Because My Faith Can See: Why I am a Christian by DarkPH0T0N
Because My Faith Can See: Why I am... by 💚Ellie💚 Non-Fiction
Why believe in the Bible? Doesn't science disprove God? How about evolution? Does suicide really condemn one to hell? Did dinosaurs walk with humans? Does my mental illn...
Emergency Princess (Completed) by crazyforchrist
Emergency Princess (Completed) by Princess Asante Spiritual
"You kinda get used to being the wallflower when you know that your sister is forever gonna outshine you..." Meet Emily. Your average teenage girl, who h...
dangerous        .( the walking dead)[1] by -theosraeken
dangerous .( the walking de... by ✧ Bill Skarsgård ✧ Fanfiction
UNDER EDITING SO POSSIBLE SPELLING ERRORS ❝− you don't wanna talk around with me you're talking to a goddamn god❞ ( − DARYL DIXON X OC. ) In which the...
Art Book Thing 2 by iSitInCorners
More Than Just His Personal Assistant (BWWM) #wattys2016 by BeCa2801
More Than Just His Personal Assist... by BeCa2801 Romance
"My life is messed up." He muttered. "Good. That way we can fix each other. " Georgia is a 23 years old, curvy Nigerian who moves with her family to...
MOON [ TWD GIF SERIES. ] ✓ by laheysbutt
MOON [ TWD GIF SERIES. ] ✓ by C🥀 Fanfiction
❛we are the walking dead.❜ ( t. walking dead characters x reader ) ( t. walking dead gif series ) ( laheysbutt © 2016 )
The Walking Dead Imagines... by Twd_nkotbsb_babe_94
The Walking Dead Imagines... by Kylie Haim Mendes Puth Fanfiction
Imagines and preferences of The Walking Dead. Hope you enjoy!
Forever home (Jesus foster fan fiction) by Jessi-rosee
Forever home (Jesus foster fan fic... by Jessi Fanfiction
Jasmine Jacob Callie's little sister are in a bad foster home and then the fosters came along to help out. But jasmine and Jesus start something but they both know that...
A Mobster's Love: The Story of Franco & Carmen by determinedpublishing
A Mobster's Love: The Story of Fra... by Determined Romance
This story is about a mobster and the woman he loves. They meet on a blind date, but she is horrified to find out that he is a part of the mafia. But she is even more co...
Sessions With God by NextG3n
Sessions With God by TheNextGeneration Spiritual
[Sequel To Following A Christian Life] Sessions With God - June 14th, 2016 A place to seek answers How many questions do we ask God a day? Sometimes He answers but...
My Unlikely Best Friend by Gigi_washere
My Unlikely Best Friend by Gigi wants to fly Romance
Cover by: @wannabe_weirdo Dawn Smith, as a little girl, was very bright and always succeeded in putting smiles on anyone's face. She loved role-playing with her teddy be...
Prayers From A Christian Teenage Girl by lovedsoul3897
Prayers From A Christian Teenage G... by Loved Soul Spiritual
The book is basically a blog about a, geeky, nerdy , Jesus freak. Who is a little dramatic and needs to work on not being to sassy. Daily prayers from my heart to God. V...
Why I'm Not An Atheist / Evolutionist by TheBelieverBro
Why I'm Not An Atheist / Evolution... by Servant of God Non-Fiction
So, the reason I'm not an atheist, agnostic, evolutionist, deist (and briefly why I'm not a Muslim, Pre-Messianic Jew, so on) . Also, why I'm a Christian.
The Christian Girl  by Dino_Chick
The Christian Girl by - ` jenni ' - Random
My name is Katy Woodland and I'm Christian. I go to Franklin High, and I'm a freshman. I get bullied a lot, because I'm Christian, but I am not going to let that bring m...
an outlet for some of my bottled up emotions by aspen-is-awake
Painful Beauty by Believe01
Painful Beauty by Taneesa Romance
This book is about Braylee Wright aka Carter. Braylee's a sixteen year old girl with a hard enough life already but being raped makes it all the more harder. People shun...
Randomness of a Wattpadian Girl 2 by Decembra1998
Randomness of a Wattpadian Girl 2 by Princess of the Heavenly King Random
Hey guys I'm here with my second randomness book!
~Bible Verses~ by Hey_Anonymous
~Bible Verses~ by God's Daughter Random
Bible Verses: about Life, Love, Friends, Family, Hope, Faith, Stress, Depression, Strength, Trust, Forgiveness and etc.❤️ TRUST GOD.
Music by Anglice
Music by 𓆃 Caelestialis 𓅯 ∞ Spiritual
Music is a gift from God, so it ought to be done correctly; proclaiming God's goodness.
How To Date A Christian Dork: A Helpful Handbook For The Datingly Impaired. by crazyforchrist
How To Date A Christian Dork: A He... by Princess Asante Humor
"I don't get why people say they fall in love. When I fell, I fell into a whole lot of trouble."-Kayla Adams. ~|~|~ "You tripped me up," I said, wip...