends by Despicable Heart💖 Fanfiction
"Being your bestfriend is not easy."
Frozen Time by yuree24
Frozen Time by yuree24 Romance
In Every Winter,there's a SNOW on it,a COLD AND ICY Snow. But in every Cold Snow there will be a SUN that will melt all the COLDNESS away..
The Nerd is Back [Kathniel] - C O M P L E T E ✔ #Wattys2017 by xoxojmfcpadilla24
The Nerd is Back [Kathniel] - C O... by JOANA 💕 Fanfiction
Nagmahal ka NASAKTAN pa ?? Nakakatawa right kung kailan nag mahal ka nasasaktan pa. Hindi maiiwasan sa PAG-IBIG ang HINDI masaktan,MAGING TANGA tawag kasi jan MA...
Parking 5 & I | #Wattys2017 by StrawHatter
Parking 5 & I | #Wattys2017 by ✿Tenshi✿ Romance
READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Super lame nito dahil grade 6 pa ako nung sinimulan ko to :) FORMER COVER BY: @-nyctoclipse CURRENT COVER BY: @myuniki
Married UNHAPPILY Ever After [♥#KathNielReads♥]COMPLETE by empresshater15
Married UNHAPPILY Ever After [♥#Ka... by ZyraClaire Fanfiction
I slept. I woke up. I'm married. I'm not happy.
The One That Got Away by TheOneThatGotAwayyy
The One That Got Away by CarlaJean Fanfiction
"I met her when our hearts were unsure and lost her after I decided to make her stay." - Daniel John Ford
Bestfriends with Parking 5 - editing. by micahthepenguin
Bestfriends with Parking 5 - editi... by Micah Fanfiction
Kathryn Bernardo is one of the boys in the band, Parking Five. She isn't the girly type like her other friend who is part of the group, Mikaella Montenegero. Kathryn has...
Hey,It's You! by ChandriaAnne_26
Hey,It's You! by BatPrincess26 Fanfiction
"I love you,I love her,I love him,I love them...and they betray me.They always said that your not the one for me but the truth is they not the one for me.They alway...
The Battered Wife by hellocaca
The Battered Wife by Kathniel 💙 Fanfiction
Its painful to let go but sometimes its more painful to hold on.
Wrong Message by nxyxexb
Wrong Message by nyeb ✨ Fanfiction
Your typical love story shits.
My Husband, My Professor (KathNiel) by ImACrazyGirl24
My Husband, My Professor (KathNiel) by Queen Of Infinite Hearts Fanfiction
There is no such thing as a PERFECT RELATIONSHIP. Story by @ImACrazyGirl24
Snippets of BAL by TresDaldaleras
Snippets of BAL by KSG Fanfiction
Mere snippets of BAL moments from three fangirls' imagination.
In Real Life | Kathniel by lowkeysha
In Real Life | Kathniel by 👽 Fanfiction
He loves me? He cares for me? Nah...He's just protecting his job.
It's Always You by Wildest_Dream0412
It's Always You by AngelTrick12 Romance
" Maybe I'm scared because she mean more to me than any other person. She is everything I think about, everything I need, everything I want .. Will I fight for her...
The Way We Were [Short Story] by sourpatchedkid
The Way We Were [Short Story] by sourpatchedkid Fanfiction
(In English) There are 5 things that changed between Kathryn and Daniel since the audio scandal.
Kung Ako Ba Siya?  by BuwannaBato
Kung Ako Ba Siya? by M O O N S T O N E Teen Fiction
Kung ako ba siya, mapapansin mo? Kung ako ba siya, mamahalin mo? ~Kathryn Bernardo ******** ©BuwannaBato 2017
Our Relationship by kbdpxxLove
Our Relationship by kbdpxxLove Fanfiction
Puro successful dito wala masyadong BV
Two Red Lines  by aACIee
Two Red Lines by A.C. LYN Fanfiction
(KATHNIEL) "All i wanted is to have my own child --wait ! What? I got the wrong semen?" -Kathryn . . . Kathryn is one of the best Obstetrician and Gynecologist...
My Husband's a Jerk by iheartjaci
My Husband's a Jerk by iheartjaci Fanfiction
Meet my husband, Daniel Padilla! Ang storya namin ay nagsimula dahil humingi ako ng tulong sa isa sa pinakamayabang na nilalang sa buong Pilipinas. At kapalit ng tulong...
Bad Boys Over Good Girls by QueenBibllee
Bad Boys Over Good Girls by Rowie Ferrer Teen Fiction
Sabi nila ang mga Bad boys naiinlove sa Good Girls? Ito ay kwento ng Mga pagsubok na hinarap nila Ellie,Niel,Em,Celine,Rhian at Ardee Mga pagsubok na nagpatatag ng kan...