Ciudades de Papel by VenusCassiopeiaxx
Ciudades de Papel by Venus Cassiopeia Underwood
Una joven desparece dejando una serie de pistas que sólo su mejor amigo de la infancia podrá descifrar... En su último año de instituto, Quentin no ha aprobado ni en...
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Every Little Thing by rowlings
Every Little Thing by s.l.
Evelyn Moore has been struggling with unrequited love for nearly two years. Reed Bishop has no idea. When the once-unreachable boy becomes her French partner and an even...
  • learning
  • everything
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Every String Attached | GirlxGirl by danielleizzard
Every String Attached | GirlxGirl by d.i.
Shawn Reyes is a typical, closed off, impatient, cocky, stubborn, introverted woman. Okay, so maybe she isn't a typical girl. But neither is York Grey. Shawn has never...
  • original
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When Fangirls and Fanboys United by bloodthirstyrebel
When Fangirls and Fanboys United by bloodthirstyrebel
Fun Fact : this book cannot be seen by Mortals, Muggles, and Mundanes Just a bits of Fandoms Randomness Our motto : Fandoms before blood, always(in case you're in TFIO...
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Margo by olivia_vickers
Margo by olivia_vickers
Sequel to John Green's Paper Towns. All rights belong to him.
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John Green Quotes by Vasowrites
John Green Quotes by 🦄🦄🦄
An amazing author he is and a wonderful person. I would give anything to meet him. He is a true inspiration and I wish him the best of the best. Even though he has writt...
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Our little infinity ( A TFIOS sequel) by jayasouth
Our little infinity ( A TFIOS sequ... by jayasouth
WARNING: read John Green's The Fault In Our Stars before you read this please Follow Hazel and Isaac after Gus died
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A Twist In Destiny *Harry Styles* by iloveu1dand5sos
A Twist In Destiny *Harry Styles* by My Thoughts My Faith
This might can be considered the biggest sacrifice for lovers. Pain dwells in heart for a lifetime, then death take it away. It starts off with a dream. It's followed by...
  • heartbreak
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The Fault In Our Stars by _brooklyn___
The Fault In Our Stars by Brooklyn
Hi so I thought I would share the lovely quotes from The Fault In Our Stars with you, I hope you enjoy!
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Book Quotes by caseyjoceyhehe
Book Quotes by Jocicntspllpineapple
the best of quotes
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The Life of A Fangirl by _s_e_a23
The Life of A Fangirl by _s_e_a23
Things you can probably relate to if you're into fandoms, bands, youtubers, etc.
  • deefizzy
  • falloutboy
  • bryanstars
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Frases by lectoraforever__
Frases by lectoraforever__
Hola , aqui les dejo algunas frases que son para llorar , reir , y querer saber como se sienten . OJALA QUE LES GUSTE
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The Fault In Our Stars (Camila/You) by settledowncam
The Fault In Our Stars (Camila/You) by Whet?™
Camila Cabello, a fourth - staged lung cancer patient, is living her life in it's most depressed way possible. She keeps dragging her life in despair and takes the view...
  • girlxgirl
  • niallhoran
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Paper Towns by Flooo07
Paper Towns by Flooo07
I created a book of the quotes I loved most, highlighted and appreciated most rereading. All rights to John Green for the quotes. I own nothing but the thoughts. Feel fr...
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Down by the Ocean by SoundOfVictory
Down by the Ocean by siren
Every day, it's the same. Pull in, pull back. The ocean has a funny way of twisting one's heart strings and dragging them out to sea. Leo has fallen in love with a girl...
  • mystery
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Paper Towns Quotes by landsofbad
Paper Towns Quotes by marcie ; she/her
In which an anti-social teenager lists twenty-nine of her favourite quotes from an author that never fails to make her cry. \\ I own none of these quotes. All quotes bel...
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Just Quotes by Snigdha2001
Just Quotes by Snigdha2001
A collection of quotes selected by me. Hope to bring a smile on your face when you feel sad.
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A new take by tfios1975
A new take by tfios1975
A new take is an Alaska young story about a girl who goes through hell when she just try's to fit in. While ignoring the person who has her best interests at heart and t...
  • alaskayoung
  • shortstory
  • lookingforalaska
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| A Book of Quotes | by darkred666
| A Book of Quotes | by hale
| A Book of some of my favorite quotes.~ | | DM me some of yours , I give credit. ~|
  • fandom
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The Fault in Our Stars: How It Should Have Ended by karalovesr5
The Fault in Our Stars: How It Sho... by A Big Ol' Nerd
The fan-made ending of The Fault In Our Stars. Here to fix your heart, and maybe break it again. After Augustus beats cancer, how will Hazel and Augustus continue on wi...
  • hazelgracelancaster
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