The Twin Destroyers Karma x reader x Your friend x Nagisa  by Maureen_78
The Twin Destroyers Karma x reader... by _Maureen_ Fanfiction
(Y/n) and (Yf/n) Yuki are twin sisters who are also very talented Assassins. They were hired to take the a mission that had to do with the moon being destroyed. They wer...
I Can't Kill Him [Akabane Karma] by ChxinedAlice
I Can't Kill Him [Akabane Karma] by ️♥♣️ alice ♠️♦️ Fanfiction
Muramoto Chiharu is a professional assassin that specializes in all types of guns. Her target is a yellow tentacled monster named Koro-sensei, but someone just keeps dis...
Thorns (Karma X reader) by mikaplays118
Thorns (Karma X reader) by Mikaplays118 Fanfiction
"My life is like a rose...Beautiful yet...Filled with thorns"
My Endurance (Karma Akabane x Reader) by cavityies
My Endurance (Karma Akabane x Read... by cavityies Fanfiction
//This will take place in order of the Assassination Classroom Anime series, so please finish watching that, then proceed to read further. I update fairly regularly, eve...
Ruminative ♔ Assassination Classroom One Shots by hopelesslytoxic
Ruminative ♔ Assassination Classro... by 〚Euphoria 〛 Fanfiction
ruminative (adj.) - thinking carefully and deeply about something. This book is filled with one shots, specifically the Assassination Classroom / Ansatsu Kyoushitsu mal...
Unlimited || Karma X Reader { Assassination Classroom } by HeavenlyVirtue
Unlimited || Karma X Reader { Assa... by Virtue Fanfiction
You have one year left to live. Of course, ever since the appearance of that yellow octopus monster, that kind of became a risk for everyone in the entire world. But eve...
Assassination Classroom scenarios + oneshots by Kuurochii
Assassination Classroom scenarios... by Kuuro™ Fanfiction
scenario sɪˈnɑːrɪəʊ/ noun Well.... Imagine your favourite (or your husband) reacting to a certain event! What if you were Koros-sensei's daughter? Scenarios are endless...
gone public { Karma x Nagisa } by animeshipperr
gone public { Karma x Nagisa } by a.s Fanfiction
Karma Akabane, an un-average rich kid, meets Nagisa Shiota, your typical cinnamon roll. (lllolol making desc. l8r)
The Serpent Inside (A Karmagisa Fanfiction) by --Starling--
The Serpent Inside (A Karmagisa Fa... by Aiko Kiya Fanfiction
Nagisa Shiota is a girly boy who has an unnatural ability to scare people with a single look. The innocent act he's got has fooled everyone around him into thinking all...
The Sin of Wrath by toukamoon
The Sin of Wrath by toukamoon Werewolf
I always wished that I could live a normal life..... ° To be respected °To be trusted °To be loved °To be expected for who I really am But sadly, no one expects people l...
heartbreakers ▸ ethan dolan by alphadolan
heartbreakers ▸ ethan dolan by ˗ˏˋ ericka ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
in which a boy goes around breaking hearts, then gets a taste of his own medicine. {ethan dolan} ©ericka | 2017
Kill Me or Love Me by AngelAnime026
Kill Me or Love Me by AngelAnimeDiary Fanfiction
An AkaKuro Fan Fiction 💜 " i'll give you 2 choices Tetsuya, you can either kill me or Love Me" Akashi bites kuroko's neck "today i mark you" p...
Psychos in Love (Karma x reader) by randomfandom-s
Psychos in Love (Karma x reader) by Brynn Kylie Fanfiction
(F/N) (L/N) just moved to Japan where she is immediately placed in E Class. She misses her home but maybe a certain redhead can change her mind.
Karma. | Nba Youngboy by CandyCocaine_
Karma. | Nba Youngboy by Pooh🌹💕 Fanfiction
"What goes around comes around." ~Unknown 🌹 Prologue will describe the story and explain everything about it. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Author: CandyCocaine_
Bad Girls | SAMPLE by twelvewonderingstars
Bad Girls | SAMPLE by aurora 🎄 Teen Fiction
**SAMPLE** NOW PUBLISHED AS PAPERBACK & EBOOK ON AMAZON. (link in bio) Admit it; we've all read at least one cliche teen fiction story before. And the story always...
The New Me by sheradaniels
The New Me by Barbie Teen Fiction
High school is supposed to be the greatest years of our lives but so far for me it's been the worst my sophomore year I had only 2 best friends one embarrassed me in fro...
Karasuma's Daughter (Karma Akabane x Reader) by MoonOfspringtime
Karasuma's Daughter (Karma Akabane... by Vi~Zara~Lux Fanfiction
(Y/N) Karasuma was an assassin, not a pro, but still an assassin. She was given a mission to assassinate the invincible perverted octopus teacher of class 3-E. A.k.a the...
Regretting Rejection #HMS2 by humanitis
Regretting Rejection #HMS2 by Human Werewolf
Hard Mate Series Book 2. (This series does not have to be read in order.) ***** "I, Chace Winchester, reject you, Alyssa Jackson, as my mate and Luna of the Blue Mo...
Love Strategy || Karma x reader || [✔]  by Woojinie-
Love Strategy || Karma x reader ||... by 「 최민철。」 Fanfiction
∘ karma x reader ∘ what if a sadistic student from class e takes interest in the soon to be class a student? © mincheol, 2017 cover @creamydaelight ✧ #532 in fanfiction...
RISE : this is why we fall by pamehin
RISE : this is why we fall by P A M Poetry
In which, I will try to explain the beauty and pain in life. While experiencing both. ❁ © 2017 Pamela Ehinlaiye