Piece By Piece // GrUvia by FeariJuvia_x
Piece By Piece // GrUvia by Nadia Fanfiction
Juvia Lockser was blessed with a loving family and happy life, until she turned 14, when her mother died and her father suddenly disappeared into thin air. With nowher...
Murder by Hell-Raiser Peak (Fairy Tail) by overrealisticvampire
Murder by Hell-Raiser Peak (Fairy... by A-Very-Aggressive-Vampire Fanfiction
It's a Fairy Tail fanfiction and it looks scary but its actually a horror/comedy kind a book. enjoy if u read it.
My Next Gens by funsized_book_worm
My Next Gens by funsized_book_worm Fanfiction
My ideas on what I think the next generation of fairy tail will be like, I'll post my own art on here as well as stories and info about them, I love feedback and if you...
Fairy Tail Truth Or Dare  by GruviaForLife42
Fairy Tail Truth Or Dare by 💙Lizzie Shadow💙 Fanfiction
Juvia,Gray,Lucy,Natsu,Wendy,Romeo,Erza,Jella,Mira and Laxus are at a party at Lucy's house and they decided to play truth or dare what secrets are they hiding? But than...
Prisoner Of My Own Device (Fairy Tail // Jerza) by wastedbb
Prisoner Of My Own Device (Fairy T... by wastedbb Fanfiction
Titania, Queen of fairies. Feared knight, Head of the magnolia army, Slayer of men, and keeper of a frozen heart. As a young child Erza knightwalker had lived without a...
Rain Clouds ~ Gruvia by zillarocks
Rain Clouds ~ Gruvia by Queen Of Pluto Fanfiction
"Gray-Sama~!" "Gray-Sama?" "Gr-gray-Sa-sama...?" "Gray..." "Gr-gray..." "Gray, I'm sorry." "Goodbye...
All 4 ships will now sail (nalu, Gruvia, Gale, and Jerza) by belle_redfox
All 4 ships will now sail (nalu, G... by _Gajelle_ Fanfiction
This story will contain the relationships between all 4 ships, they will go on an adventure that will change the outcome of not just fairy tail but themselves to.
A Lover's Journey: A NALU fanfiction by INFINITYBROTATO
A Lover's Journey: A NALU fanficti... by Phoenix of the Sea Fanfiction
Ever since the last job Lucy and Natsu went on, Lucy's been a bit out of character. She rarely smiles or talks or laughs. I miss the old Lucy and I want her back. I'd do...
Icy Enemies? (A Gray Fullbuster Love Story) by chancijolawley0000
Icy Enemies? (A Gray Fullbuster Lo... by Chanci Jo Lawley Fanfiction
Meko Aratami is an Ice Dragon Slayer of the Sabertooth guild and has been sent on a job with the infamous Team Natsu with hopes that she'll be able to show them up as or...
The Seventh Daughter (Fairy Tail FanFic) by _CookieCrumbs_
The Seventh Daughter (Fairy Tail F... by Cookie Crumbs Fanfiction
Envy wants to enter Fairy Tail very badly. due to the reputation she heard about it. She set aside the fact that they are "destructive" and focused on the posi...
You and I? Different World | NALU STORY | by dhefaran
You and I? Different World | NALU... by dhefaran Fanfiction
Meet the most hottest number one guy at school Natsu Dragneel. He lived alone in his mansion, and have 2 best friends name Gray and Gajeel. Never trust or obeyed rules a...
Game with the future  by levymacgarden2002
Game with the future by levymacgarden2002 Fanfiction
One month before Lucy joins the fairytail guild I "borrow" all the members of the guild. As well as past gajeel, juvia, Lucy and Wendy. The first master Mavis...
The Last Day Of Autumn (Nalu | One Shot) by Loretta67L
The Last Day Of Autumn (Nalu | One... by Loretta Fanfiction
A shot of light fell down the dark sky that had been darkish grey, as the snow flake fell a girl with blonde hair passed down the streets with her hair tugged into a pon...
Default Title - Write Your Own by Ayatosamatakoyaki
IM A MUTE  by Dezzy815
IM A MUTE by Lucy Dragneel Fanfiction
so this story is basically about Lucy,Erza,Juvia, and Levy who have rough life's and pasts but through out high school these 4 girls find love will there love last ? who...
The Secrets in the Snow by tomori___
The Secrets in the Snow by Heise Tomori Fanfiction
Juvia's sad secret was revealed as the old man died as a flower . But Gray's secret was harder to be revealed than kept . As he tries to keep his darkness away, the call...
Love or War by Iucy-heartfilia
Memories. (NaLu fanfic) by skylarreefire
Memories. (NaLu fanfic) by Skylar Ree Romance
"I never meant to take it that far, but over the years the effect of the spell grew stronger, if she doesn't come back to her senses soon...we might lose her foreve...
The Little Mermaid- Juvia x Gray by Natsu_Dragneel_66
The Little Mermaid- Juvia x Gray by E.NATSU.D Fantasy
Gray Fullbuster is a prince just like the ones in storybooks except that he's real their not. Something that people also think are just in storybooks are mermaids but ye...
>>Rain<< by xChachosx
>>Rain<< by xChachosx Fanfiction
[OS/NaVia/AU] Caminar bajo la lluvia después de haber terminado con su novio definitivamente era mucho mejor que quedarse a escuchar sus excusas baratas. Y el próximo tr...