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Stories: (✓ Completed _ Ongoing \ On Hold + Coming Soon ✗ Slow Updates) Simple Manipulation - (✓) Finding Arizona - (_) Christopher Maury's Improvisation For A White Christmas Story - (+ Christmas ) Abigail - (+) Please no reading requests or cover requests on my stories! Keep the comment sections happy and nice :) Feel free to message, inbox, or email me with many questions! I would love to help with anything I can! Questions? Concerns? Need someone to talk to? Contact me! (Can't promise quick responses - This is my public email so I don't always check it!) Email: Twitter: @El_wattpad (Don't use too too much oops!)
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Here's a little bit about myself: Age: Favorite color: Yellow Favorite food: Whip Cream Country: United States I like writing, theater, reading, and drawing. I hate 'Twilight' but I think it's the best book ever because if something like THAT can get published then I most defiantly can! Aliens are real. When I was little I thought I was weird for not having a bad habit so I taught myself to pick at my nails and tap my fingers, now I do them both constantly. HUZZAH! for stupid childhood decisions. I play an unhealthy amount of Bloon Tower Defense. Technology hates me and the feeling is mutual (Seriously, I broke a flashdrive once...). I try to keep all my writing spontaneous so it reads spontaneously. Nothing is really ever planned past vague ideas (most of which never even get used) but I find my best writing is done when I have no idea where I'm going with it. I believe the most important thing in writing are the character-- plot, grammar, meaning, ect... are all second place. Listen to your characters, understand them, and they will lead you wherever you need to go. When I say this I don't mean write out an in depth background on them or draw up a detailed profile but know them as people. The best characters are the ones that you don't know the backgrounds but have to figure it out from the clues they leave or if you suddenly just know because you understand them so well. Highest rankings- Historical Fiction #4 'Serenity' Thriller # 11 'Serenity'
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Thinker. Wanderer. Writer
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•embrace uncertainty•
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(I am currently inactive on wattpad for an indefinite period.) (Thank you for everyone who decides to follow my work, I am obliged) Hello Everyone, I am still not able to manage my time enough to be regular on wattpad, but I have decided I'll keep posting anything that I write. Please don't feel obliged to read it. Since I can't keep up with my reading, I don't expect that my writings should be read either :) Takecare!
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•on break from writing currently• HEYYY!!! My name is Katelyn╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭ Also known as Katie, Kate, Kat, Katy, Kaaphryn, Kay, K, and more haha. I love to read: Fanfictions, Anything Supernatural, Mysterious, Teen fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Love/Likes: Reading, DRAWING, Writing, Friends, The beach, MUSIC, Animals, Laughing, Eyes, Books, Shopping, My phone, Smiling, Talking, Why is love so confusing? I'm a dreamer and hope for the best in life. Live, Love, Laugh.
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Hey :) I'm just another 18 year old who doesn't know what to do with her life. Almost done with high school and about to get back active on here soon! =============== Achievements: Love Me Through The Phone: Humor #231/ Romance #358 DM me anytime c: Have a good day! X
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My names Alexis, I consider myself a Banana from Narnia. I spend my days on YouTube, Netflix, and the occasional days on Wattpad. Baes include: Jack, Mark, and Sans. I love to read, write (big surprise), and draw!!! Fandoms include: YouTubers (I would consider that a fandom), and Undertale. Also part of another account: 50shadesofsquad
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•Bink Nation For Life •Main Page:@Bink__ •Polyvore:lightbrightj •Snapchat:skittlesboo13 and wow.jaii •Instagram:wow.jada and yo.jaiii