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Hi, everyone! Thank you for clicking on my profile! I am a fifteen year old aspiring author who loves to write with the company of the night and herself. I love writing romance and young adult fiction stories as well as reading. I also love classic novels.
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Không nên biết quá nhiều về tớ và tất cả. Chỉ cần like trang page Tép của tớ để nghe tớ lảm nhảm là được rồi. Yêu các bạn(≧∇≦) Tép
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It's ok to eat fish 'Cuz they don't have any feelings... -K. Cobain
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Hey, I'm Daniel Lubasu, Wattpad name is DanDaDeeJay. As a self-summary, I think I write stories too good for a 12 year old. Follow me and: @BamItzLolz @DansiPansi @superdude377 God loves me and i love Him. Why? Why do we sleep in church but when the sermon is over we suddenly wake up? Why are we so bored when we read a christian magazine but find it easy to read a magazine about gossip? Why is it so easy to ignore a Godly message but we repost the bad ones? Why are churches getting smaller but bars and clubs are growing? Think about it, are you going to repost this? Are you going to ignore it cause you think you'll get laughed at? Just remember, God is always watching you. Repost this on your page. 80% of you won't repost this.The 20% with a heart will The Lord said "If you deny me infront of your friends, I will deny you infront of my father."
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Hai my lil foxes! I don't really wanna tell u all my name, so i can go by RoxyFoxy.. Going by my actual username u probably know my name already.. Oh well! I am obsessed with FNAF. I will never stop liking it and my favourites are.. 1st fave- Foxy 2nd fave- golden freddy 3rd fave- toy bonnie I have a lot of youtubers i like, but my favourite is Ethgoesboom. Reason being is he makes really cool videos where the fnaf animatronics play games and react to stuff. Go check him out if u haven't already! So my lil foxes, theres a button up there that says 'follow' and i would absolutely love it if you could care just that lil bit more to click that button.. :) ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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"I can touch people's heart, but why can't I touch mine?"
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24. Writer. I'm more active on Penana, a new writing site. http://www.penana.com/user/2791/alef-magnus Other than writing fiction, I also do creative writing pieces at: http://fallingskyward.wordpress.com