Popular ☺️? by jenzie_4life
Popular ☺️?by jenzie_4life
Johnny and Mackenzie are in high school and popular as hell. They aren't dating but they have this thing were they flirt with each other and have sex . Will they ever be...
  • 13andup
  • mfz
  • teenage
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My Bad Boy Is A Murderer by SimplyAmber96
My Bad Boy Is A Murdererby Amber
Derek Knight has always been Kingsbury's bad boy. But when he's arrested his freshman year of high school, for the murder of Thomas Harding, his reputation goes from bad...
  • mystery
  • derek
  • badboy
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Brown - Mute!Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens (Lams) by LadyAlvera
Brown - Mute!Alexander Hamilton Madison
Soulmate AU where you can see every color except for the eye color of your Soulmate, but when you kiss you can see that color. You are also born with the first words you...
  • alex
  • john
  • hamiltonthemusical
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Freckles| Lams One Shots by LamsBaby
Freckles| Lams One Shotsby Mama John
More Lams one shots!
  • gay
  • alexander
  • john
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  • wwi
  • ada
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Sherlock one shots x readers, preferences and imagines by Fantasielover394
Sherlock one shots x readers, Saerwen
I created a couple of one shots (some a bit fluffy) in my mindpalace and wanted to share them with you. They're about my favourite characters of Sherlock BBC: Sherlock...
  • moriarty
  • preference
  • bbc
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Love Without Fear (Philip Hamilton x Reader) by Koocie-Monster
Love Without Fear (Philip Koocie Monster
"Love me without fear." (F/n) (L/n) is a high school senior in King's High School, a performing arts school. She's friend with her childhood best friend and fa...
  • hamiltonxreader
  • fanfic
  • xreader
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Thomas Shelby Imagines by bonniebird
Thomas Shelby Imaginesby Bonniebird
This is a collection of reader insert imagines (Smut and Fluff) from my Tumblr blog
  • esme
  • alfie
  • peaky
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Sherlock preferences by mycroft_holmes007
Sherlock preferencesby Mycroft_Holmes007
I'm doing a series of preferences on the following Sherlock characters: -Sherlock Holmes -John Watson -Mycroft Holmes -Greg Lestrade My main aim is to just make you guy...
  • married
  • sherlockians
  • sherlockprefrences
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|Sherlock Imagines| by VelvetVanity
|Sherlock Imagines|by Véda
Imagines + Preferences from the BBC show Sherlock
  • lestrade
  • johnwatson
  • sherlock
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Sherlock preferences  by abigailou
Sherlock preferences by Abi
Friday updates. You know the drill, just your average Sherlock cast x reader preferences Characters: Sherlock Mycroft Greg John Moriarty Molly Moran Mary Anthea Irene...
  • greglestrade
  • preferences
  • jamesmoriarty
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"Benefits"  by PURPLE-Ryu12345
John Laurens was known in college for one thing: He was the biggest fuck boy ever. The truth behind all that is that John couldn't just accept that he is a ranging homos...
  • alexander
  • fanfic
  • john
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Tongue Tied| A Lams Fanfiction by LamsBaby
Tongue Tied| A Lams Fanfictionby Mama John
John Laurens had everything he needed from his rich boyfriend. Well, everything except love.
  • angst
  • fluff
  • angstwithhappyending
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The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Danceby xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
  • captive
  • humour
  • dance
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John Laurens X Reader: Forgiveness? I can't imagine... by Amberiso
John Laurens X Reader: Evil author
After being bullied by the friend of her ex, Y/N got expelled after getting into a fight with John Laurens who pushed it too far. After that she got expelled. A few year...
  • xreader
  • hamilton
  • johnlaurens
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Child of Ice by tammieskylah
Child of Iceby Damaged ☠️
19 year old Ayla Sekin child of Turkish emperor Kemal Sekin runs away too Small Heath Birmingham in hopes for a new life away from all the trauma back home. What will he...
  • thomasshelby
  • cillian
  • turkey
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Unknown Colours (Destiel/Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Unknown Colours (Destiel/Sabriel)by Jasmine ^_^
Highschool/Soulmates AU The Novak's and Winchester's live in a world where everything is grey, up until you meet your soulmate, at which point they'll be able to see col...
  • novak
  • michifer
  • castiel
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Make A Wish (Carl Azuz x John Cena) by evanrocks08
Make A Wish (Carl Azuz x John Cena)by Carl Azuz
A passionate romance between Carl Azuz, the star of CNN Student News, and John Cena, a WWE star. Will it work out for them? Find out in this exciting thriller!
  • john
  • johncena
  • carl
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Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Reader by ben-is-a-nerdfighter
Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Readerby Kris
Sherlock x Reader "Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... But trusting them not to." - Unknown You are John's baby sister, visiting him in London f...
  • wattys2017
  • sherlockholmes
  • fanfiction
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more than a flirtationship | jenzie  by onlyjenzie
more than a flirtationship | taylor ♡
johnny and mackenzie are best friends with a friendship that is complicated to define. he's the cliché womaniser and she's his goofily awkward friend. she is used to see...
  • jenzie
  • flirtationship
  • jealousy
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