Addicted by tiiwoel
Addictedby Wuuuuuuullll
WARNING!!! Beberapa chapter di private Banyak adegan dewasa, jadi..
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We Got Married (The Other Side) | Sungjoy by nightstill
We Got Married (The Other Side) | cheesecake
Virtual shows weren't always meant to stay virtual.
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✔Red Velvet's sixth member by oohlalala_boo
✔Red Velvet's sixth memberby 芯
what if Red Velvet had six members? *new parts have been added to some chapters* any similarities to other stories are purely coincidental and all of these came out from...
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Kpop female x Reader by Superyoongi
Kpop female x Readerby 야🌏야
REQUEST ARE OPEN *smut Fluff Romantic Sad* Female x reader Blackpink Red velvet Twice Gfriend Exid F(x) Ect Credits to owns
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Only Me (JenLisa) by KimJennieSaranghae
Only Me (JenLisa)by ❤제니❤
"It's hard to be too confident that someone is yours because you can lose that someone in just a just a single blink" - Kim Jennie "Our story...
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Desire » Seulrene by okseulgi
Desire » Seulreneby v
A spoiled, rich and entitled brat is the title that Bae Joohyun, Irene, claimed. When she is forced to go on a business cruise with her sister Jisoo, and high class fami...
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my enemy, my true love | Jungri by Nunyeol
my enemy, my true love | Jungriby Chanyeol's wifeyy💘😽
"Here are the rules if you're going to live here!" he throw the paper at her.. RULES YOU SHOULD NOT BROKE.. 1.I'm allergic to dirt since I was a kid so, always...
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Unbearable Silence (completed) by khassal
Unbearable Silence (completed)by Mel
Imagine being deaf and locked up in a room your entire life, with a family who hates you with a passion. This is Anastassia's life. Anastassia is only seventeen years o...
  • thriller
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Juvenile Delinquent by tall_girl
Juvenile Delinquentby Melissa
Sara Lockwood is a delinquent. Serving time for manslaughter and car theft since she was 14, Sara is released on parole to finish her last year of high school under med...
  • juvie
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A Billionaire's One Night Stand (Completed)Book IV by thecandygir34
A Billionaire's One Night Stand ( CandaceJ
Juliette is in her second year of college. One night she goes to a party. But what happens when she has a one night stand??? Two weeks later she finds out she is pregnan...
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Betrothed to the wrong gentleman: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
Betrothed to the wrong Sinaidkincaid16
SYNOPSIS Lady Madison Sanford dreams of a blissful life being married to a gentleman with a title, and settling down to a contented life, taking her place as a lady in t...
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Under The Bridge(Chresanto August) by Hailey_Michele
Under The Bridge(Chresanto August)by Michele
Sixteen year old, Chresanto August, is all alone on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. He left home, fed up with his parents behavior. When leaving, he only brought wha...
  • drama
  • fear
  • abuse
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Rumpies [RV X BOYS] by bumblesea
Rumpies [RV X BOYS]by Bumblesea
"patungan belanja" -irene "Wen" -seulgi "Gausah sentuh sentuh kue gue lagi" -wendy "Emangnya salah aku kalo aku cantik?" -joy &qu...
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Solace by Cherrie-BTSlover
Solaceby Ryu Cherrie
In which Taehyung stops a girl from stealing in a convenience store. [ previously known as 'Save Me']
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Mustafa & Hayat (completed ✔️) by elha__
Mustafa & Hayat (completed ✔️)by 💎Queen💎
I closed my diary while tears rolled down on my face. I can't believe that the most crucial person in my life is actually no more, I came to realisation that Hayat is ac...
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Met you | Seulrene FF by RossierX
Met you | Seulrene FFby RossierX
"Meeting you must be destiny" -Irene
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The Assistant × A Vsoo Fanfic  by marieisaneko
The Assistant × A Vsoo Fanfic by Marie ♡
Jisoo. After the passing of her father. He left her and her mother in 50,000 dollars of debt she worked many jobs trying her best to take care and support her mother...
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SwaSan One Shots By Goldie  by AngelGoldieReal
SwaSan One Shots By Goldie by Angel Goldie
Awards Won :- 1. Socha Na Tha 3rd Position ( Queen of One Shots Awards ) 2. Swara - Will She Realize My Love ? 1st Position ( One Shot Challenge ) The Album were U cam F...
  • romance
  • drama
  • sad
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°•°• Your Dearest Fanboy × SungJoy •°•° by _handsomewacko
°•°• Your Dearest Fanboy × HandsomeWacko
What will you do if an idol of a girl group confess to you but you are really not their fanboy and you've got no interest to her or them but later on that girl caught yo...
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Since Day 1° SeulRene [On-Going] by _blackbelbett
Since Day 1° SeulRene [On-Going]by 도 은♡
I liked you since day 1
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