WATCHDOG  // Jurassic World by Vexx_18
WATCHDOG // Jurassic Worldby Kye
In which man's best friend risks her life to protect her owner's. // German shepherd character insert. All rights reserved.
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I tried. I lied. I died. [Hawaii Five-O] by Stranded_on_Mars
I tried. I lied. I died. [Hawaii F...by Mars
The McGarrett triplets grew up having a pretty normal life, until both of their parents got murdered one day in Oahu, Hawaii. One by one they were all sent to Oahu under...
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Fight song [Grace Williams] by Stranded_on_Mars
Fight song [Grace Williams]by Mars
This takes after Faded. Grace Williams-Hunts came back to Hawaii after leaving for five years for college. She still remembered Steve and Danny, always knowing that they...
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Wee Beastie and the Black Widow by Storm-Shadows7
Wee Beastie and the Black Widowby Captain Kiri Storm
Do you believe in ghost stories? Stories about dogs that judge the souls of the dead or protect the ones they love? Stories about eight legged dogs that can damn the liv...
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I~ Rogue~I (S'mb) by Jaina-Solo-
I~ Rogue~I (S'mb)by Sister of the Jedi
Jedi Daughter with a Smuggler father and a rebellion mother A Twin to Jacen Solo Sword of the Jedi "Rebellions are built on hope"
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My Graduation Testimony by PenGwynsoo
My Graduation Testimonyby Gwyneth Nicole •﹏•
A General Academic Strand Student who graduated with High Honors last April 6, 2018.
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