Bolston High by EylinOlivera
Bolston High by Eylin Olivera Teen Fiction
-¿Y si no quiero pertenecer a ningún grupo? -Preguntó interrumpiéndome. -Eso es imposible. -¿Por qué? -Dijo mientras se recostaba en la silla y se cruzaba de brazo...
Cross My Heart 💜Maricorn💜 by smoshie1092
Cross My Heart 💜Maricorn💜 by Smoshie1092 Fanfiction
They met at a concert. Neither of them knew that their soulmate would be at a Marianas Trench concert. It was one great night, and the two never saw each other again, u...
Let Go🌀LisKook 🌀On-Going🌀 by Vernology
Let Go🌀LisKook 🌀On-Going🌀 by Vern Susi Teen Fiction
"You don't deserve my love, You wasted it, Im letting you to go" ** SANA PO MAGUSTUHAN NYO
Su misma sangre by julianakloster
Su misma sangre by Juliana Kloster Teen Fiction
Nicole, 16 años, y con, lamentablemente, tres hermanos. Única como no hay igual. Inocente, feliz, distraída. Nunca pensé enamorarme, ni sé si lo hice. ¿Novio? No gracias...
Smosh Imagines by BlackShmello
Smosh Imagines by BlackShmello Fanfiction
Smosh imagines. Wes, Joven, Ian, Anthony, Lasercorn, Flitz, Noah, Keith, And Shayne. Sorry but boys only... also my made-up character I use is naned Rebecca. You'll be p...
Everyone with Courtney | Every ship Ever by Dutch_Smosher
Everyone with Courtney | Every shi... by TheDutchSmosher Fanfiction
As the title said Everyone from Smosh is gonna date Courtney in this story This is gonna be a short one But enjoyy Anthony, Sohinki and Lasercorn are still in this one
Maldita Perfeccion by DianaEmiya
Maldita Perfeccion by DianaEmiya Historical Fiction
Epoca victoriana Mansiones de Gran Bretaña se relacionan con una mansion de Escocia para mantener la cabeza de la mansion Patterson con la mansion Thomson A pesar de ser...
Smosh Games X Reader One shots by Erika_Cobra
Smosh Games X Reader One shots by Korekie~Hoshi Random
Random stories of you x your crush yay!
Desconocida. by KyoeDoblas
Desconocida. by Kenya Fanfiction
___ Espinoza, youtuber de medio tiempo, estudiante de universidad, fiel criaturita del señor. Ella muere por poder conocer a su idolo, Elrubiusomg, anhela que llegue el...
Youtubers Preferences/Imagines by XxVirtualSpiritxX
Youtubers Preferences/Imagines by Brooke Fanfiction
Includes Smosh Games, Smosh Crew, Idubbbz, MaxMoeFoe,Filthy Frank, Anything4Views, Shane Dawson, and Drew Monson! (Request others in private message and I will watch the...
Just a Number - Smosh Games and Jovenshire Fanfiction (#Wattys2015) by twitface99
Just a Number - Smosh Games and Jo... by Sir Reginald RainbowPoop McCo... Fanfiction
After finally finishing Sixth Form, Lexie goes to America to find her dream job of being a Concept Artist, until she went to Comic Con, where she bumped into a certain g...
Smosh prefrences and imagines  by XxMikuWolfxX
Smosh prefrences and imagines by AriokoTwilight Fanfiction
So I'm going to try to do this (although they may not be good) I'll give it my all! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!
Life With You 💖Shayne Topp💖 by smoshie1092
Life With You 💖Shayne Topp💖 by Smoshie1092 Fanfiction
Prequel to Life After You ❤️Shayne Topp❤️ This is the story of how Anna Whittle met Shayne, fell in love with him, and left for the place where she ruined everything.
Anthony x Reader, A Smosh Games Fanfic - Smut. by StoneHex
Anthony x Reader, A Smosh Games Fa... by The Flaming Pirate of Nagamaki Fanfiction
Fanfiction. There will be smut. Lots of sex scenes. LOOOOOOTS of sex scenes.
Cuentos Cortos by _DreamStories_
Cuentos Cortos by DreamStories General Fiction
Espacio en donde publicare pequeños relatos y pensamientos esporádicos o planeados, todo dependerá. Todos los derechos están reservados, prohibido copiar o utilizar en o...
Jovencorn Oneshots by Risky_Ryuji
Jovencorn Oneshots by ハ、敗者❗ Fanfiction
A one-shot book about an under appreciated ship {No Smut/Completed}
Cicatrices by GusJake
Cicatrices by GusJake Horror
Sam es una niña/demonio que busca venganza de una chica que es sospechosamente anormal, al tiempo Sam se entera que dentro de su cuerpo se encuentran mezcladas dos almas...
It's like a dream (A smosh games fanfic) by dreamerlife03
It's like a dream (A smosh games f... by Trustedwolf800 Fanfiction
Hey so this is my first fanfic so sorry if it is bad. And I you don't like bad grammar well sorry.
Personajes by lunalboranista
Personajes by lunalboranista Random
¿Estás empezando a escribir una novela y no sabes como podrían ser los protagonistas o algún personaje? O tal vez necesites un personaje que concuerde con las descripcio...
Smosh high school by coral_parsons
Smosh high school by coral Fanfiction
The bearsons are forced to move to the u.s after living a terrible life. They start school and meet the best most funniest people in the school, the smosh guys. There ar...