House of Gold // Adopted by Tyler Joseph by joshschild
House of Gold // Adopted by Tyler... by 💕 Fanfiction
In where a man with a heart of gold, adopts a girl in an orphanage, and raises her as his own.
dyslexia : joshler by moaningpilots
dyslexia : joshler by ❣ ⓙⓐⓨ ❣ Fanfiction
"C-can you read to me?" "Of course I can" in which josh is dyslexic and tyler is his partner in english -- ranks ❣️ ; #91 in fan fiction ❣️ (11/3...
In The Middle • Rant Book by slowtownstan
In The Middle • Rant Book by abby Random
"I'll be in the middle while you two get along."
Fotos de Tøp by Tylerisnotblurryface
Fotos de Tøp by Tyler Joseph Random
lo dice el titulo
Tear in my Heart (twenty one pilots) by blurryface
Tear in my Heart (twenty one pilot... by Diana |-/ Fanfiction
Life is a mix of the good and the bad, and Jenna and Tyler have been through it all together. But how did it all start? {COMPLETED!}
All I want (twenty one pilots fanfiction) by ilseii
All I want (twenty one pilots fanf... by Ilse Fanfiction
Twenty One Pilots fanfiction, based on the relationship between Tyler and Jenna. Five years after moving to Ohio, Jenna still feels out of place. She doesn't have many f...
ϲɑղ'ե ҍմվ ʍҽ ӏօѵҽ   ✎ յ.ժ × ɾҽɑժҽɾ  by slumpedty
ϲɑղ'ե ҍմվ ʍҽ ӏօѵҽ ✎ յ.ժ × ɾҽɑժҽɾ by ( ƒմϲƙҽɾ ) Fanfiction
two enemies, one ex, one gone, two heartbroken. -a®i ©slumpedty
Tear in my Heart // Joshler by addictwithamigraine
Tear in my Heart // Joshler by jess Fanfiction
You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time, But that's ok, I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine, I'm driving here I sit, cursing my government, For not usi...
THE PILØT EPISODE ⚰ TØP by B I L L I E 🍀 Fanfiction
Snapshot•josh dun by slowtownstan
Snapshot•josh dun by abby Fanfiction
"That's it." "What's what?" "You." "What about me?" "You're my Polaroid boy."
Ordained - Jyler Fan Fiction by BrendonBySleep
Ordained - Jyler Fan Fiction by Viella Fanfiction
{COMPLETED - BOOK 1} Everyday seemed like it was repeating itself, the pattern of Tyler's life becoming more and more dull. It wasn't until he walked into his normal cof...
Flowers •jyler by slowtownstan
Flowers •jyler by abby Fanfiction
"everyone deserves their flower." "everyone except me."
WaveRunners // Josh Dun  by BlxrryJenna
WaveRunners // Josh Dun by Jenna |-/ 💛🌙 Fanfiction
.twentyonepilots. they met on a wave runner, that's how their relationship felt. wavy, bumpy, straight, fast. they were wave runners.
throw cares away by -solochaos
throw cares away by yo Fanfiction
This is stupid I'm sorry but I just wanted to get this out of the way before it's not Christmas anymore. ((this was written during Christmastime, of course))
Slowtown by PolarisAa
Slowtown by 🅜🅐🅡🅘 Fanfiction
If you find yourself in Slowtown, you know you're safe. Even if the lights go out, we promise you're safe. Promise.
from afar. by jupiterjoshua
from afar. by nothing Fanfiction
"that's just not the way friends behave."
The future seems bright(TØP fanfic) by suicidalheadcase1
The future seems bright(TØP fanfic) by Ray Moffatt (yeemo) Fanfiction
Ray is 18 and wants to move away from her hometown, Port st Lucie, Florida. She decides to move to Columbus, Ohio. She gets there and wants to have a laid back job. She...
Painless«Joshler» by BlurryTheOneIAm
Painless«Joshler» by spooky_knee👽 Fanfiction
"You make me feel, painless." Tyler closed his eyes with a soft smile, on his chapped lifeless lips.
Dreamer (Joshler) by Jadesobaekil
Dreamer (Joshler) by Jadesobaekil Fanfiction
Josh is a dreamer, which means whatever his mind comes up with in his sleep has all the possibility in the world to come true. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. B...
Fairytales  by WrapUpMyBones
Fairytales by gabe Fanfiction
"prince tyler you can't be running around with that silly peasant john." "josh." "what?" "his name is josh." "it doesn't mat...