BECOMING IKON'S MANAGER 2 ♡ by lidiloves
BECOMING IKON'S MANAGER 2 ♡ by lidi♕ Fanfiction
"After you came back to America, iKON grew bigger and fulfilled their goal as one of the top boy band in Korea. During the long distance relationship, you and Hanbi...
Hi, Anon! [iKON - AU] ✓ by yourkidlee
Hi, Anon! [iKON - AU] ✓ by FAILEE Fanfiction
Layanan curhat anonim yang bisa bikin saling jatuh cinta. Siapa sangka 'doi' yang biasa dia ceritakan ternyata adalah kamu sendiri? #slankbahasa #ss
BINHWAN ONE SHOTS by binhwantrash
Jinhwan's Scandal | kjh by hobieflakes
Jinhwan's Scandal | kjh by hope Fanfiction
He changed me, he turned me into this. He taught me what is the meaning of happiness. At the end of the day, he is the one who ruined it all. Sometimes, I don't understa...
The Album (iKON x Black Pink Fanfiction) by onomorio
The Album (iKON x Black Pink Fanfi... by onomorio Fanfiction
This is the story of 11 different persons (iKON + YG's New Girl Group: Black Pink). Each track highlights different characters, but all tracks are somewhat intertwined s...
iKON iMagines by nyxfancypants
iKON iMagines by nyx Fanfiction
Yes, another iKON fanfic book to satisfy your fangirl feels.
 iKON imagines  by ilovemykoo
iKON imagines by karylle Fanfiction
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED let's turn these "imagines" into something real, soon ❣ feel free to read ikonics! [ Please don't plagiarize ] [ credits for the pictures...
Little do you know [k.j.h] ✔ by ilovemykoo
Little do you know [k.j.h] ✔ by karylle Fanfiction
❝ if only you knew ❞ © All rights reserved || 2016 一 ilovemykoo
CHANWOO'S BLOG by krizkid
CHANWOO'S BLOG by riz Fanfiction
Blog ini tentang aku, aku, dan aku. Pokoknya aku. - Chanwoo
Winnie Pooh | Double B by kentorange
Winnie Pooh | Double B by ˗ˏˋ ssamthing ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
,,shut up! Winnie the Pooh is sleeping!" → texting story © 2016, all rights reserved by @heybiblees
The Vampire's Killer (2Jae) (BoyxBoy) by MissingMelody03
The Vampire's Killer (2Jae) (BoyxB... by Daehwiiiiiah😍😘 Vampire
"I'll have revenge! I'll kill you all" -Youngjae ------------------- "How come I can't control you?" -Jaebum -------------------
its called "LOVE" by IKONICHARDCORE Teen Fiction
i dont know why, i'm in love with hanlice. i'm not the kind of person who likes to match my bias with other people. but this time is different. there is a difficult sens...
✓ him - jinhwan by ughitscat
✓ him - jinhwan by caterina Short Story
'i love you' read 2:03 am
iKON Imagine ❤️ by annakarina04
iKON Imagine ❤️ by Anna Karina Fanfiction
I'll start write iKON imagine story. Ask me if you have any request. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to give me advice. Sorry for all gramatical failed.
iKON, THE VAMPIRES.  by lidiloves
iKON, THE VAMPIRES. by lidi♕ Fanfiction
You were saved by a vampire. "After meeting Kim Hanbin, your miserable life flips around in a bloody mess as you find out truths regarding vampires." Started:...
STAY by yyyuelll
STAY by yyy Fanfiction
[Hanlice] kisah mereka yang saling menaruh hati dan segala cerita yang diluar kuasa mereka. ketika 'jatuh hati' tak perlu alasan lagi, ketika hati yang saling terikat ta...
Roommate. (Goo Junhoe) by kpopislifexc
Roommate. (Goo Junhoe) by kpopislifexc Fanfiction
Areum is a typical college girl living in her own apartment but one day the manager decides to make her move out and give the room to someone else. She has no choice but...
IKONSHOTS | Imagines by WangyuBeef
IKONSHOTS | Imagines by Mei 메이 Fanfiction
Collections of IKON imagines and oneshots. Starring: Kim Hanbin Kim Jinhwan Kim Jiwon Song Yunhyeong Kim Donghyuk Koo Junhoe Jung Chanwoo You This...
SEX ED || Junhwan by trashh_cans
SEX ED || Junhwan by katie Fanfiction
innocent jinhwan wants to gain the attention from his a crush. the student council member, kim hanbin. the problem with that is that he doesn't know how he's going to do...
Sweet Cheeks | Mature | by Junwoes
Sweet Cheeks | Mature | by ❦ Kiji Kush ❦ Random
Tia Landerson. An inexperienced teenager, who's looks take up for her childish mindset. Someone who could take the fact that she was innocent minded and didn't think as...