Bullied By Bts by AlisonBlindy4
Bullied By Btsby Alison Blindy
Jennie is a new girl at bangtan high. She makes new friends, but BTS starts bullying her and her friends.
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Pet me ㅡ [YOONMIN] by HobiTheHoe
Pet me ㅡ [YOONMIN]by ※모모※
●create your own hybrid! The first 50 customers will get it for free!● Yoongi never thought that this would actually work until this boy sat at his doorstep. "Hell...
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Ships [ONE-SHOT] by koreagurlll
Ships [ONE-SHOT]by Korea's Ultimate Fangirl
One-shot stories for korean couples that I/we ship! #LisKookIsTheBestShip
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