Arranged Love (Jelena) by heartsocolds
Arranged Love (Jelena) by heartsocolds Teen Fiction
Justin Bieber is at his greatest at age 24. He's the CEO of his father's company. He has all the money and power he could want. He's got any girl at his disposal. He's q...
Just for Publicity by thatonegirl3003
Just for Publicity by Savannah Fanfiction
Meet Hollywood's hottest couple, singer/songwriter Justin Bieber and singer/actress Selena Gomez. They're the perfect couple, totally in love, at least that's what every...
Sorry (Jelena fan fiction) by jxnnifxr_lxwis
Sorry (Jelena fan fiction) by jxnnifxr_lxwis Romance
Teenage romance is something we all think we have. She turned his world upside down from the moment he saw her.
Do Over  by ifwjelena
Do Over by ضوء القمر Fanfiction
Every Christmas Justin Bieber sits in a bar and regrets the decision he made ten years earlier that tore Selena from him,But when he gets a second chance to right wrong...
in love • jelena by lavishbizzle
in love • jelena by n Fanfiction
it pained her to see him with somebody new.
Begin Again by bocasmaries
Begin Again by E! ⛈ Fanfiction
Selena Gomez is a 22 year old-fresh out of college and ready to begin a new life with her four year old daughter Kaylie. So she decides to leave the windy city of New Yo...
Addiction by ItsHiwa
Addiction by . Fanfiction
"I bought out the good in him but he bought out the bad in me." Have you ever fallen in love with the most hottest guy who is literally good at everything? Spo...
Perfect °under editing° by dammnnbieber
Perfect °under editing° by bieber Fanfiction
"maybe I should be more like her." cover by @kingraxuhl
Unexpected Love by iLikeBieberzSwag
Unexpected Love by biebers child Fanfiction
America's favourite first daughter, Selena Gomez and Hollywood's hottest bad boy, Justin Bieber have been forced into marriage. Why? To save Justin's faltering image. Bu...
Back Home by BeliebingInBieber
Back Home by L A ☽ Fanfiction
- Sequel To Tour Love ( Jelena ) - - - - - Justin and Selena are married as you know. Justin finally finished his tour and they move back home but obviously more drama i...
celeb groupchat; by jovrnalsdeluxe
celeb groupchat; by [ نعمة او وقت سماح ] Fanfiction
a bunch of savage celebs in a fuckin lit groupchat. Cover made by: champagnebizzle
Fall by kid__rauhl__queen
Fall by kid__rauhl__queen Fanfiction
Justin Bieber is THE popular boy at Stratford High. He plays soccer and hockey for the school teams and has a great group of friends. He may be the popular boy but goin...
Group Chat by zaynsbighead
Group Chat by a 🌸 Fanfiction
What happens when a bunch of pop stars get put into one group chat? [higgest ranking: #245 in fanfiction]
Louder Than Words by rxwxn410
Louder Than Words by Rawan Fanfiction
She's the girl who's arranged to get married to a guy she doesn't know when she turns eighteen while he's the guy who lives he's life happily without a care in the world...
Something Like Fate by bocasmaries
Something Like Fate by E! ⛈ Fanfiction
@ddlovato: so sad my bff had to leave me :( miss you already @selenagomez!!! be safe." I cried a little. I pushed "compose new tweet" and typed "@sel...
Celebrity Group Chat  by harrysbello
Celebrity Group Chat by ❊ Fanfiction
what happens when celebrities come together to form a group chat on whatsapp. please note that this is completely fiction!! and i'm sorry if i have lack of knowledge of...
#Groupchat - the drama of stars by yxlilayx
#Groupchat - the drama of stars by - ᴱᴿᴿᴼᴿ - Fanfiction
english; taylorswift added @camilacabello, @gigihadid, @karliekloss, @caradelevingne, @kendalljenner, @haileesteinfeld, @arianagrande, @selenagomez gigihadid is writing...
groupchat 2.0 • social media [book #2 of the groupchat trilogy] ✔ by -CHAMPAGNEBIZZLE
groupchat 2.0 • social media [book... by — aliza🌹 Fanfiction
zaynmalik: the weeknd is hella dusty justinbieber: fr that shits whack OR when the gang reunites in a groupchat 10 years later. [book #2 in the groupchat trilogy] highe...
Only Room For One by wanderingxdesires
Only Room For One by wanderingxdesires Fanfiction
For years, there had only been one artist signed on to School Boy Records: Justin Bieber. Throughout these years, he's risen to fame all around the world, sold out tours...
Opposites Attract - Jelena/Justlena Love Story #Wattys2017 by allowbieber
Opposites Attract - Jelena/Justlen... by ⠀ Fanfiction
After being kicked out of his last School for doing things only a badass like Justin would do.. his Mum decides to send him to a Boarding School. There, Justin meets an...