Sweetest Downfall by fizz-fics
Sweetest Downfallby fi
Lily Evans had spent most of her education ignoring James Potter, but when she enters her seventh year at Hogwarts suddenly friendless he somehow ends up being the only...
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Jiley A-Z Alphabet One Shots by TNS-PLL
Jiley A-Z Alphabet One Shotsby TNSxPLL
Because I'm obsessed with Jiley, I'm doing an a alphabet one shot for them. *My other story has been deleted has I have had writers block now for about two months so ye...
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Jilly short stories  by un-named04
Jilly short stories by un-named04
A number of James and Lily one shots. Disclaimer: all characters and plot lines got to Jk Rowling however any story from this collection were written personally and any...
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Lost (The Next Step Fanficion) [ONGOING] by TheNextStepJiley
Lost (The Next Step Fanficion) [ON...by ☁ jiley ☁
When an airplane travelling from Australia crashes on a mysterious island, 48 survivors must figure out how to live on the island until they get rescued. Read how the m...
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Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfiction by Dandelion-Girl
Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfictionby Nessie M
After James and Beth's kiss what will happen to Jiley? James became Riley's safe heaven, her everything. He helped her gain confidence and overcome her fears. Now she...
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Jiley London by Primrose__17
Jiley Londonby Primrose Hills
James comes to London too join the new, prestiges studio. Emily, the choreographer, startes to become annonyed by James antics. But her sister (Riley) starts the fall de...
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Jily One Shots by writteninthesescars
Jily One Shotsby Dylan O'Marry Me
James Potter loves Lily Evans. But she just finds him an arrogant jerk. Will she ever like him back? #jily Follow me on Instagram @ thepotterworldexpress
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jiley diary entries by sophtns
jiley diary entriesby sophtns
this is a book about jiley and their dairy entries from when they where really young till they have their own grandkids
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