The Suit War by JBKantt
The Suit War by J.B. Kantt ♥️ Fantasy
**This is a Featured Wattpad Story** One, two, three, four; I declare a suit war. In a parallel universe known as Drac, the four kingdoms (called suits) have been at war...
Bonds ~Kizuna~ by Chi_Sakurayuu
Bonds ~Kizuna~ by Chi_Sakurayuu Fanfiction
(An Cafe) Manchmal halten einen Träume wach und sorgen für schlaflose Nächte. Manchmal führen sie einen aber auch in eine bessere Zukunft.
Pokochać Ślizgona [ZAWIESZONE] by Xeneii
Pokochać Ślizgona [ZAWIESZONE] by Xen Fanfiction
11 letnia Trace Youmi dostaje swój wymarzony list z Hogwartu. Poznaje tam nowych przyjaciół i wrogów. Jak potoczą się jej losy? Czy odwzajemni uczucie pewnego chłopaka? ...
"Diario de una Fujoshi " by roxanaperez96
"Diario de una Fujoshi " by antonella roxana Fanfiction
retos, memes ,futuras historias todo en un mismo lugar
Anon is Away [Vocaloid] by Metal_Works
Anon is Away [Vocaloid] by 💛Xnony❤️ Romance
It's been four months since Kanon had moved out of her parents house to peruse her dancing career without her sister. And though she's been doing fine on her own, she st...
Candy Voice & Devil's Smile [Aoi(TheGazette)Fanfiction] by Levia_Invidia
Candy Voice & Devil's Smile [Aoi(T... by Levia_Invidia Fanfiction
I only own the story!! (and the character Juusan) -Face it, if i owned the band, now i wouldn't be here lol- (first attempt of a fanfiction that i'm going to take seriou...
30 Dias  de Saint Seiya by roxanaperez96
30 Dias de Saint Seiya by antonella roxana Fanfiction
aqui les dejos mi nuevo gran desafio (al cual me autonomine) ,espero les guste las historias y comenten que parejas les gusta o le gustaria una historia .
Sengoku Basara Warriors of Fate,Book1:The Devil King #Wattys2016 by tokusatu-heros1
Sengoku Basara Warriors of Fate,Bo... by Akechi Mayumi Fanfiction
Kanon Matsushita is highschool girl who kendo with her best Mayu Kuang-Xun and Noriko and her sister Kiku. one day Kiku find a old mirror from her grandmother's room the...
Saint Seiya: το άλλο μου μισό (mi otra mitad) by mariapaula4513
Saint Seiya: το άλλο μου μισό (mi... by Maria de Hades Random
Esta historia se desarrolla después de la batalla en asgard los caballeros dorados son revividos para ayudar a reconstruir los templos del zodiaco y entrenar a los aspir...
Miłość ma słodko-gorzki smak by gorenana
Miłość ma słodko-gorzki smak by Nana Fanfiction
Zbiór uroczych i wyciskających łzyopowiadań Sevmione. Czasem zgodne z kanonem, czasem nie. *** Postacie należą do J.K.Rowling. Okładka należy do osoby, której wykonała t...
Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Songs Lyrics by Angelica__11
Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Songs L... by Rizumu Todou Random
Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Songs Lyrics
Ahora eres Humano by AshleyPereira6
Ahora eres Humano by Ashley P. Romance
Jessica quiere demostrarle a Kanon que él no es "un mueble", como se refiere a sí mismo. Ella quiere simplemente demostrarle que él puede permitirse sentir y q...
Meds [Vocaloid] by Metal_Works
Meds [Vocaloid] by 💛Xnony❤️ Fanfiction
Everyone has a story, will you listen theirs? Rin is a drug transporter, after being kidnapped at a young age, it's all she's ever known. Gumi is a policewoman with litt...
Wrapped In Love (Kakashi Love) by Elmo101
Pretty rhythm × Idaten jump Story by Lisa-chan1
Pretty rhythm × Idaten jump Story by Mia-chan Fanfiction
Hello world this the story of pretty rhythm×Idaten jump. This Story revolves around five girls who love prism shows. If you wanna know more then read the story. One more...
Vocaloid Randomness by Rosehrulez
Vocaloid Randomness by imscreaming Humor
In a world where Rin is the "sibling hulk", Haku works in the Wall-Punching Agency, Lapis sells virgins' blood, and Anon is a pun master, who knows what could...