My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI) by Baby_Pika_Ami
My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI) by Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ Fanfiction
She's an outcast He's a Kingka She's scared He's brave She's clueless yet he loves her. Started: 11/7/15 Completed: 4/3/16
Red is Her Color by gungsuzary
Red is Her Color by Monic Fanfiction
Sehun isn't that fond of a new relationship, especially with a girl who owns a bright red hair and nosy nature. But Soojung makes it clear that she wants to be his frien...
[3] EXO'rDIUM by krystalinings
[3] EXO'rDIUM by nata 💎 Fanfiction
"... Jongin kau sungguh beruntung ya cedera pas lagi konser disini, jadi bisa di urusin pacar.."
Man In Love (남자가 살랑할 때): A Kim Myungsoo Fanfic by revolutionaryfandoms
Man In Love (남자가 살랑할 때): A Kim Myu... by rachel Fanfiction
Kim Myungsoo may seem unfriendly, intimidating, but he is actually a man-child at heart, at the age of 18. He is just an ordinary boy, going to school, eating normally a...
Breath by Daine Fanfiction
" I wanna see you right now but you are not mine anymore. But some times, I wanna listen to your breath I do not know what to do.. I started to cry" The rain f...
[Trans][Yongsun/Moonbyul/More] Loving you... Moving on by fabuloussowon
[Trans][Yongsun/Moonbyul/More] Lov... by fabulousmoomoo Fanfiction
Byul yêu Yongsun, nhưng cô ấy lại đem lòng yêu Eric. Cậu đang ở trong căn hộ của mình thì Yongsun đến gõ cửa với khuôn mặt đẫm nước mắt vì Eric. Byul vô tình thú nhận tì...
A Possible Dream (KRYBER STORY) by Angeline_aj_
A Possible Dream (KRYBER STORY) by Park Chan Gi Fanfiction
A story of a normal average girl from the Philippines who turned out to be a very famous Kpop star.
You and I x Pcy by auuuraaasaaal
You and I x Pcy by Overdosee_1313 Fanfiction
Apapun yang gue punya,harta,temen,sekolah,keluarga,sahabat,tapi gue punya hati yang udah pernah disakitin sama seseorang yang gue cintai,tapi setelah itu gue nemuin sese...
Ebook sifany by echa_harmonizer
Ebook sifany by elsa mardian Fanfiction
Teaser ebook sifany "Just Love Me" original 11 chapter. Yang penasaran baca beberapa chapternya, silahkan dibaca :)
PROMISE | Kai x Krystal by sprinklessx
PROMISE | Kai x Krystal by aly Fanfiction
"What will happen, if EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are in a relationship?" The idol couple who went on so much obstacles as quite limit time to spend for meeti...
Kaistal Stories by jepretpress
Kaistal Stories by jepretpress Fanfiction
Ini kumpulan FF pendek maupun panjang dengan main cast kaistal yang sudah ku tulis dari tahun 2013. FF ini juga sudah di publish di blog pribadiku di wordpress. hope you...
3 sisters and 12 brothers by taenqoong
3 sisters and 12 brothers by camilla. Random
what if 3 sisters, will live with 12 older brothers and new fathers? are they going to survive? Will the brothers protect the younger sisters?
[Series] Krystoria by Anissatruong
[Series] Krystoria by Anissa Trương Fanfiction
A collection of one-two shots or short fictions about Krytoria moments. I try to make it in both Vietnamese and English version Things happen here is all about my imagin...
Taking Chances by luehans
Taking Chances by tuna (◕ω◕✿) Romance
In which Krystal Jung is always hidden behind her sister's shadow, Jessica Jung.
Love Me Right by luehans
Love Me Right by tuna (◕ω◕✿) Fanfiction
"You can't love me," She says softly, throwing a small glare at him. "Of course I can," He replies, tentatively staring at her. "You can't. I'...
Because I Love You(Kaistal) by YukiRai4
Because I Love You(Kaistal) by 흡혈귀 연애 Fanfiction
Krystal loved Kai since middle school. He was the most renowned student of the school. Krystal was just opposite of him. She was known to be stupid student........Read t...
My Brother (Complete)  by aboutfull_moon
My Brother (Complete) by Full_moon Fanfiction
Setelah mereka duduk tiba-tiba Jongin memeluk Soojung sangat erat. Dibelainya rambut Soojung penuh kasih sayang. Hal yang telah lama hilang dan dirindukan oleh Soojung d...
My Handsome Doctor by Talistal
My Handsome Doctor by Romance
Jung Soojung mengalami kecelakaan parah yang membuat nya harus rela kehilangan ingatan nya. Tidak ada seseorang yang menghiburnya. Tidak ada seseorang yang meng...
i love you [kaistal] by kstljs
i love you [kaistal] by c a c a Romance
dari sebuah pertemanan hingga menjadi cinta
[4] I LOVE YOU LIKE A SUMMER NIGHT by krystalinings
[4] I LOVE YOU LIKE A SUMMER NIGHT by nata 💎 Fanfiction
-CHAPTER 7> DI PRIVATE- Kim Jongin dan Jung Soojung menjalani kehidupan mereka seperti mimpi pada musim panas. Namun, sayangnya kata "mimpi" selalu ber...