Those Feirce Amber Eyes: An OverWatch Insert by emi443
Those Feirce Amber Eyes: An OverWa... by emi443 Werewolf
This is a story about a young Native American girl, Flint Stone-still, who tells about her story through journalism, while others that take part in her life add their s...
W A T C H  D O G  // Jurassic World by Vexx17
W A T C H D O G // Jurassic World by Skye <3 Fanfiction
// She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her hea...
Allen • CASSIAN ANDOR by VaaleeNoolaan
Allen • CASSIAN ANDOR by Vale Fanfiction
"The only one I trust." •A Cassian Andor Story• Rogue One influenced, not all is by the storyline.
New Storys? Or No? (Book 1) by xNikkiGx
New Storys? Or No? (Book 1) by Nikki Garofalo Fanfiction
These are story's that I might want to make in to a story of its own. So if u like it tell me and I will make it in one I guess. ALSO DO NOT STEAL THEM THERE COPY RGHT
Waiting For You! by Aileen_leeyn
Waiting For You! by MM Teen Fiction
Walang nagsabing intayin ko sya. Hindi niya rin naman sinabing 'Intayin mo Ako'. Basta namalayan ko nalang... 'Inaantay na pala kita!' (Para syang Diary ganern :'X) ...
Star Wars Preferences/Imagines by insertafunnyusername
Star Wars Preferences/Imagines by WiFi <3 Fanfiction
Star Wars Preferences/Imagines I DON'T OWN ANYTHING Enjoy! <3 -insertfunnyusername Requests open; I do personal and general imagines/preferences ...
The K-9 Project by xandra_lee_
The K-9 Project by Xandra General Fiction
I am a canine. I'm also a K-9. Some say I'm a K-9 canine. Either way, people write K-9 stories all the time. Man gets dog, dog gets trained, man saves lives. But this...
Earth  ╰☆╮ Cassian Andor  by webcrawlers
Earth ╰☆╮ Cassian Andor by ꞊Mattie꞊ Fanfiction
'I was off to save the world with a paper shield and a wooden sword' [rogue one-star wars: the return of the Jedi] [cover made by @-castielswings]
Now What? by thatsmymisha
Now What? by Who Wants to Know Random
"Don't you hear it?" I frantically whispered over my cooling greasy pizza. "What?" Dad replied. I rose from the table, throwing my hands up in the a...
Moving From Anti Social by sugar_and_spice101
Moving From Anti Social by sugar_and_spice101 Teen Fiction
No description surprises!!!!!!!
Wee Beastie and the Black Widow by Storm-Shadows7
Wee Beastie and the Black Widow by Captain Kiri Storm Paranormal
Do you believe in ghost stories? Stories about dogs that judge the souls of the dead or protect the ones they love? Stories about eight legged dogs that can damn the liv...
Assassin Academy by PandaMunchkin
Assassin Academy by Andie General Fiction
Alicia, a 14 year old girl goes to school like any other normal student would. The school, however, trains assassins in the art of killing. Read, as Alicia paints her ow...