the change  by cryingheaven
the change by cryingheaven
its a juvia story and there is a secret that you will have to find out and you know I dont own fairy tail blah blah blah ill post whenever bye
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Drama Club | Gruvia by m-e-w-v-i-s
Drama Club | Gruviaby m-e-w-v-i-s
Drama Club. Typically a place to make 'friends' Fake. Liar. Slut. Juvia Lockser assumes she fits in everyone of these categories.
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Fairy Tail RP by AncheesBlog
Fairy Tail RPby ɑղϲհҽҽ
[ o p e n ] A Fairy Tail rp! The title basically says it all, open the first chapter to find out more!
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Battle Scars -A Gruvia Fanfic- by TigerBunny2
Battle Scars -A Gruvia Fanfic-by Nicole
***TRIGGER WARNING: There will be lots of depression and self-harm. You have been warned.*** Shipping Gruvia from Fairy Tail! (Highschool AU) Juvia Lockser is depressed...
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The Water Fairy (Fairy Tail x Reader) by Mizushima_Izumi
The Water Fairy (Fairy Tail x Read...by Izumi
[[ONGOING]] Juvia Lockser had a little sister, named (Y/n) Lockser. They got separated as children and now has gone separated ways, Juvia has joined Phantom Lord and (...
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LA TRICION NO SE OLVIDA by vichoxomega15
  • erzascarlet
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I Put A Spell On You by BonneyQ
I Put A Spell On Youby BonneyQ
[HarryPotter!AU] This is a story about how a lonely girl found out she was a witch and how her entire world changed after she went to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft a...
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Gruvia picture's & more  by TooTiredToMove
Gruvia picture's & more by Liz
This is just something I'd like to do for fun, plus I have so many images and little comics about fairy tail! so why no share someone them with all of you? note: I do no...
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The High School Life of Lucy Heartfilia by jazzybowley
The High School Life of Lucy Heart...by Jazzy-chan & Lexi-chan
Agent Lucila Heartfilia undercover as Lucy Heartfilia is a secret spy on a mission to find out the truth about Fairy Tail High School. And why the students all have trag...
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Summer -- Nalu by LostDolphin
Summer -- Naluby a NaLu/BTS fan
"I love you" "You ruined me" "If only we could go back to those summer days." I own nothing but the story.
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Cut the losses (JuviaxSting fanfiction)  by _cute_little_potato_
Cut the losses (JuviaxSting fanfic...by _cute_little_potato_
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The Girls You Broke (Fairytail Fanfic) by llee12
The Girls You Broke (Fairytail Fan...by llee12
3 girls who had their hearts broken by 3 idiotic playboys 1 girl who vowed to never love and protect her friend from boys who will only play there hearts 1 playboy who...
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My Name Is Juvia Lockser (Gruvia fanfiction) by OtakuShipper18
My Name Is Juvia Lockser (Gruvia f...by ThatGrungeGirl18
Gray got angry A LOT especially at Juvia Lockser, why? Because he was afraid of her and by that I mean afraid to love her and afraid to lose her. What if that will reall...
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Weak (Erza and Reader) by YeonheeSK
Weak (Erza and Reader)by YeonheeSK
Hello! This is a love story between a reader and Erza. Note, I don't own Fairy Tail, it's plot, or characters. I only own my plot and OCs. Enjoy! This will also be follo...
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Mr Cold & Fiancee || Fairy Tail || Gruvia AU by _Pepper_Sprinkles_
Mr Cold & Fiancee || Fairy Tail ||...by 🌸Pepper🌸
At the age of 25, Gray Fullbuster - handsome, rich, cold - discovers that his father, Silver, made a creepy promise to his best friend, Thomas, stating Gray would marry...
  • love
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magnolias rouge (Male Reader X Fairy tail) by HalosDestiny117
magnolias rouge (Male Reader X Fai...by Halos Destiny117
someone with a past no one knows about a bit of a trouble maker but what will happen when this young lad gets a bounty on his head for all guilds to claim but is given o...
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The Water-dragon slayer by Emma_Spice
The Water-dragon slayerby Call Me Emma!
What if Juvia was a water-dragon slayer, instead of a water mage? And instead on joining the Phantom guild, she joined Fairy Tail first? And what if she loved someone ot...
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Forced to marry the one I don't love(on hold) by angelwolf2232
Forced to marry the one I don't lo...by angelwolf2232
Lucy is shy when she meets someone new but outgoing with her old friends and It's Lucy's first year at high school when she meets an interesting boy with pink hair who s...
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High School Love  (Natsu & Reader) by Shadthekiller
High School Love (Natsu & Reader)by Shad the killer
(Y/N) Frost is a beautiful girl who moves to a new town to meet a handsome young man named Natsu Dragneel. As time goes on your relationship grows and becomes stronger
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Never Ending Tale by helix_ft
Never Ending Taleby helix
Name : Y/N L/N Status : Dragon slayer and Ice mage Name : Gray fullbuster Status : Ice mage and Devil slayer . . . (GrayXreader) Started at : 1st December 2017 Ended at...
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