Dead Apples by writerbug44
Dead Apples by Madeline Romance
[Updates every Friday] Yasmin used to love living on an apple orchard with her family. She loved going out into the orchard in the mornings to pick the apples with her f...
Be A Father Not A Dad  by SlimSosaa_x3
Be A Father Not A Dad by Slim Fanfiction
Try balancing Being a FullTime College Student And Working A Full Time Job And Still Having Too Come Home Too Be A Full Time Mom .. My Name Is A'Miayah And My Babydaddy...
Twisted [INCEST] by -jcurnals
Twisted [INCEST] by ♡ Fanfiction
SEQUEL TO PRINCESS "I know you're twisted but baby I'm twisted too."
FML by -Grace_Riddle-
When The Petals (Urban) by JaiOdaia
When The Petals (Urban) by J.D Wright ChickLit
JUSTICE. You can just tell by the name that she was no joke...... What exactly happens when the petals fall?
His Angel Forever And Always by AmberNocaliberoaCola
His Angel Forever And Always by Amber Nocaliì Źùberoa Colaia Romance
It's about a cold hearted Mafia player who finds love, but in the most difficult way. He buys a submissive from an illegal auction place. She does not want to be there f...
DANGER ZONE by ileanajgc
DANGER ZONE by ileanajgc Fanfiction
When Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, criminals from around the country are called to come together to form a gang, all by an unknown caller that seemed to know every...
Give Me A Break! (Daniel Camp Camp FF) by BlondeCultistDaniel
Cops and Robbers Rp by Max_Albotroz
Crazy love by _Sky_Was_Here_
Crazy love by Almost forgotten Romance
Citrus has schizophrenia no one knew she had it not even her self until something bad happened in her recent past. Now shes stuck with voices forever following her yelli...
NEFARIOUS MINDS by mafiosadarling
NEFARIOUS MINDS by juno Romance
With my everlasting love, Inmate 9097.
Stuck W/ You by rendubunkan
Stuck W/ You by Starry Montez Fanfiction
After the incident that Rarity is been blamed by a kid for stoling a toy at a said shop, and because of Abigail Han. Callaghan's daughter. She is been set to jail with 7...
Twin's (Danit x septilpier) by Patton_son
Twin's (Danit x septilpier) by killer of eyesight Fanfiction
what's worse then a demon for a twin who's always getting in trouble. Highschool especially when it's a boarding School for juvenile delinquents
Stick It; Tom Holland by -strays
Stick It; Tom Holland by —  ❝ Lou. ❞ Fanfiction
"It's a good thing I don't like falling... I love it." In which a naturally gifted athlete is forced to go back to gymnastics after a final brush with the law...
Jailed and Bailed by Truth_orMe
Jailed and Bailed by Truth_orMe Teen Fiction
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• It was my 17 birthday and I was so happy to share it with my pals in Jail I was so happy that the remembere...
Give A Try by _BoomBox_
Give A Try by JustOrdinaryGirl Random
Bestfriends. Badboy. Love. Hate. Insecurities. Society. All that I can imagine and You probably want to write or read about. Just give this book a try and share it with...
~Good Twin Bad Twin~ by chloeann169
~Good Twin Bad Twin~ by chloeann169 Random
This story is about very misbehaved twins a boy and a girl named Ben and Blaire. Blaire was he main trouble maker, what happens when they get caught doing something very...
Dear Dad by MontazaBlitz
Dear Dad by Monique the Unique Short Story
In which a girl writes letters to her father in prison, not expecting to get any letters back.
hey there bridy by tweekcandy5840
Criminals can be forgiven G.D  by dolan_never
Criminals can be forgiven G.D by Dolan_never Teen Fiction
I guess I forgive as easily as I LOVE (This story will be very sad in its own way)