Relentless by ERRStories
Relentless by ERR ChickLit
Last night was a bliss. I have touched every inch of Vianna, after 10 long years. It was so hard to have self control. I thank God that we didn't end up making love beca...
Won't Give Up • for KING & COUNTRY  by jilnysoto
Won't Give Up • for KING & COUNTRY by j i l n y ❤ Fanfiction
Moriah Peters is a seventeen year old singer and songwriter. She is funny, active, determined, and beautiful. When she gets invited to tour with other celebrities on Win...
Art Book Thing 2 by iSitInCorners
Mutation (Sequel To Experiment) by _pure_imagination_
Mutation (Sequel To Experiment) by Anna Winter Science Fiction
CAUTION! DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ EXPERIMENT! Trista is Laura and Neo's child, and she is very special. Despite her parents being "cured" of the a...
Unwritten Destiny (Jesus: Walking Dead) by Country_girl10
Unwritten Destiny (Jesus: Walking... by Country_girl10 Fanfiction
He was nonstop pacing back and forth in a small circle "Paul-" Jenny said softly as she approached him "No! I have to do this" "You don't have...
MONSTERS {GIF SERIES}  by -puddingboyseye
MONSTERS {GIF SERIES} by MyaHufflepuffAguilar Random
Just another gif series of The Walking Dead.
Bill Cypher X reader (lemon 18+) by Crystal-Writes
Bill Cypher X reader (lemon 18+) by My name's Crystal Fanfiction
Do you think you could teach an immortal asshole love and friendship?
How to be Edgy (not click bait) by tylershore
How to be Edgy (not click bait) by kill me Random
JUST READ IT (100% not click bait)
My Mind Mansion (NF) by _french_fries_4life
My Mind Mansion (NF) by _french_fries_4life Fanfiction
She needs shelter, Nate gives her that. She needs love, Nate gives her that. She needs a family, Nate gives her that. She needs a home, Nate gives her that. But most...
I saw Heaven and Hell (My real life story) by iyah_Godschosen
I saw Heaven and Hell (My real lif... by chosen Spiritual
NOTE: To all those who will be reading this, I urge you to please pray. Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world (1jOHN 4:4)
My Darling, I'm Back (Sequel to 'My Darling, You're Mine') by MySweetFreckledJesus
My Darling, I'm Back (Sequel to 'M... by Caity :D Fanfiction
You are at your wits end. You can't take another second living in this city without a thought of Vic coming to your mind. You have to move on, and with Avi. Avi needs to...
Unwavering by usernamesarecliche
Unwavering by Lotte Sigourney Spiritual
At the end of middle school, Havilah Smith sees her faith as merely going to church and praying before meals when mom and dad are around. Soon, her paradigm changes. She...
Life As A Christian Teen Girl: Grace's Story by katie__a
Life As A Christian Teen Girl: Gra... by katie__a Spiritual
Grace Stonebrook is a 16 year old girl who is juggling her sophomore year in high school while being apart of the girls soccer team, having a part-time job at a local ca...
HELL IS EMPTY ▹ AARON ( TWD ) by -voidlegends
HELL IS EMPTY ▹ AARON ( TWD ) by ˗ˏˋ CHLOE ˊˎ˗ Fanfiction
The Cowboy by rodeoforever
The Cowboy by rodeoforever Historical Fiction
Jane Peters was the exact description of a southern belle, perfect, charming and beautiful. When the Civil war has destroyed everything she has ever know she moves west...
Bow to the King by DivineRomance
Bow to the King by Divine Romance Romance
"I was starving. Not a soul cared. The nobles and rich do not care for 'dirt-scum' or 'drunk beggars.' Our King is sick and tired. His heir, the Prince, is a pompou...
Reasons Why I Love Jesus | ✓           by cathylxlo
Reasons Why I Love Jesus | ✓... by ☼ Short Story
Everything starts in class when a classmate asks Sarah, the 'Christian girl', why she loves Jesus so much. And with much courage Sarah decides to answer the question by...
the forgotten Dixon by Allybarns
the forgotten Dixon by ally Dixon Adventure
after ally was talking by negan for two month and gives her amnesia and her thinks she negans daughter will she find the group and remember who she is or will she be for...
Testimony: Gay Boy Finds Jesus by TheBelieverBro
Broken Girl (tobyMac Fanfiction) by Salist_Dansa
Broken Girl (tobyMac Fanfiction) by Salist Dansa` Fanfiction
On the first day of freshman year, Brianna Kelly is living the perfect life of a Christian dancer. Attending the best performing arts high in Nashville, with her best fr...