The Bad Boy and My Cookie  by ElaBearXx
The Bad Boy and My Cookie by ElaBearXx
❁[HIGHEST RANK: #437 in teen fiction]❁ ❧♚☙ "Hey! That's my cookies you're stomping on!" My blue eyes meeting his dark blue ones. "What are you gonna do a...
  • badboys
  • demanding
  • cliche
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The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidal by MissSarcasm12
The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidalby MissSarcasm12
Highest rank #1 in Humor. 13.8.2016 "Cali, drop the knife, you know it is never that hard that you have to kill yourself." "For the last time Blake. I...
  • the2017awards
  • insults
  • wattys2017
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Proving The Bad Boy Wrong (Complete & Editing) by xXrougeXx
Proving The Bad Boy Wrong ( Kirsti
Ava Ramirez thought her life couldn’t get any worse after managing to get deported from Japan but it does when she finds out she is getting sent back to America and to a...
  • bad
  • completed
  • love
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Dare-Sexual (BoyxBoy) by sm8521
Dare-Sexual (BoyxBoy)by Sarah
There's some people and some stuff happens and then more stuff. The end! Haha just kidding. Dereck Smith and Vincent Ford have been best friends since birth. Inseparable...
  • drama
  • hate
  • fights
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Ill Be There {♡TomTord♡} by MyaTheMeme
Ill Be There {♡TomTord♡}by ilovememes
!!PLEASE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS!! this is the shipping of the characters NOT the real life people! please take notice of that and be respectful to the eddsworld creators/vo...
  • lemon
  • tordxtom
  • eddsworld
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50 Random Ways... by Explosivewafflez
50 Random McKayla
Need a good comeback? Need a good revenge plan? Need to cure boredom with randomness? Well you've come to the right place! :D
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Space Bar || artbook 3 || by Melonst
Space Bar || artbook 3 ||by Depressed Planet
Well welcome to artbook 3!!! (howsofast) Its called spacebar because i love space and cosmos and stuff and its a bar in space, a sloppy bar, with bad puns. . . Hehe -v- ...
  • drawing
  • sketch
  • jokes
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Dirty Jokes by LoveCake890
Dirty Jokesby LoveCake890
This is a joke I found online
  • dirty
  • weird
  • sexual
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TomTord And Other Ships pictures  by DrFluff
TomTord And Other Ships pictures by DrFluff
Waning ahead of time their are Smut,Fluff,Lemon and then just regular basic adorable shipment pictures
  • tomandtordhatingeachother
  • manyships
  • ships
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From One to Another by nightflystars
From One to Anotherby NightsApprentice
Texts between Dick and Wally With surprise guests -Roy Harper -Barry Allen -Bruce Wayne And more soon!! (Inspired by Fanfiction.Net's author redalert98, who's very one t...
  • references
  • robin
  • royharper
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Jokes Only Game of Thrones Fans Get  by RobertoPonce300
Jokes Only Game of Thrones Fans Roberto Ponce
Jokes Only Game of Thrones Fans Get So basically the tittle If you like check out my GOT Fanfiction
  • stark
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  • fandom
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Death by Nuggets- Journal 10 by Slushy526
Death by Nuggets- Journal 10by Semi Gae
ILL MAKE AN ACTUAL COVER AND TITLE WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT Why are you still here? Don't you have anything better to do such as I don't know, write something? Read a book? D...
  • journal
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Girls Only 2 by Jaffacake30
Girls Only 2by Jaffacake30
New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 If you loved Girls Only! you'll definitely love Girls Only 2. Funny posts that only us girls can relate to, this is not the place for you if...
  • funny
  • boys
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Fall for Sierra (COMPLETE- English) by StefiIsabela
Fall for Sierra (COMPLETE- English)by StefiIsabela
" I will make you fall for me." I said this while look at his eyes. He chuckled and shook his head. "You gotta be kidding me." he smile and look at m...
  • betrothed
  • sweet
  • love
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Radio Station // z.m {Completed} by XxHarbeezxX
Radio Station // z.m {Completed}by حبِيبَة م.🍟
لَم أرَه مُسبَقاً، ولكِن سَماعُ صَوّتِه، ضَحِكاتِه، نِكاتِه، حَديثه مع الإتّصالاتِ الّتي يتلقّاها يوّمِيّاً فِ السّاعةِ الخامِسةِ عَصراً على المَحطّةِ التّسعِ والتّسعون...
  • cancer
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Fierce Love by The_fantastic_duo
Fierce Loveby The Fantastic Duo
Previously called, "The Fighter and the Bad boy" In a world where the wealthy lead and the poor struggle to fend for themselves, but is everything how it appea...
  • jokes
  • poor
  • fighter
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 Things Only Mendes Army Understands ✓ by bluemxndes
Things Only Mendes Army ˗ˏˋ g o n e ˎˊ˗
A book of things that only members of the Mendes Army can relate to. Includes memes, tags, rants, AND more. If you're looking for a laugh, look in this book! Enjoy. (C...
  • mendes
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Funny text fails by mollyisnotamuggle
Funny text failsby Mollyisnotamuggle
FUNNY TEXT FAILS..... WARNING!: May cause you to loose your butt. WARNING! 2: I may add random incidents.
  • random
  • humor
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tom holland memes by theunrealtomholland
tom holland memesby ❝ quackson ❞
[sum memes of the meme] Highest Ranking: #98 in Humor
  • spidermanhomecoming
  • peterparker
  • lsb
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sᴀɴs' ɢᴜɪᴅᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴜɴɢʀᴇᴀᴛғᴜʟ ᴘᴜɴs ☁ [ᴍʙ⁄s] by laziness-
sᴀɴs' ɢᴜɪᴅᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴜɴɢʀᴇᴀᴛғᴜʟ ᴘᴜɴs ☁ [ ꧁✧ sᴀɴs ꉂೋ
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