Cytaty DARY ANIOŁA, DIABELSKIE MAS... by Juliuszanka Random
Codziennie będę wrzucała po jednym cytacie związanym z NOCNYMI ŁOWCAMI. Taki jakby CYTAT DNIA 😁
TMI meets TID by Miss_Fairchild
TMI meets TID by Miss_Fairchild Fanfiction
What if Henry made a portal that took the Shadowhunters from the London institute, to the New York one? In this book The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices mee...
Until you (unfinished) by MortalityChaos
Until you (unfinished) by MortalityChaos Romance
He is a mafia leader. She is an under the radar professional hacker. He holds her sister. She is the key to his problems. When hate, love, passion, pain and intense ch...
Just Another Werewolf Story by dropsofargent
Just Another Werewolf Story by Emily Werewolf
Dawn Wolves «» Caroline Moore can't wait to find her mate. It's what she'd been hoping for her entire life and she'd never dated anyone because why would she? She had a...
TMI/TID ONESHOTS! by I-Wright-Fanfics
TMI/TID ONESHOTS! by I-Wright-Fanfics Fanfiction
The title SAYS IT ALL! Yep. I'm going to be writing a bunch of REQUESTED TMI and TID onehots. It can be any ship/couple under the sun. You request it, I'll put it in a b...
A Leap in Time ~ An Infernal Devices Fic by queenmaxim
A Leap in Time ~ An Infernal Devic... by queenmaxim Fanfiction
It's 2017 when Will, Tessa, and Jem wake up after a strange encounter with a deranged warlock. iPhones, highschool, dating, and average teenage life shouldn't be so stra...
Wessa: Love ❤️ by super_who_locked__
Wessa: Love ❤️ by I_love_fandom_life Fanfiction
{COMPLETED} *Currently under editing* This takes place in the drawing room in The Clockwork Prince after Tessa makes Gabriel mad. Instead of them being interrupted the...
The Mortal Instruments/ Infernal Devices Preferences by ILoveJemCarstairs1
The Mortal Instruments/ Infernal D... by #Raphael4ever Fanfiction
Jace, Alec, Magnus, Simon, Sebastian, and Raphael. Hope you guys like it! Jem and Will added later.
The Perfect Gem I Jasper X Reader by Dragonrose_firemage
The Perfect Gem I Jasper X Reader by Roxie ロキシー Fanfiction
You had finally moved to a simple place, a place where you thought nothing would happen. You lived at the other end on the beach, behind a mountain. You went to go outsi...
 Thefeared by CakePOP82
Thefeared by CakePOP82 Fanfiction
Clary walks in on jace cheating on her aand she runs away as soon as she can.a few years later they meet what will happen when jace sees her with someone else.
One More Night- a Jem Carstairs One-Shot by Broadway_Bound_Baby
One More Night- a Jem Carstairs On... by Nat Fanfiction
Jem's illness has been worsening with every passing day, but no one notices until a bout of sickness hits him harder than ever before. How much longer will he be able to...
That Snotty Boy? // ON HOLD by jem1ma_
That Snotty Boy? // ON HOLD by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fanfiction
Jem: a 13 year old girl who is more into rugby than football. She has brown curly hair but dip dyed dirty blond. She lives in a small town in England. She is a very down...
Ask or Dare the FUFU's! by RainbowFUFU
Ask or Dare the FUFU's! by FUFU Random
Shadowhunter highschool by Shadowhunter91156
Shadowhunter highschool by Ashley Fanfiction
Clary and Tessa are shipped away to a boarding school. This all happens because Jocelyn wants to spend time with her new husband Luke. She also never wanted children but...
Emerald Shadows [Complete] by otabeku
Emerald Shadows [Complete] by Kat Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] Emerald Bane is 17. She's living with her uncle Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn. She is living in the 21st century London, with Alec, her brother...
Harry Potter and the City of Secrets by MintAshley
Harry Potter and the City of Secre... by Ash Fanfiction
A Harry Potter and Mortal Instruments crossover fanfic.
A Silent Brother No More by kjones03
A Silent Brother No More by Kristine Fanfiction
Jem Carstairs never dreamed that his life as the Silent Brother, Zachariah, would end; much less that he would survive the transition and have the chance to rekindle his...
Parted / Reunited (A Jessa / Heronstairs Fanfic) by JamieShadowhunter
Parted / Reunited (A Jessa / Heron... by JamieShadowhunter Fanfiction
Tessa says goodbye to Jem at the end of his life. Will and Jem are finally reunited when Jem dies. Tessa loves and misses them both. Characters belong to Cassandra Clare...
Shadowhunters Le Origini - La Principessa by -wessie-
Shadowhunters Le Origini - La Prin... by Tessa Gray Fantasy
Questa è una trascrizione della saga di Shadowhunters: Le Origini, scritta da Cassandra Clare
Inkheart one-shot by Blosom201
Inkheart one-shot by blosom201 Fanfiction
Jem is read out of her book by Meggie, and it is humorous with Meggie X Farid One-shot. Completed.