My Princess by quotingkpopandmore
My Princess by ❤️ Fanfiction
Amber was a new trainee at SM entertainment when she met Krystal. She didn't like Krystal and prayed to never see her again. Ironically, she's informed she will debut wi...
Four Hearts (seyoung Kaistal Oneshoot/twoshoot)  by nistiana
cewek cowok oke dan kece💯 by jeongalzary
cewek cowok oke dan kece💯 by zas🐰 Random
Ceritanya gajelas, krik banget ga ada lucu-lucunya. Tapi boleh lah dibaca kalo gabut/terpaksa😂
She's My Boyfriend?! (GxG) [KRYBER] by authornim_jinri
[EXO] Hello Baby Special Edition by Gamma_XX
[EXO] Hello Baby Special Edition by Violette Fanfiction
The special season of Hello Baby featuring EXO and three female idols from different girl group. The female idols will paired up with three members of EXO act as the vir...
Courting Kai by Aesthylum
Courting Kai by 호비 호비 장장 Romance
Ako nga pala si Krystal. Sabihin niyo na lahat ng mga pangalan. Tanga. Pinapaasa ang sarili. Martir. Sabihin niyo na lahat pero hindi pa rin ako titigil hangga't hindi s...
Living Together by AHoshi
Living Together by bluestarrynight Romance
*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ originally written in asianfanfics.com *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ Inspired from the manga  L-DK and the live action also, the s...
My Best Friend (First Love)  [OLD VERSION]✔ by babyjung1
My Best Friend (First Love) [OLD... by ✑BABYJUNG1❃ Teen Fiction
It's about a guy and a girl who were to afraid to talk about their feelings. So when something happend to Krystal's family she is taken away without saying anything not...
Days To Remember (Kaisoo Fanfic)   by DOnatshi
Days To Remember (Kaisoo Fanfic) by ;nutkeisu Fanfiction
What if one day, you wake up and know someone you wanted to spend your life-time already got someone else? The most sickening thing is you have to tolerate and communica...
Me or him [KRYBER] by KRYBERFAN Fanfiction
It's me or him..but I already know the answer..I just need to confirm it. -Amber
Sharing House by dillajung
Sharing House by Dilla Ramadhani Fanfiction
sepasang suami istri bernama Kim Junmyeon dan Bae Joohyun secara misterius menjual rumah super mewah mereka. Jung Soojung sangat tertarik untuk membeli rumah itu karena...
Bottle Flip ↠ Kaistal by -zoyeah
Bottle Flip ↠ Kaistal by ℤ Short Story
Berawal dari Kai yang kalah bermain Bottle Flip dengan Chanyeol dan mendapat tantangan. ❝Lo mau ngasih tantangan ke gue apa?❞ ❝Tantangannya lo besok harus battle bottle...
hurtful memories. - kji by -jimine
hurtful memories. - kji by IQA Fanfiction
There's a girl named Soojung that had a crush on this hot guy, Jongin but Jongin always make fun of her without Soojung's realizations. She didn't realize that Jongin's...
Love Problem!! by ImxXXx88
Love Problem!! by ImxXXx88 Fanfiction
(LATE UPDATE) He have 3 type of friend. 3 of them is girl. The first type is a nerd...a typical nerd. Always have a bunch of book in her hand. Second is a gamegirl. If y...
On the first snowfall [CHANKAISOO] by darkcrossed
On the first snowfall [CHANKAISOO] by IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON SOMET... Fanfiction
[D I S C L A I M E R] this fanfic carries the usual disclaimer about the characters bearing no relation to living persons, anything similar to this fanfiction is purely...
You've Got Hot M@il! || e)(o Jongin by Moonstones101
You've Got Hot M@il! || e)(o Jongin by MoonBae🌸 Fanfiction
"Did you see that new mail guy? He is hot! All the girls were on him yesterday." I heard people say as I waited in the crowded elevator. "I heard that on...
Delusional - EXO Fanfiction [On Going] by Chierl
Delusional - EXO Fanfiction [On Go... by Chierl Fanfiction
What problem can be occured when they have everything? That is krystal dillema right now, but not only that. Kai starting to become her double trouble since her "cu...
I'm Dating A Gangster: Kai     by kookiielover
I'm Dating A Gangster: Kai by kookiielover Fanfiction
"Dark meets Dark." Krystal was forced to transfer into a different school after bad behaviors from her other school. She had no friends, people were afraid of...
Kaistal fanfic - The Deal  by Vaesthetic
Kaistal fanfic - The Deal by . Fanfiction
"Date her for 3 months , make her fall deeply in love then dump her, deal?" "DEAL..."
My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI) by Baby_Pika_Ami
My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI) by Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ Fanfiction
She's an outcast He's a Kingka She's scared He's brave She's clueless yet he loves her. Started: 11/7/15 Completed: 4/3/16