I Love You...I Think (Kuroko x Kagami) by Njabubbles
I Love You...I Think (Kuroko x Kag... by Njabubbles the bubble Fanfiction
I'm new at this though I absolutely LOOOOOVE this pairing! and this is gonna be quite a looooooong story so brace yourselves >w< I never said this was gonna be a m...
Tipos de amor by Nanase099
Tipos de amor by Jane Lopez Fanfiction
El amor es ese sentimiento que te hace sentir vivo y impotente, querer tener a esa persona feliz por qué es lo que te hace sentir. -Kagakuro -Aokise -Midotaka -Akafuri ...
The dimmer the light gets, The sooner the shadow fades {DISCONTINUED} by chenosaurus-reks
The dimmer the light gets, The soo... by Seong Fanfiction
**This story IS mine I just changed my username "Kagami....I'm pregnant..." I said while crying "You disgust me. I never want to see you again" He sa...
Kuroko No Basuke Oneshots by RainbowFlyingDolphin
Kuroko No Basuke Oneshots by Weirdangel Fanfiction
A One-Shot book for Knb~ Mostly Various X Kuroko unless requested to write other ships. :)) Disclaimer : I do not own the Knb characters and pictures used. They all belo...
Together once again (Boy x Boy KnB Fanfic) [Completed] by Moon-like-Mirror
Together once again (Boy x Boy KnB... by Jandy De Jesus Fanfiction
Tetsuya Kuroko has always been the type to be abused and be treated harshly by other people because of his feminine looks. When he finally had enough of all the harsh tr...
daytime shadow by critical_kiwi
daytime shadow by critical_kiwi Random
kuroko was always left out. forgotten. ignored? although things change drastically when kuroko starts his first year at middle school. he meets some strange people in hi...
Our Little Stars by KitsuneNoKage
Our Little Stars by Cecilia Kitsune Fanfiction
Kuroko has been sick for a few weeks now, Kagami is worried and they soon get their answer as to why the shadow has been ill.
Love Me: A Kuroko No Basuke Fanfiction (Boyxboy) by RainySunset
Love Me: A Kuroko No Basuke Fanfic... by bby kwanie ✨ Fanfiction
The coaches of Seirin, Tōō, Kaijou, Rakuzan and Yōsen decided to hold their practices in the same place for the sole purpose of seeing the Generation of Miracles fight o...
KagaKuro One Shots! by f1uster3d
KagaKuro One Shots! by Felix❤︎ Fanfiction
Kind of self-explanatory.. Anyways! Will not include smut until I feel comfortable posting my smut. That could take a while... I hope you enjoy! DANGER MAY CAUSE INTENS...
It's Always Been You → KagaKuro by vs10taiga
It's Always Been You → KagaKuro by Taiga.K Fanfiction
Clueless idiots in love. As always.
Kuroko no basket: A friend in need by TheUnexpectedStory
Kuroko no basket: A friend in need by Vanya Fanfiction
Kuroko doesn't feel confident in a certain part of his basketball skills and he tries practicing but gets sick from the rain. Kagami takes care of him and finds out a bi...
Baby Kuroko-kun by aurawrrawr-chan
After School (Kuroko no Basket Fanfic) by Anim3fr3ak16
After School (Kuroko no Basket Fan... by Hiiragi Dion Fanfiction
Synopsis: During school and on the court all of these players seem to be normal friends, and great teammates, but off the court, and after school, their relationships ar...
The Shadow and His Light (Kagami X Kuroko/KagaKuro) by SunsetPhantomhive
The Shadow and His Light (Kagami X... by Sunset Phantomhive Romance
Kagami has been Kuroko's light for quite some time now. Though sometimes they don't get along very well, they have been getting closer and closer. Little do both of them...
In Between Shadows Re-Written Version by Riahdejesus
In Between Shadows Re-Written Vers... by Riah de Jesus Romance
Everything starts with a beginning. But what if the end was only just the beginning? What if the end never really ended? What if everything was a Lie? ~~~ Ateliers are...
Whispers in the dark (KagaKuro fanfic) by salty_watermelon
Whispers in the dark (KagaKuro fan... by Salty Watermelon Fanfiction
Kagami and Kuroko are enjoying the last night of their training camp together in Kagmi's room. Both of them are so tired because Riko has pushed them so far during the c...
Just Kiss Me [Kuroko no Basket FanFic Short-Story, KagaKuro] by DestinyGirlz
Just Kiss Me [Kuroko no Basket Fan... by Des Fanfiction
[Birthday fic for LateAtNightWriter] Kagami has been having a problem with keeping his hands to himself lately when around a certain bluenette... And almost everyone is...
ZONE → KnB Oneshots by vs10taiga
ZONE → KnB Oneshots by Taiga.K Fanfiction
KnB |requests welcome
The True Light And Destined Shadow [KagaKuro One-Shots & More!] by DestinyGirlz
The True Light And Destined Shadow... by Des Fanfiction
A book for one-shots (and more) centering around the Kuroko no Basket pairing: Kagami x Kuroko - also known as KagaKuro. ♡The True Light And Destined Shadow - True Love...
Love Over Fear by TheAlaskanRustieGirl
Love Over Fear by Aubrey Rust Fanfiction
In a world far, far away, in a land much like ours, your everyday average human is nowhere to be found. Rather, the occupants are an odd combination of human and creatur...