What He Doesn't Know by Random_Clown
What He Doesn't Know by A.S
"Smile" He whispers in my ear. To others this seems like a normal romantic gesture but for me it was more of a demand......I thought that accepting a marriage...
  • arranged
  • forced
  • marriage
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INTRODUCING Manik malhotra~asias no.1 youngest business tycoon..age 26 yrs..winning businessman of the year awards frm past 3 yrs..mood switches...some tym sweet some ty...
  • mystery
  • betrayal
  • billionaire
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An Unexpected Wedding (COMPLETED) ✔ by Shakti5555
An Unexpected Wedding (COMPLETED) ✔ by Sindhu KSV
#1 in hotlist of Romance She was married in her childhood and is a widow. Everyone sees her as a bad omen, but she fought back with the fate and became a journalist. Un...
  • hatetolove
  • emotionless
  • revenge
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The Orlando scandal(Jenzie story) by weareinaphotograph
The Orlando scandal(Jenzie story) by ~lovely darling👼
~Are you mad darling because you didn't get what you want? ~No,because i got something better ~Really?And what is that? ~You 🌹🌹🌹 Mackenzie Frances Ziegler is a journa...
  • singer
  • friendship
  • layden
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The Guy Named Harrison: Book Two by hanorgana
The Guy Named Harrison: Book Two by Han Organa
Coming off an incredible Super Bowl victory, Harrison and the Panthers prepare for the upcoming season. While preparing for the new season, the newlyweds Harrison and Ca...
  • carolinapanthers
  • photographer
  • nfl
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Designer Relationship... by RagenWM
Designer Relationship... by Ragen
Margaret Sage, a 24 year old woman, that wants to achieve her dreams in the Big Apple. Taking on New York was a giant step, in both her career and personal life. Soon Ma...
  • wealthy
  • magazine
  • glamorous
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Flight 3283: Delayed by sodamnrad
Flight 3283: Delayed by Shay
Lillian is on her way to New York City to start her internship at Teen Mode magazine. Does she like the superficial, shallow magazine? Of course not. Does she need the i...
  • featured
  • musician
  • sodamnrad
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Ruining Fame (Girl X Girl) by _jessica_mai
Ruining Fame (Girl X Girl) by Jessica Mai
Olive Mencher, a finishing senior at Columbia University in New Yorks most expensive entering a career in Journalism. Her life is finally beginning when she lands an int...
  • college
  • lesbian
  • lgbtq
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Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by raphaellasaroukos
Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by raphaella
FORMERLY "The Unlikely Couple" They say never trust a journalist - especially one who tells the truth. Stacey Harris believes in the publics right to informat...
  • australia
  • chicklit
  • journalist
Overdose || Anthony Rizzo by JadynG23
Overdose || Anthony Rizzo by JG Collins
Ryne finally gets the opportunity to combine her two favorite things: writing and baseball; more importantly the Chicago Cubs. In till her crush on Anthony Rizzo goes a...
  • journalists
  • anthonyrizzo
  • fanfiction
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Water & Sparks - Waterparks - Awsten Knight by TheRandomRhia
Water & Sparks - Waterparks - Awst... by ~|~Rhia~|~
Maddie - A normal 23 year old journalist who gets asked to interview the upcoming band 'Waterparks' one day. Awsten - The lead singer of an upcoming band called Waterp...
  • wood
  • geoffwigington
  • fan
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Little Journalist (Brothers Conflict x Reader) by L_A_Studios
Little Journalist (Brothers Confli... by L_A_Studios
Ema Hinata had moved in with her new stepbrothers less than a year ago. She is on good terms with most of the Asahinas, though it seems that a few see her as more than j...
  • conflict
  • manga
  • anime
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The Billion-Dollar Knight by AerithSage
The Billion-Dollar Knight by Alyssa Urbano
Ten years ago, Isobel Clayton, daughter of a US Senator, loved Alex Smith with all her heart. But she knew her father wouldn't approve of Alex for he was a nobody. Again...
  • secondchance
  • journalist
  • tbdmc
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Your Name by lostariels
Your Name by lostariels
After an experiment gone wrong, Lena wakes up the next morning in Kara's body in National City, assuming it's a dream. Meanwhile, Kara wakes up in Lena's body in Metropo...
  • supergirl
  • lenaluthor
  • karadanvers
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Cracked Canvas by ClassicImagination
Cracked Canvas by Luisa
Highest Ranking: #221 in Teen Fiction When Hadley Evans learns the coveted secret to getting into the journalism program of her dreams, she's prepared to do anything to...
  • rival
  • thetroubledyouthseries
  • foster
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Ophelia by hope_land
Ophelia by Bia Mor
Ophelia: greek, meaning "help." Among all the people in London, there was her... (credits to cover artist)
  • adam
  • europe
  • ophelia
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Romeo and the Journalist (Wattys 2015) by yessicamichele
Romeo and the Journalist (Wattys 2... by Jessica
Prince Phoenix James has one last desire before becoming king, to go to the United States to attend public high school. A desperate Phoenix accepts his mother's deal, on...
  • prince
  • romeo
  • love
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An Italian Love Affair by TheKilljoyWitch
An Italian Love Affair by L.M. Alvarez
Rose had never stepped foot outside the country, never even though of living anywhere else besides Chicago. That is until she is transferred to Italy. Not thinking much...
  • italian
  • womanizer
  • ceo
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Freelance journalist hoping to make it big one day by being the one to write or tell a groundbreaking or a big story of the year could never dream that her life would be...
  • adult
  • hostage
  • revelation
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The Institution - A journey into BDSM by Laushen
The Institution - A journey into B... by Laushen
Journalist Dave Escalilla is sent to the famous BDSM Institution 'the Marketplace' to write an article about its success. But soon he discovers that there is more to it...
  • marilynmanson
  • submission
  • slave
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