Teach Me  by riley_1994
Teach Me by ˗ˏˋr Ì l è ÿˎˊ˗
"Well I am a professor and I'm here to teach my students" "What kind of things?" "Many, Many things." "Like?" "I guess you'...
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Psycho by brienicole
Psychoby brienicole
Katie is a psychologist for criminals, and is very good at her job. But what happens when she is faced with a new challenge that is Jason McCann, America's most wanted...
  • love
  • justin
  • challenge
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Bad Habit | JB by jbwaslikebby
Bad Habit | JBby M I L A
BRIAR I was infatuated with Justin Bieber the moment he came tumbling through my brother's window five years ago. Even bruised and bloodied, he was the most beautiful...
  • justinbieberau
  • agegap
  • romance
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The Room Mate | JB by jbwaslikebby
The Room Mate | JBby M I L A
The last time I saw my best friend's younger brother, he was a geek wearing braces. But when Justin shows up to crash in my spare room, I get a swift reality check. Now...
  • bestfriendsbrother
  • roommates
  • jbff
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Texting | Justin  by mrsbizzleavon
Texting | Justin by mrsbizzleavon
Justin gets drunk one night and sends a text to someone thinking she's the girl he met a ends up being someone else.
  • justin
  • texting
  • fanfiction
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The Bad Boy Got My Nudes (18+)  #Wattys2017 by Swetabiebs
The Bad Boy Got My Nudes (18+) 👸SWETA👸
Don't send nudes to unknown numbers. You never know when you gonna end up in the bad boy's hands... WARNING: Mature contents ahead, read at your own risk. Started: 2nd A...
  • barbara
  • story
  • nudes
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The Squad Diaries (J.B) by CumBizzle
The Squad Diaries (J.B)by ∞
Bieber Squad GC be Lit !! © 2016 by CumBieber
  • jenner
  • bwwm
  • mccann
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Toxic •Jason McCann•  by Jerryismypizza
Toxic •Jason McCann• by Bizzle
'Why do you care so much for someone who is toxic for you?' 'Her heart isn't toxic, her world is. I crave her' - Jason McCann .
  • jasonmccann
  • savannahmontano
  • justinbieber
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Tumblr Me ⇉ Justin Bieber by starboybieber
Tumblr Me ⇉ Justin Bieberby ❝friends?❞
@justinbieber: hey, you really shouldn't reblog pictures like that. . . HIGHEST RANKING IN FANFICTION #32 + #1 IN RUSSIA!
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48 Hours | JB by rauhlgarden
48 Hours | JBby ♡ may ♡
What would happen if you got stuck in an elevator with Justin Bieber for 48 hours? // (C) Rauhlgarden Wattpad, 2017
  • bieber
  • hours
  • love
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The seventh Kardashian~ Justin Bieber by Pashionforthebiebs
The seventh Kardashian~ Justin Pashionforthebiebs
Nicole James is the youngest sibling of the Kardashian's. Her life isn't the easiest, being famous and teenager. Growing up in the spotlight, something she isn't fan abo...
  • drew
  • bizzle
  • justindrewbieber
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One More Night by mccannonbieber
One More Nightby mccannonbieber
Justin is a successful businessman that thinks he can have everything. He thinks he can buy everything with money. Even love. Girls are all over him but he already has...
  • affair
  • obsession
  • story
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Stepbrother Dearest +18 (Bieber) by bankrollbieber
Stepbrother Dearest +18 (Bieber)by R |
You're not supposed to want the one who torments you. Contains EXPLICIT content- Viewer discretion is advised. Copyright | P. Ward
  • explicit
  • fantasy
  • sexual
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Exhibit Laws - JB by rauhlgarden
Exhibit Laws - JBby ♡ may ♡
"I don't fuck my boss." "You claim while I'm already inside of you."
  • office
  • jariana
  • bieber
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Found Love In The Cold | J.B  by BookOfBandz
Found Love In The Cold | J.B by eazy-e
a very shy young black woman takes a homeless guy in for the winter, where she fixes his heart, gets him back on his feet, and gives him unconditional love until he felt...
  • woc
  • justinbieber
  • bwwm
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The Boss - 18+ (Bieber) by bankrollbieber
The Boss - 18+ (Bieber)by R |
He definitely wasn't supposed to get that email... © Whitney G.
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  • ceo
  • justinbieber
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Justin Bieber Sex Slave by Imaginestory
Justin Bieber Sex Slaveby Elena Steva
read to find what happens
  • cheater
  • selenagomez
  • justinbieber
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Try Again (Try Series Book 1) by jelenaslegacy
Try Again (Try Series Book 1)by kate
Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant. I tried to pick up the pieces and glue them back together the best I knew how, but something was always missing. ...
  • justinbieber
  • bieber
  • selenagomez
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The Impact of You | JB by jbwaslikebby
The Impact of You | JBby M I L A
Needing an escape from her past, Avery chooses a college where no one knows her. Keeping a low profile was the plan, falling for the intense frat boy, Justin wasn't. Yet...
  • justinbieberfanfiction
  • notmystory
  • secrets
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snapchat • bieber  by biebersmamiii
snapchat • bieber by yh ♡
rickthesizzler added you on snapchat! ✨
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