Maid For Love by Entwistle
Maid For Love by Colonel Ambrose L. Rymes Fanfiction
I WROTE THIS IN 2014 FRESHMAN IN HIGHSCHOOL, REPUBLISHING IT FOR HUMOR!!! I'm probably going to write more 2017 as a Junior about to go into my senior year, so if there'...
Zodiac Signs: Classic Rock by thewhoisawesome
Zodiac Signs: Classic Rock by NICE LIKE RICE Fanfiction
i got this idea from @Starbeatles so i might use some of her idea's but i will give her credit. also I will update daily
love is a wonderful colour » keith moon  by supersonic-lennon
love is a wonderful colour » keith... by louise ♡ Fanfiction
in which sara falls in love. . .twice. (also includes john entwistle)
Adorable Who Moments by I_caRnT_SpeL
Adorable Who Moments by Anderson Fanfiction
Just like my Adorable Monkees and Adorable Beatles books. :) Mostly pictures but other things may come up as well! Hehe!
Teenage Wasteland by classicrockwriter
Teenage Wasteland by classicrockwriter Fanfiction
Ella had a troubled childhood. With her mother never at home and her dad an alcoholic. She turns to something, seemingly harmless at first, but to much alcohol and to mu...
The Keith Moon Imagines Book by rachelc_roberts
The Keith Moon Imagines Book by Rachel Roberts Fanfiction
honestly, there just aren't enough imagines/fanfics for this incredible man. so I'm gonna write some here.
This is now (COMPLETED) by wingsovermccartney
This is now (COMPLETED) by Android trash Fanfiction
Pete, Roger and John visit younger versions of themselves.
The Who At The Park... by elilou21
The Who At The Park... by elilou21 Fanfiction
This is a Poger and Jeith little story with baby Simon Daltrey
Queen + The Who by Tenement_Wholigan
Queen + The Who by Maria Moon Random
A book about Queen AND Who stuff (sometimes other Classic Rock included)