Rhythm and Blues by Unwritten1814
Rhythm and Bluesby Lady Madame
Janet is being smothered in a lifeless marriage and she just wants to get out and have fun. She picks someone who may give her more than she asked for.
  • tupac
  • jenniferlopez
  • janet
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Forever (Michael Jackson) by isabeIIemarie
Forever (Michael Jackson)by isabelle
Michael Jackson and Madeline Winters met one summer day in 1970, instantly beginning a lifetime of friendship. As children, they became inseparable, and they soon establ...
  • jacksons
  • badera
  • jackson
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The Nanny by MJloveReese
The Nannyby Ree
Pop icon, Janet Jackson, had been having trouble balancing a distraught marriage, parenthood, and being a performer. Of course, this was before Grace came into the pictu...
  • fiction
  • janet
  • janetjackson
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Always and Forever by EnamoredLove
Always and Foreverby ToneJan
From the moment they first laid eyes on each other, little did they know that they were going to be happily married with four children years later. This love wasn't on p...
  • roleplay
  • janet
  • toni
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michael | picture book ✔ by sincerelymichaelj
michael | picture book ✔by m x f
❞ A star can never die it just turns into a smile and melts back into cosmic music, the dance of life. ❞ ✨ Basically, a picture and gif collection of the one and only Mi...
  • complete
  • innocent
  • sexy
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Til'Death (BOOK III) by DamitaHeaux
Til'Death (BOOK III)by DaeeDenise
All couples go through it , but it takes a real couple to get through it. Amaru and Damita are back and more successful than ever, but a cloud depression falls over Dam...
  • poeticjustice
  • janetjackson
  • adult
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Dark [Toni x Janet] by spokensins
Dark [Toni x Janet]by - lilsnoflake ❄️
Ebony begins a quest. A simple but intricate quest. Suddenly she begins to fall for this girl. This sweet, simple, but unordinary girl. Ebony Springs falls hard for Cree...
  • mature
  • tonibraxton
  • girlxgirl
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I'm In Love With My Boss  by sweetreeka22
I'm In Love With My Boss by TBraxtonFan
Toni is a intern at Laface Records Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds is her Boss and his Brother L.A Reid runs the company in Atlanta after working there for three year...
  • edmonds
  • kenny
  • nicole
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Secret Love Song ➳ Michael Jackson by SteveandTheDiamonds
Secret Love Song ➳ Michael Jacksonby Margaery Tyrell
The story of two lonely artist finding love and comfort in one another. [1986 -?]
  • jackson
  • mjfam
  • moonwalker
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The Assistant Principal by ToniTiger_Tamartian
The Assistant Principalby Sex And Cigarettes
~Janet Jackson and Chris Brown Story~ (Spin-off of The Teacher)
  • ratedr
  • theteacher
  • spinoff
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memories back then by DamitaHeaux
memories back thenby DaeeDenise
the untold stories of the shakur family
  • janet
  • love
  • tupac
bad girl with the girl next door  by janetfav
bad girl with the girl next door by janetfav
what happens when 2 totally different worlds collided
  • jackson
  • janet
  • toni
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Keeping Up With The Jacksons by -Papi-
Keeping Up With The Jacksonsby 🍿KFC🍿
Reality Show with yo favorites...... THE JACKSONS
  • jjackson
  • latoya
  • janet
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Janet & Jermaine: True Love by DamitaHeaux
Janet & Jermaine: True Loveby DaeeDenise
Janet wanted love and found it with Jermaine. Can they have the perfect relationship?
  • janet
  • fanfiction
  • love
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A Shoulder to Lean On by MJloveReese
A Shoulder to Lean Onby Ree
Janet Jackson imagines for those of you w/ any type of mental illness, sorrow, or heartache. This is for coping. I love you.
  • janetjackson
  • coping
  • blackgirl
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Nightwing by Immorura
Nightwingby Immorura
A fan fiction based on Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum. Stephanie agrees to go on a mission to catch a dangerous criminal gang, but she doesn't know what she has gotten...
  • drama
  • crime
  • evanovich
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Magically Escapade(On Hold) by adommybearforever
Magically Escapade(On Hold)by Adommybear
I can't help what I feel for him and he makes my heart skip a beat and I wish that I can express my feeling and tell him how I feel for him. ~Janet POV~ I love her so ve...
  • janet
  • love
  • adam
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Start Anew by QveenPhoenixRose_
Start Anewby QveenPhoenixRose_
{BOOK 2} A new life comes with new things, new problems, new rumors and new people. What happens in front of the spotlight my prove different than what happens behind cl...
  • dupri
  • deception
  • jermaine
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the  incest jacksons by damitajoe
the incest jacksonsby Damita
Im doing something a lil different this about Michael and Janet Jackson a bond that a brother and sister never should have
  • whydidigetmarried
  • jackson
  • completed
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Friends Is All We'll Ever Be by TheCuriousLion
Friends Is All We'll Ever Beby Lil_Cruz
I'm Tina. I'm totally normal.. Kind of. You see, I've been a normal girl for 12 years I've fit in with the rest of the...
  • black
  • ryan
  • sab
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