The Hangover (Gruvia) by emzysXx
The Hangover (Gruvia) by emzysXx Fanfiction
After a wild New Years party Juvia wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom with a pounding headache. She notices a man laying next to her and decides it would be best to sneak...
Piece By Piece // GrUvia by FeariJuvia_x
Piece By Piece // GrUvia by Nadia Fanfiction
Juvia Lockser was blessed with a loving family and happy life, until she turned 14, when her mother died and her father suddenly disappeared into thin air. With nowher...
Pink Roses // Gruvia by FeariJuvia_x
Pink Roses // Gruvia by Nadia Fanfiction
Juvia Lockser is a desirable woman, rich, young, and innocent. She's set to marry Lyon Vastia, a young man from a rich family. But Juvia doesn't love him, she barely kn...
Juvia X Raven by YuriLover7098
Juvia X Raven by Shiru Zu Fanfiction
Raven is my OC. This is a Juvia x OC book.
Curse (Fairy Tail) by otakuyong_212
Curse (Fairy Tail) by Anime Ocs Fanfiction
«If you want to die, but after living, dreaming, falling in love ... After being happy.» ~ ғᴜʏᴜ ᴅʀᴀɢɴᴇᴇʟ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ ʜɪsᴛᴏʀʏ ɪɴ sᴘᴀɴɪsʜ. sᴏʀʀʏ ɪғ ɪ...
Gruvia one shots by gruvia-is-awesome
Gruvia one shots by Gruvia_lover Fanfiction
With this title we know what this lovely book is about
The Goddess-a fairy tail fanfic by Jenny3138
The Goddess-a fairy tail fanfic by Jenny3138 Fanfiction
- I do NOT own fairy tail It's another year at the grand magic games! After all that happened with e.n.d and Zeref, Fairy tail is looking for a break. Everyone is ready...
Meeting My Dream| A Nalu + Fairy Tail Fanfic by JuliaVallega
Meeting My Dream| A Nalu + Fairy T... by Julia Frary Fanfiction
Lucy Heartfilia hasn't even reached the start when it comes to a social life. Lucy has never had a friend to lean on or a teacher to say hi to. The only nearest she was...
Sexy,Naughty,Bitchy,Me by xxSorano_Angelxx
Sexy,Naughty,Bitchy,Me by Weeping Angel Teen Fiction
Lucy, the girl who can get away with almost anything. She is no goody goody. She has a group of her own called "The Heartfilia squad". The name Heartfilia come...
A Lover's Journey: A NALU fanfiction by INFINITYBROTATO
A Lover's Journey: A NALU fanficti... by Phoenix of the Sea Fanfiction
Ever since the last job Lucy and Natsu went on, Lucy's been a bit out of character. She rarely smiles or talks or laughs. I miss the old Lucy and I want her back. I'd do...
Love or War by Iucy-heartfilia
Burn Book (Fairy Tail Style 😁) by _Geek_Girlz_
Burn Book (Fairy Tail Style 😁) by Insert Name Here Random
This is a book where I am dedicating a whole chapter to a Fairy Tail character and ranting about them. With hate. Enjoy ❤️ Jorja's Story
Your Mistake by AceeChan
Your Mistake by Acee Rie Chan Fanfiction
BTW THIS IS A GRAYLU STORRY This is a story about Betrayal welll its about Lucy being betrayed by what she called FAMILY except for some people and someone did someth...
The Secrets in the Snow by tomori___
The Secrets in the Snow by Heise Tomori Fanfiction
Juvia's sad secret was revealed as the old man died as a flower . But Gray's secret was harder to be revealed than kept . As he tries to keep his darkness away, the call...
Fairytail Daughter Scenarios ON HOLD by candy_and_mabel
Fairytail Daughter Scenarios ON HO... by Cindy Fanfiction
Please refer to title, more info will be provided in book.
The Boy in the Mirror.. {#TheWattys2017} by Kiyomi_Yuudai
The Boy in the Mirror.. {#TheWatty... by Athazagoraphobia Fanfiction
Juvia Lockser a 17 year old princess who is set to marry the 18 year prince Gray Fullbuster. They were engaged since childhood, but when Juvia came of age, she moved int...
It started one night by Chelle-Miho
It started one night by Miho-chan Fanfiction
While dancing together with her loved one seemed like a dream to Juvia, she knew the night had to end at some point. Taking the happy memories with her, she left withou...
My Next Gens by funsized_book_worm
My Next Gens by funsized_book_worm Fanfiction
My ideas on what I think the next generation of fairy tail will be like, I'll post my own art on here as well as stories and info about them, I love feedback and if you...
Hermonica Fairies [ Nalu, Jerza, Gruvia, Gale ] by X_Crimson_Princess_X
Hermonica Fairies [ Nalu, Jerza, G... by Zena Fanfiction
We don't say We don't like boys or hate them. We just said that We don't like Jerks. Hermonica Fairies Known in Kindness, Beauty, Intelligence, Wealth, Music and Dance. ...
Icy Enemies? (A Gray Fullbuster Love Story) by chancijolawley0000
Icy Enemies? (A Gray Fullbuster Lo... by Chanci Jo Lawley Fanfiction
Meko Aratami is an Ice Dragon Slayer of the Sabertooth guild and has been sent on a job with the infamous Team Natsu with hopes that she'll be able to show them up as or...