Adopted by... Norman Reedus? by Celia321
Adopted by... Norman Reedus? by Celia Rayanne Fanfiction
Sometimes you wonder if anyone would ever want you. You wonder if your worth anyone's time. Have you wondered the same? That's what I wonder everyday but I don't think...
lucky (Editing) by jedow1394
lucky (Editing) by Jessica Fanfiction
Summary: Jared is your younger but very protective brother. Your great friends with Gen, Jensen and the rest of the cast. You get news that changes the lives of you and...
Undeniable Heat by Krazyk2314
Undeniable Heat by Krazyk2314 Fanfiction
You've just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the d...
"Jay, short for Jared" by lucifer_winchester03
"Jay, short for Jared" by Lucifer Winchester Fanfiction
What if you accidentally type in the wrong number and text someone you didn't mean to text. And then just imagine that person being the famous actor Jared Padalecki. And...
Friends • JARED PADALECKI by speedypace
Friends • JARED PADALECKI by kim Fanfiction
In which Jared Padelecki falls in love with his boss. COVER BY @winehouses
social media.  ( jensen ackles ) ✓ by blakesintuition
social media. ( jensen ackles ) ✓ by dacota Fanfiction
( completed ! ) user: are the two of you dating!!??? willowposey: no. JensenAckles: yes. user: ??? ( original work ) ( jensen ackles x oc ) ( #181 in fan fiction as of...
monroe| j. padalecki by uni_clark
monroe| j. padalecki by unicorn clark Fanfiction
@jarpad: isn't @m_monroe beautiful 😻🔥 @m_monroe: depends on who you ask ;) #3 under "Jared Padalecki social media" As of August 9, 2017 [Completed] [edited] ...
Jared's Sister, Jensen's Lover by This-Is-Supernatural
Jared's Sister, Jensen's Lover by This-Is-Supernatural Fanfiction
Dreaming to be an actor takes a lot of work. And when your older brother Jared landed you a spot on the show Supernatural, your dream got a step closer to becoming a rea...
SUPERNATURAL IMAGINES by ˗ˏˋ anjehla ˎˊ˗  Fanfiction
just a bunch of imagines that can make you laugh and cry (maybe smut?) supernatural // fanfiction
Destiel Oneshots by mochaeyesdun
Destiel Oneshots by mochaeyesdun Fanfiction
the title says it all. requests are welcome! Mostly fluff, probably no smut unless requested.
because of you → jensen ackles by chrisxevansxo
because of you → jensen ackles by chrisxevansxo Fanfiction
"what happens when two best friends start falling for each other?" "they realize they were made for each other." || SOCIAL MEDIA||
Supernatural One Shots by CT-5445
Supernatural One Shots by EC Fanfiction
First SPN one shot book. I'm only on season two so no spoilers, though I know some things already like the bunker, Sam becomes soulless, Dean becomes a demon, Cas loses...
Fighter: Survival Of The Apocalypse ((Book 2)) by VictoriousReads
Fighter: Survival Of The Apocalyps... by Destinee🌹😇 Fanfiction
Nadia and her boyfriend Dean weren't able to prevent Sam from starting the apocalypse. With Lucifer set free, the three go on a journey of trying to take him down. With...
Supernatural Memes 2 by SilverFire106
Supernatural Memes 2 by Artemis Moon Random
Hello and welcome back, Supernatural fans!! This is, of course, the sequel to my first Supernatural meme book, so why don't you give this a try? Just like before, I alw...
New Beginnings (JensenXReader)  by spntrueforever
New Beginnings (JensenXReader) by Melanie Morgan Fanfiction
Moving to Vancouver from Georgia, you get first audition in over a year and find it as an opportunity to get away from your cheating and abusive Fiance and start fresh...
Forgive Me by trouvialle_
Forgive Me by Trouvaille Romance
"H-how long?..." I mumbled out as I choked on my sobs. "How long, what?" "H-how l...long were you waiting to tell m-me that about your relations...
Fighter |Dean Winchester| by VictoriousReads
Fighter |Dean Winchester| by Destinee🌹😇 Fanfiction
"She was a true fighter, you could see it in her eyes. She was not born strong, she was made strong." .... She met him one time and was never able to forget th...
Supernatural One-Shots by TheGameIsOn97
Supernatural One-Shots by Maddy Fanfiction
Hello, idjits! ;) Lol! Love ya, Bobby. <3 Anyway, open up this collection of Supernatural goodness I have created for you. One-shots abound! Go ahead and enjoy yo...
Saving Jack ¦ Supernatural  by NadiaMikaelson
Saving Jack ¦ Supernatural by ☣ soft nöugat named Jack ☣ Fanfiction
Breath ; "Angels were never meant to fall, Jack. And you are the loveliest of them all." "Life is never fair. Unlike angels, devils don't fly so that's wh...
Living With Jared Padalecki by mwthatcher3
Living With Jared Padalecki by Mick Thatcher Fanfiction
When 16 year old Charlie Hannigan loses her mom in a car accident, she must go live with her aunt. Fortunately for her, that aunt is married to Jared Padalecki, the star...