Found "The one" (Zach Herron) by colorchange
Found "The one" (Zach Herron) by Julia 🦋 Fanfiction
I run down the hallway as fast as I can but I end up dropping my binders on the floor. Oops clumsy me..... again I get all my things back in place. I stand up but I end...
OLIVER QUEEN, residing Starling City's most eligible bachelor and heartbreaker, has miraculously come back to life. Thought dead many years ago, this is his time to sett...
Back Again by sophieanna
Back Again by c h e r Teen Fiction
Julia Tylers was gone for two years. She hadn't been in contact with the people from her old life. To her, they were gone, and she would never see them again. She unexpe...
His Fake Girlfriend by RealityCheck101
His Fake Girlfriend by Kylie&Kelsey♥ Teen Fiction
BOOK 2! **Must read My Paid Boyfriend before reading this!** You know the story of Jeremy and Sky. How Sky left Jeremy thinking it was better for him. Purposely holding...
Ma vie avec des vampires... | 1D | FR | ✔️ by KrystelOuellet
Ma vie avec des vampires... | 1D |... by Krystel's Stories Fanfiction
Julia Payne, une jeune fille de 6 ans qui vit la plus belle des vie avec des parents qui l'aime et qui sont toujours là pour elle, va vivre un grand changement dans sa v...
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by izzy Fanfiction
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
Menina de Ouro by Luna0972
Menina de Ouro by Clara Alves Fanfiction
" oque você faria se descobrisse que seu pai é um dono do morro ? e que em toda sua vida você viveu uma mentira ? Ficaria louca ? Sim !" mais esse nn foi o cas...
The Secret Lovers by xDangorgeousx
The Secret Lovers by Cry Baby Fanfiction
Si Kathryn Chandria Bernardo isang scholar at isang super fan ni Daniel Paddila the most popular actor here in the phillipines What if their two worlds collide at magi...
My Princess :) :* [KathNiel <3] by BeneathThePINKClouds
💕Lovers To Forever -Lizquen💕💠 by fssdfvvkitde
If only  by AngeliqPhilippeBegos
If only by Angeliq Philippe Begosa Romance
Kate reninger -Julia Barretto Chris revena -Ronnie alonte Sandy simson- elisse joson Makky reninger-McCoy de Leon This story po is about a dating site that Kate and Ch...
LOS PROTEGIDOS by Natalia44440
LOS PROTEGIDOS by Natis_4 Fanfiction
Pronto haré una descripción adecuada
Julia's baby, Bk 2 - Oh, Mama. by Corinder
Julia's baby, Bk 2 - Oh, Mama. by Corinder Werewolf
Julia, just months from becoming a full-werewolf, is now halfway through her pregnancy, has officially hooked up with the father of her babies ...sort of... and on the r...
Destined With The Bad Boy by Hyung_28
Destined With The Bad Boy by Vanessa Lazri Teen Fiction
Sabi nila Mapaglaro daw ang tadhana.. Is that means hindi kami destiny? Pero hindi Eh.. Sa park ko lang siya natagpuan Pero feeling ko ang close na namin. Mysterious...
Made For You by AdebiyiAdebimpe
Made For You by Adebiyi Adebimpe Teen Fiction
She is still healing from the death of her childhood friend. She can't let go of the past, she can't get her mind off it. So instead she lives for the moment. Tho' surro...
You Changed Me (Kathniel fanfic) [COMPLETE] by JustBeinAPhyxUnicorn
You Changed Me (Kathniel fanfic) [... by PHYX Fanfiction
Now, tell me. Did it work?? Did you changed?? -Kathryn At first, I REALLY DONT CARE. But now, why did I changed? -Daniel
The Girl with Scarlet Wrists [Rewriting] by Jadeday11
The Girl with Scarlet Wrists [Rewr... by Ciera Teen Fiction
Layla Ford has enough problems in life. She's an orphan who is always being put up for adoption over and over again. She finds pain relief through cutting, and becomes o...
Butterflies (A Tom Hiddleston fan fiction) by laceandbutterfly
Butterflies (A Tom Hiddleston fan... by laceandbutterfly Fanfiction
Most people have pre-wedding jitters. When the free-spirited Julia decides to settle down with the man she loves, her world is turned upside-down by one Tom Hiddleston...
Julia's baby, Bk 1 - Oh, Baby! Watty Awards 2012! by Corinder
Julia's baby, Bk 1 - Oh, Baby! Wat... by Corinder Werewolf
Warning- No helpless chicks or 'perfect masculine Alphas' here. Julia's sixteen, the Beta's daughter, a few years from becoming a fully fledged werewolf... and pregnant...
Geadopteerd bij B-brave by ShimenevandenBerg
Geadopteerd bij B-brave by SamenDio Fanfiction
heey wij zijn: Shimene, Julia en Rox en misschien ken je ons van de boeken: geheim en een nieuwe kans.. maar dit boek word dus een soort van romantisch boek met een adop...