Annyeonghaseyo, Bitch. by God_of_destruction
Annyeonghaseyo, God_of_Destruction
"Where are you going, nigger?" I turned around on my heel and said, "what the fuck did you just say?" I clearly heard him, I just was being nice and...
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Smart Girl by cleverwren
Smart Girlby wren is on hiatus
thoughts from the smart girl. //the journal of wren// //highest rank #2 in non fiction// //all names of real people interacted with here are altered from their ori...
  • wattys2017
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Protect Me, If You Can by TheUltimate1225
Protect Me, If You Canby Jay
Celeste Walker, the most average of 17-year-olds, looked forward to going to college. Not only had she been accepted in the school of her choice, but she was able to att...
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Mellifluous → Me by winterlunium
Mellifluous → Meby TᴀɪYɪɴ🌸
Where a nearly 20 year-old girl -who acts like 5 and really doesn't want to grow up- rants about random shit, how much she wants to have Yoongi's babies and just spills...
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The Bad Boy Stole My Diary  by _neanea_
The Bad Boy Stole My Diary by babyloves
"I love how innocent you act, but I know you're not." **************************** My dad had given me a simple journal that I thought I'd never use. When I f...
  • diary
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My Bio? What?  by BeautifulWeaknesses
My Bio? What? by ~bruised~
I guess I should do an admin bio XD I've been wanting to do one for a whilleeee soooo HERE -throws confetti-
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My Mythical Journal and AWTOK Guide [ 3 ] by moonstone11
My Mythical Journal and AWTOK ✨Fox shapeshifter✨
( This is NONFICTION! ) Welcome to my third journal, documenting some of my daily mythical life! Come here to learn even more about the prophecy and our mythical journey...
  • magic
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Without You by deadlydolan
Without Youby deadlydolan
"I wish we could have children" I whispered. "I wish we could live together." "I wish you were still here" I muttered the last part before...
  • crime
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Will You Notice Me, Again? by KriemeOh
Will You Notice Me, Again?by •·•KRIEME•·•
Journal, will Jaze notice me again? -Sapphire Sy [NOTICE ME BOOK 2] •~•~•~• Highest Rankings: #17 in Short Story (02/19/18) Started: 23 May 2017 Finished: ______________...
  • pain
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The Journal of Herobrine by realHerobrine
The Journal of Herobrineby håßøé sįñ âėçä. >:3
Ever wonder what it's like to be me? Sucks.. but there are some advantages!! Like, I don't know.. freedom!? Yeah. Freedom!! But, welcome to my "online diary"...
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Radicals. by twentyonepiIots ANNIE.
[spam] those odd future sundays.
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USA Diary - Food Journal by Fighterprincess6100
USA Diary - Food Journalby Prinz Mamua
Track of daily intake and weight. Goals and resolutions. Accomplishments. H: 5'3" SW: 112lb GW1: 108lb ✔ GW2: 105lb✔ CW: 104lb✔ (02.13.2018) GW3: 100lb This is my d...
  • weightloss
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truth ● PERSONAL! by plutosope
truth ● PERSONAL!by ALI™
❝road work ahead? uh, yeah, i sure hope it does!❞ rants, tags, etc. © PLUTOSOPE 2018
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My Life In Ruins by writeon27
My Life In Ruinsby Ansley
Passport? Check. A book of maps of every country in the world? Check. Backpack and small suitcase that contains everything I possess? Check. The world best, internati...
  • egypt
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ʚ seatmates | junhao ɞ by MOCHWI
ʚ seatmates | junhao ɞby tulip
❝ Okay Junhui, you can sit there at the seat beside Minghao. You will be seatmates for the whole schoolyear. ❞ ; - in which minghao falls in love with his seatmate ; com...
  • junhui
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1 3  || Spam Book 2 by nop_h-unintended
1 3 || Spam Book 2by Mr. Golden Sun
Spiral to happiness
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My Mythical Journal by 8_Lulu_8
My Mythical Journalby Lulu
A journey of a Mythical :)
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Dylan Klebold's Journal by fawnnett
Dylan Klebold's Journalby killer cutie
All credit goes to '' and Dylan Bennet Klebold.
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THOUGHTS by -brightsmile
❝My dear, stop thinking so much❞
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