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19 y.o. Som náhodná autorka, wattpad mám založený už pár rokov kvôli môjmu chceniu niečo napísať. Mám pár príbehov, ktoré sú zverejnené aj tu no osobne si myslím, že zo všetkých je asi len jeden taký, za ktorý som na seba pyšná. Momentálne sa venujem skôr "blogu" - teda písaniu článkov, príbehov, citátov a podobne. Hľadám vlastne to čo ma baví, nepridávam v pravidelných časových sledoch ale vtedy ak ma niečo napadne a chcem sa posunúť ďalej, samozrejme som vďačná za každý follow, komentár, kritiku, pochvalu .. to ma posúva ďalej k zisteniu pravej podstaty toho čo ma baví. Ak máte dotaz, otázku, všeličo čo by ste sa ma chceli opýtať napíšte správu, veľmi rada odpoviem, pomôžem. :-) 1. Boy from the PAST ✔ 2. Empire Darkness ✔ 3. New Life /Ff Niall Horan ✔ 4. My Prince / Summer Story/ ✔ 5. Passion - POZASTAVENÉ 6. Citáty - rozpracované :-) 7. Story about me - osobný blog - rozpracované 8. Book of my mind - články - rozpracované Písaniu príbehov sa momentálne nevenujem, no môžte si odo mňa prečítať niečo zo starších vecí. :-) Lovatic,- Zbožňujem teplé letné večery a jasnú oblohu, padanie hviezd a JEHO spoločnosť keď je v mojej blízkosti, drží ma za ruku a dokazuje mi, že život vie byť naozaj krásny. Instagram: http://instagram.com/michelle_reall
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Hi, everyone! Thank you for clicking on my profile! I am a fifteen year old aspiring author who loves to write with the company of the night and herself. I love writing romance and young adult fiction stories as well as reading. I also love classic novels.
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○Do you even have a license to milk shake? D< (Oh, Spongebob. ♥) ... My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like, it's better than yours! Mhm you know that's right. [; Okay, so... yeah. Hi there. ♥ I consider myself to be an extremely nice person, and I've actually been told that I'm entirely too nice. Well. Whatever. What can I say? At least I'm not a meanie! I LOVE Mayday Parade, Imagine Dragons, P!nk, and Kelly Clarkson. Actually, I'll listen to basically anything that isn't rap, but isn't screamo. I'm sorry, but I feel like they're screaming at me. It's a scary experience. And rap... Well there's not much to say about it. If you like hearing cuss words every other word, and hearing about sex, drugs, and money.. Then go on right ahead with your bad self. As for me, I'll be in the corner with my headphones plugged in, thank you. Also. If you turn on Justin Bieber(Beiber?) Idk. around me. I won't stop screaming until something more acceptable comes on. Just a warning. <3 That's all you're getting by stalking my profile. If you actually took the time to read this, then you must be slightly interested, so... Say hi, and find the rest of my life out for yourself. :] I promise I don't bite! (Or do I?) l...............| |...............| Put this on your |...............| page if you have |............O| ever pushed a |...............| door that said pull. |...............| ○Death's Touch is under MAJOR reconstruction, like I'm literally going to rewrite every chapter until it's written the best it can be written. Honestly, it's one of the worst pieces I've written when it comes to flow and all that. I really just need to rewrite it. ○Just for the record.. Spongebob and Patrick are way too good at acting like babies. And yes, I am watching Spongebob. I'm proud of it too. c8 ╔══╗♫ ║██║♫ Paste this on ║██║♫ your page if♫ ║(O)║ ♫you love♫ ╚══╝♫ music♫
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⚜I update every Monday.⚜ *~*~*~*~* ❤️The Heart Series❤️ 1. The Protective Heart(Completed) 2. The Happy Heart(Not Posted- Start Date: February 6th, 2017) 3. The Blinded Heart(Not Posted- Start Date: September 4, 2017) 4. The Healing Heart(Not Posted- Start Date: April 2, 2018) *~*~*~*~* ⛓The Taken Series⛓ 1. Enslaved Cake(Under Heavy Editing) 2. Abducted Rose(In Progress) *~*~*~*~* Buckle up, buttercup! It's going to be a bumpy ride!
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My name is Daniel A Adorno and I love to write scifi and fantasy fiction. I published my first book, The Blade Heir, and it is available on Amazon (see the link below). Five chapters of the unedited manuscript are available below for you to read! I also have a few short stories that I will be publishing throughout the year including a scifi novella (stay tuned!). Aside from writing, I love spending time with my family, creating digital art, watching scifi or fantasy movies, and volunteering at my church. I am an unabashed follower of Jesus Christ and my stories will reflect that in some shape or form. One of my favorite verses is Galatians 2:20: "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Here's another good quote: "Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity." - G.K. Chesterton Thanks for reading and please comment or vote on any of my stories. Buy THE BLADE HEIR on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MNHZABC
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I'm akward(socially and physically) I'm a nerd 8) I'm 14. And I have no clue what to put in this thing. Any questions? Ask me on http://ask.fm/SalemTheSolemn
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