Black Blood (A Kaisoo Fanfic) by JJblueotter
Black Blood (A Kaisoo Fanfic) by JJblueotter Fanfiction
Dark Moon, Black Heart, two clans completely different in character yet same in types people, vampires. Dark Moon is the clan the holds the Royal Family, king Yunho and...
Demons and Psychos (A Kaisoo Fanfic) by JJblueotter
Demons and Psychos (A Kaisoo Fanfi... by JJblueotter Fanfiction
Do Kyungsoo is nineteen and stuck in a mental hospital since the age of twelve. Let's just say 'Hey son, we're sending you to your grandparents for the summer' does not...
『instagram friends;chanbaek』 by chanbaeksos
『instagram friends;chanbaek』 by ⌒(╹ x ╹)⌒ Fanfiction
Yeol: @baekhyunee_exo started following you. Baek: @real__pcy started following you. Translations:Spanish translation already out on my second account @zoemellow Traducc...
The Boy Across The Street  by Princess_Yeoldetort
The Boy Across The Street by Alexa Smith Fanfiction
Byun Baekhyun is in his last year of highschool when his parents decide it's time for a change. They decide to move to Seoul to get Baekhyun to be more interactive with...
Fanboying Over a Teen Idol [Kaisoo Fanfics] by DaeHyoRan
Fanboying Over a Teen Idol [Kaisoo... by Ms. Kim Fanfiction
D.O wants to live in a normal life, no paparazzi, no fans and off camera so he decided to enroll in a private school for boys and disguised himself by wearing a wig, da...
ChanBaek Smut × Fluff  by Princess_Yeoldetort
ChanBaek Smut × Fluff by Alexa Smith Fanfiction
MY FUCKING TOP SHIP😂 I always make shit about them like alottttttt of my books are about them sooo sooo here is this for you peeps.
exo chatroom ✐ ot12 by 7_Iuhan_m
exo chatroom ✐ ot12 by ❥ H.soul Random
[dis cover ⇧ isn't my work (ctto). currently working on a new cover] w a r n i n g :: cringe worthy asf ✸ SLOW UPDATES ✸
Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | Repairing [hiatus] by bcdwolf
Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | Repairing [hi... by LIN Fanfiction
The nerdy Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on the famous actor and singer Park Chanyeol but unfortunately he would never notice him.. or would he? [hiatus] ©bcdwolf 2017
Stuck in Between by thatchoiboy
Stuck in Between by jeonghan's baozi Fanfiction
"Whereas Kyungsoo found himself 'stuck in between' possessive twins." "Oh shit! I think I'm in love!" Kai said to his brother. "Fuck! Me too!&qu...
Instagram | kaisoo by itslady99
Instagram | kaisoo by Lady Roisyll Macahig Fanfiction
Instagram au where jongin is a huge fan Exo's Do Kyungsoo
My Best Friend's Brother | Baekyeol Chanbaek (BoyxBoy) by bornfabulous
My Best Friend's Brother | Baekyeo... by Sisi Romance
Baekhyun meets his best friend's brother, Chanyeol. _ You don't have to be an EXO-L to read this story.
Oh, Teacher Kim (A Kaisoo Fanfic) by JJblueotter
Oh, Teacher Kim (A Kaisoo Fanfic) by JJblueotter Fanfiction
It's a very common thing for a student to have on a teacher, and sometimes a teacher having a minor crush on a student isn't so rare either. It only happens when one inn...
∘ROADTRIP∘ ┊⋆chanbaek⋆ by Clichechanbaek
∘ROADTRIP∘ ┊⋆chanbaek⋆ by Emma Fanfiction
As a promotional activity, SM planned a 7-day road trip for the boys. Sm paired EXO up into groups of 2, as they'd all be going to different areas. They'd be having mini...
250%. | kaisoo by cottonsoo
250%. | kaisoo by >kelly. Fanfiction
❝ you can't get diabetes directly from eating sweets, jongin! ❞ + texting!au KIM JONGIN AND DO KYUNGSOO. © 2017, COTTONSOO all rights reserved. PUBLISHED | 29.9.17 _...
Blood Lust||k.j.d.k by rosezx
Blood Lust||k.j.d.k by ☼ baekhyuns.nipple☼ Vampire
Kim Jongin was a ruthless vampire, living in the darkest alley's of South Korea. He acted like a normal school boy. He slept with every boy in the school then drank thei...
My Beautiful Beast (A KaiSoo fanfic) by ChocoBabyKai
My Beautiful Beast (A KaiSoo fanfi... by Frog Fanfiction
"He prefers to be called beautiful instead of gorgeous and he prefers to be called baby instead of squishy"
The Quiet Ones •Kaisoo• by Kpoplover030
The Quiet Ones •Kaisoo• by Alicia Hanson Fanfiction
Kim Jongin, a college student studying at the prestigious University of Barracks. He's captain of the soccer team and is the stereotypical popular school prince. Do Kyun...
|The Nerds And The Kings| by BabyPeachTaozii
|The Nerds And The Kings| by BabyPeachTaozii Fanfiction
What awaits the Nerds when they enter their new school and They meet the Kings We shall wait and see... --- All the comments are probably messed up because i had to chan...
Little Kitty • ChanBaek by jongdick
Little Kitty • ChanBaek by ☆ Geo ☆ Fanfiction
stoic business man, Park Chanyeol, is convinced he doesn't need anyone to share his less than humble abode with. however, his subordinate, Kim Jongdae, thinks otherwis...
Arugula - EXO SHIPS by -chensations
Arugula - EXO SHIPS by Youngjae Is A Puppy Fanfiction
In which my EXO otps are real, and are attending university. ___________________________________________ [✔️]xHunhan [✔️]xXiuchen [✔️]xKaisoo [✔️]xBaekyeol [✔️]xOT12...