I'm Dating A Gangster: Kai     by kookiielover
I'm Dating A Gangster: Kai by kookiielover Fanfiction
"Dark meets Dark." Krystal was forced to transfer into a different school after bad behaviors from her other school. She had no friends, people were afraid of...
Love is Hurt (Kai Krystal/KAISTAL) by melanixs
Love is Hurt (Kai Krystal/KAISTAL) by Melani Fanfiction
Aku mencintaimu, kamu mencintai dia, dia mencintai dia, dan dia mencintai aku. Tapi bisakah nanti, kita jadi saling mencintai? A story by: melanixs Cover by: prsscilla
Just Random Story J. Soojung  by Bibijoon
Just Random Story J. Soojung by Bibijoon Fanfiction
Fanfiction ✔Drabble ✔Oneshoot ✔Twoshoot ✔Etc✔ -Sestal, Chanstal, Kaistal- By: Bibijoon, 10 Desember 2016.
LACUNA. | kaisoo by cottonsoo
LACUNA. | kaisoo by >kelly. Fanfiction
yet he never changes. + DO KYUNGSOO AND KIM JONGIN. (JUNG SOOJUNG) © 2017, COTTONSOO all rights reserved. published | late sept.
I Found You by fs_marta
I Found You by fs_marta Fantasy
"Aku tak peduli ! Aku hanya butuh kebebasan, Ratu Lucifer !! Selama ini tugas dan perang antar malaikat dan iblis selalu kau limpahkan padaku." -- Kaistal...
A Wolf's Sin (Kaistal) by ClareicFate
A Wolf's Sin (Kaistal) by Clareic Romance
Krystal had just moved to Korea after being a transfer student in America, not only to study, but to keep her secret. When she comes back to Seoul she doesn't recognize...
Falling In Love With Vampire by YukiRai4
Falling In Love With Vampire by 흡혈귀 연애 Vampire
A exopink vampire fanfic. Though I am trying to highlight vampire more I couldnot.
cewek cowok oke dan kece💯 by jeongalzary
cewek cowok oke dan kece💯 by zas🐰 Random
Ceritanya gajelas, krik banget ga ada lucu-lucunya. Tapi boleh lah dibaca kalo gabut/terpaksa😂
My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI) by Baby_Pika_Ami
My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI) by Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ Fanfiction
She's an outcast He's a Kingka She's scared He's brave She's clueless yet he loves her. Started: 11/7/15 Completed: 4/3/16
No Regrets- SEKAISOO by darkcrossed
No Regrets- SEKAISOO by working Fanfiction
"You hurted me more than i deserved, how can you be so cruel? i loved you more than what you deserved, why am i such a fool? you know what? I'm trying to smile but...
My Best Friend (First Love)  [OLD VERSION]✔ by babyjung1
My Best Friend (First Love) [OLD... by ✑BABYJUNG1❃ Teen Fiction
It's about a guy and a girl who were to afraid to talk about their feelings. So when something happend to Krystal's family she is taken away without saying anything not...
Bottle Flip ↠ Kaistal by perkedelai
Bottle Flip ↠ Kaistal by ℤ Short Story
Berawal dari Kai yang kalah bermain Bottle Flip dengan Chanyeol dan mendapat tantangan. ❝Lo mau ngasih tantangan ke gue apa?❞ ❝Tantangannya lo besok harus battle bottle...
You've Got Hot M@il! || e)(o Jongin by Moonstones101
You've Got Hot M@il! || e)(o Jongin by Jiselle🌌 Fanfiction
"Did you see that new mail guy? He is hot! All the girls were on him yesterday." I heard people say as I waited in the crowded elevator. "I heard that on...
Warlord by sekaisme
Warlord by Kiara Adystin Fanfiction
A man can be an artist in anything. It depends on how good he is at it. For Kim Jongin, his art is death. And he's about to paint his masterpiece.
What are we? by toujoursreveur
What are we? by Jessamine Fanfiction
Kitatuh apaan sih? Temen? Mantan? Pacar? Sahabat?
Twisted Fate by jongiiin_k
Twisted Fate by woojin💞 Fanfiction
Things started to change right after she saw that guy- that one guy who looked like taemin. But no, krystal knew he wasn't Taemin's brother. Krystal and Taemin's twisted...
Hurt by kjungxoxo1
Hurt by kjungxoxo1 Fanfiction
So you think you know me?Think twice. If only you had listened to me,if only you cared,I wouldn't be hurt like this. I don't regret everything that has happened but I do...
Days To Remember (Kaisoo Fanfic)   by DOnatshi
Days To Remember (Kaisoo Fanfic) by ;nutkeisu Fanfiction
What if one day, you wake up and know someone you wanted to spend your life-time already got someone else? The most sickening thing is you have to tolerate and communica...
cold love by karmelluchia
cold love by chia! Romance
cinta yang dingin berubah menjadi hangat setelah dia kembali
Baby Boo~ by Rossahyuri
Baby Boo~ by Pink Rose Fanfiction
Kisah asmara KaiStal yang agak absurd pacaran tapi ga nembak menembak, Kai nya jutek padahal sayang banget sama Krystal, Beda sama Krystal yang rada nyinyir, agresif, ce...