Agridulce ◆ Kookmin ; 국민 by theparkjimin
Agridulce ◆ Kookmin ; 국민 by 21:21 Fanfiction
Hablemos de que Jimin ama el rosa y Jungkook es un idiota tatuado. ➫ no copias ni adaptaciones. ➫ fluff ; drama. ➫ jk bruto ; jm soft. ...
Rival ☆Taekook★ by Fluffy-Tae
Rival ☆Taekook★ by Semi-hiatus Fanfiction
Taehyung is the top student in the school. While Jeongguk is the top fuck boy in the school. Both are famous in their own ways. Both are also known for hating each other...
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by GLOWYGUK
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by 【JESSY】 Fanfiction
+ kim taehyung is your not so average omega, and alpha jeon jeongguk, can't seem to find his mate {lowercase intended} ©GLOWYGUK
CORNY. | vkook by teasomi
CORNY. | vkook by ˗ˏˋ tea ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
in which jungkook writes corny jokes in taehyung's comment section. instagram teasomi 2017 all rights reserved [lowercase intended]
Internet Friends |Yoonkook by jellyoongs
Internet Friends |Yoonkook by anna Fanfiction
@agustd started following you ©jellyoongs Started: Mar 2017 Plagiarism is a crime.
anatomy | yoonkook by sereinnn
anatomy | yoonkook by 疲れた Fanfiction
❝anatomy will be the death of me, hyung ▶ yoongi helps jeongguk study anatomy © sereinnn // ongoing (texting & short chapters)
BTS WWYD 2 by ibighitae
BTS WWYD 2 by 🌷 Random
aye I'm back at it again with another book just WWYD scenarios based on bts :) Vote and comment ;D started: 19/05/2017 ended: -/-/- [highest ranking: #131 in random 1709...
Outcast ☆TaexBTS★  by Fluffy-Tae
Outcast ☆TaexBTS★ by Semi-hiatus Fanfiction
They don't know the drugs I take. They don't know the cuts I make. The don't know how they make my heartache. Completed: July 29, 2017
To sin over and over BTS X READER Y'all nasty I know y'all younger than 14 but enjoy these weird pieces by me XX Requests OPEN XX Also I'll be doing WWYD THNX FOR READI...
afflicted / bts by boxache
afflicted / bts by — y Fanfiction
you haven't experienced true evil yet. © boxache 28/12/16─con. bangtan sonyeondan.
【 M E S S A G E 】 by _yumkookie
【 M E S S A G E 】 by ·· 辻 ·· Fanfiction
❝ j u n g k o o k ° s u g a ❞ in which jungkook loves yoongi but yoongi is busy. ---message me when you're not busy then
wifi || j.jeongguk by rosepjm
wifi || j.jeongguk by ッ Humor
☼ highest: 88 in humor ☼ when asking for the neighbo...
flower ⚣ yoonkook by gguk97
flower ⚣ yoonkook by — Fanfiction
"i want to say fuck you through a flower."
Coffee | jjk by GARDENJIMIN
Coffee | jjk by 多分死んだ Fanfiction
❝ You're like a coffee stain that I want to remove forever. ❞ Book 2 of 'hankook' series Sequel to 7ELEVEN. please read 7E first Highest ranking: #586 in fanfiction (010...
❝SHE GOT AWAY❝ JJK by #cherizz💕 Fanfiction
❝ you carried me into that house you can carry me out as well ❞ loving him wasn't a mistake, it was his to let her slip away | cc. fruitpies ♥ | HR SS #388 07...
we like  by jihyungfs
we like by jihyungfs Fanfiction
another ig format of jungri.
shelter. by -ttaek
shelter. by HIATUS. Fanfiction
"i see dead people." a jeon jeongguk fanfiction.
Tattoo ; jjk × kth by taes_coke
Tattoo ; jjk × kth by Stef 🌙 Fanfiction
" And this, my love, will mark you forever "
Honey Bunny by pocketbangtan
Honey Bunny by Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E Fanfiction
"Jungkook. Just. Humped. Me." BTS Jungkook x Reader Bunny JK ❤️❤️ lol it sounds weird but trust me
Coma. ✧ Jeon Jungkook. by snowdwarff
Coma. ✧ Jeon Jungkook. by smeagol Fanfiction
" Mi corazón volvió a latir gracias a ti. " /HYYH UNIVERSE. #146 en Fanfic / } 29-06-2016. { #338 en Fan...