Eliza and Will by fantasy_daydream
Eliza and Will by fantasy_daydream
In a modern day adaptation based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, follow Eliza and Will as their paths cross.
  • retelling
  • modern
  • drama
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Korn & Knock - Destiny  (Together With Me Series) (Bad Romance) by Kramdrof
Korn & Knock - Destiny (Together... by Kramdrof
Destiny, some people believe in her, some people don't. For Korn and Knock, the hidden power that controls what will happen in the future. is already predetermined...
  • fujoshi
  • shounenai
  • gay
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The Firstborn by QuenbyOlson
The Firstborn by QuenbyOlson
Sophia has sacrificed everything for her younger sister, Lucy. She has removed them from the only home they ever knew, taken on the care of Lucy's illegitimate son, Geor...
  • austen
  • janeausten
  • regency
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The Bride Price by QuenbyOlson
The Bride Price by QuenbyOlson
To save her family from scandal, Emily Collicott must marry. Ruined in her first season in London, she is given no choice but to wed her father's pick for a husband, or...
  • historical
  • wattys2017
  • regency
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Kairos by leighheasley
Kairos by leigh
Time travel isn't just possible, it's been legalized by the US government. Many industries have capitalized on the trend, including dating agencies. Now anyone can trave...
  • lovetriangle
  • gangsters
  • affair
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And Let Fate Lead You by ShabTuSubah
And Let Fate Lead You by J K
Marriage at such a young age should have been exciting for a girl like Eira, who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and its author, Jane Austen. But, what happens when...
  • mikael
  • college
  • janeausten
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The Portrait by studiomaya
The Portrait by studiomaya
A ship's captain, a crime, a secret. An unwanted daughter of an earl who suddenly discovers that she has inherited her own earldom..through her mother. And in order to...
  • janeausten
  • marriageofconvenience
  • bath
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Stars of Varda - An Elven Love Story (Thranduil) by airwren
Stars of Varda - An Elven Love Sto... by Erin
[A Wattpad FEATURED story!] She's been King Thranduil's close friend for a long time. But when a shocking rumor about his past comes to light, it shakes her entire world...
  • mirkwood
  • lordoftherings
  • legolas
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Sense and Sensibility (1811) by JaneAusten
Sense and Sensibility (1811) by Jane Austen
Sense and Sensibility is set in southwest England between 1792 and 1797, and portrays the life and loves of the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne. The novel follows...
  • classics
  • janeausten
Ten Days with Mr Darcy by flights_of_fantasy
Ten Days with Mr Darcy by Heather
When Jessica Lyons is offered the role of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice, it feels like fate has handed her the chance to find her own Mr. Darcy. All Jess really...
  • gentleman
  • stately-home
  • acting
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The Purpose of Miss Shepley by ArdenBrooks
The Purpose of Miss Shepley by Arden Brooks
Edith Shepley has every advantage: an education, an inheritance, the best prospects for a good match... But, unhappily, she looks like a Wyrm. Burdened by her glaringly...
  • marriage
  • fantasy
  • janeausten
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Lord Atten Meets His Match by JenniJames
Lord Atten Meets His Match by Jenni James
Book three of A Regency Romance Series by Jenni James. Lord Atten has watched both of his friends find matches, yet he cannot seem to make any headway on the marriage m...
  • cinderella
  • love
  • janeausten
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Longbourn's Songbird by megosbornewrites
Longbourn's Songbird by meg
Mary is used to being the overlooked Bennet sister, but when Colonel Fitzwilliam accidentally enters her life, everything changes. As cousin to Mr Darcy, Col. Fitzwillia...
  • mrdarcy
  • marybennet
  • janeausten
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In Love With Everything (A Pride and Prejudice Love Story) by UnaNova
In Love With Everything (A Pride a... by Em
Clara Bennett was once a happy, optimistic sort of girl. But something heartbreaking made her change. Now, she's easily twice as prejudice against men as her elder siste...
  • janebennet
  • bennet
  • mary
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The Collins Conundrum - A Pride and Prejudice Variation by megosbornewrites
The Collins Conundrum - A Pride an... by meg
"The course of true love never did run smooth.." When Elizabeth discovers Mrs. Bennet has somehow railroaded Jane into agreeing to marry Mr. Collins, she is de...
  • darcy
  • janeausten
  • elizabeth
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Mr. Darcy & I [A Modernisation of Pride and Prejudice]  by TheEmotionalBookworm
Mr. Darcy & I [A Modernisation of... by That-Girl-Over-There
A modern retelling of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. - This story is being completely rewritten, chapter-by-chapter, and is a different story from the previous 'Me...
  • love
  • prejudice
  • prideandprejudice
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Lost in Austen: Reborn by TK_Khan
Lost in Austen: Reborn by TK Khan
"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in ownership of her life must be in want of a husband. However little known the feelings or views of su...
  • lovestory
  • pemberley
  • historical
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Rank and Respectability by TheScribesApprentice
Rank and Respectability by L. Gregg
D'artagnon Knightly is in love with someone he can never have. Bound by societies expectations to marry a respectable lady of wealth, he becomes careless and bitter; rui...
  • inspired
  • lovestory
  • navy
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